Chapter 908: Super Emperor, Black War Tiger

Chapter 908: Super Emperor, Black War Tiger

The entire parasitic army usually had a commander that was slightly bigger than the other parasitic soul pets.

However, these commanders weren’t like bug type empresses that had their lives connected with the entire colony. The commander of parasitic species were purely just a leader, able to be replaced when it died.

The grey yellow parasites already appeared on this cave. They weren’t stoppable, easily passing through the rocks and quietly climbing onto the nearly dead organism.


The super emperor in the cave was still breathing heavily and nursing its wounds, not knowing what was happening outside.

At this moment, the parasitic commander was outside the cave. Its beady little eyes stared at this super emperor from afar.

By its body size, this super emperor was a massive meat mountain in their eyes; laying there gave them incredible pressure already.

However, any powerful organism couldn’t avoid the destiny of getting old and dying. Seeing this nearly dead super emperor, the emperor rank parasitic commander let out a cold squeak of laughter.

When they were living, these soul pets were all hegemons, able to destroy the heavens and earth, completely able to disregard the weak parasitic organisms. Now, it didn’t matter how powerful they were, they were still becoming the food of the parasitic species!

The strong preying on the weak was a rule that didn’t apply to the parasitic species!


The parasitic species commander let out a command, and told all the billions of insects in its army to attack1

The parasites couldn’t let this super emperor have the time to recover its wounds. Even if they lose a lot of members, they had to expand its wounds and let it die in pain!

Grey yellow came in from all corners of the cave, crawling from cracks, the tunnel, and even the ceiling, filling it with these tiny organisms!

Layer after layer, in the limited space, the entire army climbed over each other to get onto the super emperor.


Suddenly, a heavy breath was spat out.

This heavy breath was like a terrifying storm for these parasites. Countless insects were blown away.

This breathing caused the entire parasitic army to stop, not daring to go forth.

The parasitic army was laying in the thousand insect desolation ground. They knew that this super emperor had just killed the true leader of this thousand insect desolation ground. That leader was a heavenly devil insect emperor that could kill half of their species with just a stamp of its feet.

If this super emperor in the cave still had any stamina, their entire species would instantly get killed.

For a second, none of the insects dared to go forth.


Commander yelled out angrily again, and told its fellow species members that it was already on its last breath. If they waited until its wounds recovered, they wouldn’t have another chance.

The parasites didn’t dare to go against the commander’s instructions, so they slowly started getting nearer.

The scouting parasites could in reality tell from wounds whether an organism still had the ability to fight. When the scouting insects found that it truly was on its dying breath, they finally all welled forth!


The grey yellow parasites became a flood that instantly covered over the black super emperor, frenziedly invading all the wounds on it!


Suddenly, the super emperor opened its eyes!

The pair of black pupils blossomed with sharp intent in the darkness like two arcs of thunder slicing through the darkness!

The super emperor finally noticed these stealthy little insects and anger spewed out of its eyes!!


The super emperor stood up suddenly and opened its mouth, causing a huge roar like a clap of thunder to sound out!!


The entire cave started shaking as rocks fell down, unable to withstand the roar!

The sound wave spread forth and all the parasites that entered the cave instantly were shattered. Not a single one survived!

Cave collapsed and, within the falling rocks, a black and handsome figure dashed out. Like a hammer that came from the skies, it fell heavily on the ground filled with grey yellow parasites!


This stamp caused all the land within ten kilometers to shake. Countless cracks appeared, shattering the ground and sending out the shattering energy to all the grey yellow insects on the ground!!


The grey yellow powder created a huge sand cloud that lifted off from the shattered ground!

There were billions of parasites in that army. In direct combat, they could even eat a high class emperor rank organism alive.

However, the stamp instantly killed the entire army, causing them to become grey yellow powder!


In the sky, three shaky heavenly devil insect emperors stared at the broken ground and they all felt relieved that they escaped from certain death!

If they were as greedy as the bloodthirsty insect emperor, they would definitely be dead.

On the shattered ground, the war tiger covered in black armor stepped forth, throwing its steel-like tail towards the shattered cave.

A few steps out, it suddenly lifted its head and gazed coldly at the three heavenly devil insects in the sky.

The three heavenly devil insects suddenly noticed that the bloody wounds on the super emperor had healed and it seemed completely recovered in fighting strength!

Once its wounds were healed, this fellow was like a killing machine. The three heavenly devil insects were like easily frightened birds, quickly flying away from the scene, even bumping into each other in their panic!!

Seeing the three weak heavenly devil insects escape, the war tiger didn’t chase after them and instead stepped into the cave and sat proudly yet lonely on the top of the ruins.

Not long after, from the shattered ground, a short legged raccoon like half human half soul pet ran over, stopping by the black war tiger but skidding far away before it could stop fully.

“You seemed to have failed. We said you had to defeat the bloodthirsty bug commander without using broken limb rebirth.” Half human half soul pet said.

“Hou~” Black war tiger seemed angry.

“Haha, no wonder, its the parasitic species, whatever, I’ll count that as a pass.” The half human and half soul pet said.

The ones speaking were naturally north forbidden realm training Zhan Ye and Old Li.

In this time period, Old Li almost never stopped the training for Zhan Ye, and Zhan Ye was incredibly hardworking, so its strength raised much faster than even Old Li imagined.

“Since you used broken limb rebirth once, then let’s delay the battle with that dragon. The opponent is the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, so you have to maintain your best state.” Old Li said.

Zhan Ye nodded, remaining silent.

“Just now, I did some scouting and found that the others aren’t here for the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. Speaking of which, not many people dare to come out here.” Old Li seemed to be saying to Zhan Ye, but seemed to be speaking to himself as well.

Zhan Ye closed its eyes and seemed to be listening or just resting.



On the south side of the thousand insect desolation ground was a tenth rank heavenly devil insect tribe. Normally, there were almost no traces of humans this deep into the forbidden realm, yet in this world full of craters and hives, four humans rode their soul pets deeper inwards.

“Great elder, we haven’t found anything in so long, let’s just return. Recently there has been a lot of trouble. If we stay for too long, we would be wasting too much time…..” A man with a large forehead said.

This man seemed to be very wary of his surroundings, but his furrowed brows showed his impatience.

“Zheng Bang, you mean finding medicine for my daughter is just a waste of time?” The man called the great senior elder turned around and stared coldly at the man named Zheng Bang.

Zheng Bang’s experssions lightly shifted as he didn't meet the eyes of the great senior elder. However, from his expression, one could tell he was angered but didn’t dare to speak back.

“Elder Pang, Zheng Bang is just worried about the bigger picture, don’t blame him.” the gentle woman said.

This woman was very pretty, giving off a noble feeling from between her brows. Though her eyes were gentle, they commanded respect. It was likely a very powerful female soul pet trainer.

“Lady Xiao, I, Old Pang, just lost control of my emotions due to my worry for my beloved daughter and due to the time restriction. Help me say sorry to Zheng Bang.” Elder Pang was slightly softer in his tone, but he didn’t apologize himself. One could see he didn’t like that person much.

“My husband spoke of this place. There is even a Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon without a territory here. Elder Pang’s emotions are something I can sympathise with, but we still have to remain careful. We may be able to escape from a heavenly devil insect tribe surrounding us, but once we trouble the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, our lives will be gone.” Lady Xiao said solemnly.

Elder Pang and Zhen Bang all paused and glanced over at Lady Xiao.

“Aunt Xiao, is that Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon truly that powerful?” A younger woman asked.

Lady Xiao nodded and continued, “Its strength is just a small step away from dominator rank. With enough time, it will become a true dominator rank organism.”

“That……that means its as powerful as last hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant?” Zhen Bang paused before asking fearfully.

The Tai Mountain Giant, which needed eight elders to barely restrict, was naturally powerful and Zhen Bang knew that. If this Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was truly just as powerful, weren’t they jumping into a death trap right now?

“It can only be stronger.” Lady Xiao’s voice was very low.

This sentence immediately caused the other three’s faces to go pale!

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