Chapter 906: Next Stop, Wanxiang City

“Big brother, is it really willing to become your soul pet?” Ning Maner’s face was full of expectation!

If Chu Mu obtained another dominator rank creature, then it would be an additional powerful protection for this wild girl. Moreover, being able to soar through the air on the Dead Dream would definitely be extremely fun and exciting! 

“Pretty much. But I need to help it successfully nirvana, which is no easy task.” said Chu Mu.

Nirvana was indeed no easy task. After all, after the nirvana finished, it would have additional species advantages, and if it reached its peak strength again, it would be even stronger than before.

“Chu Mu, do you know how to undergo nirvana?” at this point, Ye Qingzi asked a very crucial question.

Chu Mu was stunned. He returned from his euphoria and bitterly shook his head: “I don’t know…”

“Dead Dream didn’t tell big brother?” asked Ning Maner.

“It just said that it was related to the Phoenix species. It didn’t know about the specifics either.” said Chu Mu.

If Dead Dream could complete the nirvana itself, it would have done so. Why would it need to find Chu Mu? 

Dead Dream knew that humans had unique understandings of various soul pets, and that they knew of various ways to increase a soul pet’s strength. Therefore, it had to find Chu Mu this time to undergo nirvana, while it could only sleep on the wood xuan item. This would allow its wounds to recover and for it to absorb enough xuan aura in preparation for its nirvana. 

“Let’s go ask the old senior. That old man seems to know everything.” Chu Mu thought aloud. 

“That’s right. The old senior left a letter for big brother. He said that after you finished reading it, there would be no need to see him.” Ning Maner suddenly thought of something, and hastily retrieved a letter from her spatial ring. 

“No need to see him?” Chu Mu was confused. He opened the letter and stared at the words imbued with force. 

Chu Mu read very slowly. It was as if every word was extremely important to him. As he read, his expression began to change. 

Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner saw his changes, and wondered what was written. However, Chu Mu’s expression was serious and they didn’t dare disturb.

After a while, Chu Mu took in a deep breath and put the letter into his spatial ring. 

Ye Qingzi saw that his mood had somewhat relaxed and softly asked: “What is the matter?”

“Chu Mu shook his head and said: “Some matters related to my father.” 

“The Sealed Mouth Event?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“Pretty much. The Sealed Mouth Event was actually just an excuse for that person to get rid of a few people. There are still a few secrets within it. Those secretive old people aren’t saying anything probably because they took a soul pledge.” said Chu Mu.

“Then what about your father?” Ye Qingzi was also curious about Chu Tianmang. 

Chu Mu raised his brows and said: “Why is it “your father”? You need to say “our father”...”

“...” Ye Qingzi was speechless. Just now Chu Mu had been all serious and quiet. She thought that it was because there was some extremely serious problem in the letter. But now looking at his shameless expression, what serious problem was there?! 

Ye Qingzi pinched Chu Mu as punishment. Additionally, the wedding hadn’t finished, so how could they be considered as married! 

However, when she thought of having to call Chu Mu’s father, “father”, in the future, Ye Qingzi felt a bit embarrassed. A red blush involuntarily appeared on her face.  

Chu Mu looked at the silly smile on Ye Qingzi’s face. Ever since he had eaten the forbidden fruit, Ye Qingzi had lost her usual coldness, and was now more charming. This charm was reserved in her elegance and gentelness. It would only subconsciously reveal itself in front of him. This made Chu Mu fall more and more in love with his wife… 

“What are you up to! Speak of serious matters!” Ye Qingzi feigned anger. Why were Chu Mu’s mischievous eyes fervently staring at her…. Ning Maner, this young girl, was still next to them, and not far away there was a large group of White Nightmares.  

Chu Mu returned from his daydream and lightly laughed: “It’s actually nothing. He just told me about a few things when he was very young.” 

There wasn’t any important information inside the letter. Perhaps at this age, this old man no longer cared about grudges and disputes. Instead, the only thing in his mind were reflections upon memories. 

From the words themselves, Chu Mu could feel that the old man doted on and had expectations for Chu Tianmang like he was his son. This made Chu Mu think of how Chu Tianmang treated him; his face was always wearing a smile.  

When he was younger, that smile just seemed to be the kindness and the norm of a father. However, in truth, that smile was full of many things. The older he got, the more he was able to read into it… 


“Big brother, isn’t the soul pet of that woman called the Heavenly Concubine a Phoenix species? Perhaps she knows about the nirvana process.” said Ning Maner. 

“She’s the only one in our human realm with a Phoenix soul pet. I remember that in the final chapter of the Pet Encyclopedia the Crown Phoenix King is listed.” said Ye Qingzi. 

War Goddess Mu Qingyi was probably known by everyone in Wanxiang Realm. The dominator rank soul pet that represented her, the Crown Phoenix King, was also known by everyone. In Wanxiang Realm’s Pet Encyclopedia, where the Crown Phoenix King was listed, it was even specially indicated that “only the Heavenly Concubine possessed it”. 

“I wonder if her Crown Phoenix King has undergone nirvana.” Chu Mu thought aloud. 

Nirvana and rebirth were two different things. Nirvana meant that strength would rise or greatly rise. 

On the other hand, rebirth was merely recovering its physical state, life force, and fighting strength to their original perfect states.

Chu Mu only knew that Mu Qingyi’s Crown Phoenix King possessed the ability to undergo a flaming rebirth. He didn’t know whether it had undergone nirvana. 

“Don’t you have a relationship that is out of the ordinary with her? When you go to Wanxiang City, you can go ask her.” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu.

“This… I only recognize her.” Chu Mu could feel that Ye Qingzi’s gaze was getting fishy. 

Done for… Chu Mu glared at Ning Maner, that damned brat. 

Originally, Ye Qingzi didn’t think that there was anything between Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi. However, Ning Maner then told her about Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi going to the Universe Ice Gate, and had strongly emphasized that Teng Lang and the other two women had returned two months earlier than them… 

There were a total of five people. Three of them returned first. As for who was still left, Ye Qingzi could easily guess.

“Then is our next stop Wanxiang City?” Ye Qingzi changed the topic. 

It wasn’t that Ye Qingzi didn’t care about the matter with Mu Qingyi. However, Chu Mu’s calm and collected expression meant that he wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if he lied. It was impossible to inquire anything from the few words he said.

“Yes, let’s go to Wanxiang City.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

Wanxiang City. The city where humanity’s true experts gathered! There would definitely be more opportunities and challenges there!! 

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