Chapter 905: Dead Dream, Nirvana

“Big brother, let me look at that treasure.” Ning Maner ran over to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu opened his spatial ring, and took out the wooden box.

Ning Maner took it with her hands and sat next to Chu Mu. She opened the box with a face full of expectation and excitement.

“Hu ~~~~~~~~~~~”

A mellow fragrance wafted out of the box. It was so rich in spirit aura that Chu Mu nearly went absent-minded! 

“What special spirit aura!” Ye Qingzi was a soul teacher, and her sense of smell was very sensitive. She was shocked as she looked at the special spirit branch in the box that looked like ginseng. 

The biggest spirit source Chu Mu had seen was the icy spring inside the icy palace. Although this Nature Root was completely different than the icy palace, Chu Mu could sense that it was over a dozen times denser than the icy palace’s icy spring! 

“Big brother, we’ve struck it big!” suddenly, Ning Maner picked up the wooden box and happily ran around in a few circles.

Chu Mu obviously knew that the treasure they had managed to conveniently take this time wasn’t ordinary. After the shock faded, his face was full of happiness. It indeed was worthy of being the item left by the expert, Chen Mo, 200 years ago!

According to the density of the aura, this was probably extremely close to what Mu Qinyi had called xuan items! 

Thus, Chu Mu began to ask questions to Ning Maner, who had an understanding of various spirit items. Presumably, she would be able to provide more accurate answers.

“This is a Nature Root. It should be the root essence of a plant world dominator rank that used over a thousand years to create. It was then preserved using some special method from the expert 200 years ago. This is a genuine xuan item!” Ning Maner’s eyes were smiling like half-moons. 

“It really is a xuan item!!” Chu Mu was instantly excited!

He and Mu Qingyi went through a lot of trouble to explore the enormous icy palace. After several months, they were still ultimately unable to find any xuan aura. It could be seen from this how difficult xuan items were to find!

Moreover, in the past there were absolute experts who had reached the dominator rank, but were unable to find xuan items even after entering the very depths of forbidden regions.

The reason why Chu Mu had opposed the defector woman this time was because he didn’t want her to have an easy time. He never expected to pick up such an insane treasure!

Chu Mu finally realized why that woman’s face was black with rage. What she had truly cared about probably wasn’t Chu Mu finding trouble for her, but the fact that Chu Mu had stolen a true xuan item! 

“That woman is definitely mad now.” Chu Mu was happy in his heart.

The significance of a xuan item was enormous. If it fell into the defector woman’s hands, there was a high chance he would have to face an additional dominator rank creature in the future. But now that he ended up with it, this gave him a chance to create a dominator rank creature. This would bring him closer to the day where he could enslave her!

Chu Mu himself was a dominator rank, and with an additional dominator rank creature, even experts of the level of Mu Qingyi would probably have to avoid him. Aside from the profoundly mysterious Alliance Master who had yet to show his face, Chu Mu didn’t need to fear anyone! 

“Ai, it’s unfortunate that it’s slightly lacking…” suddenly, Ning Maner let out a sigh.

Chu Mu immediately returned from his fantasies and hastily asked: “What is lacking?”

It was a second dominator rank. Chu Mu didn’t want to be awoken from this. 

“A portion of the xuan aura was probably taken by that wicked woman’s puppet flower demons, meaning that the item isn’t full. Using Big Sister Ye’s quality rankings to measure it, it is probably considered a high quality xuan item.” said Ning Maner. 

“High quality xuan item? What are the chances of success?” Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi.

“About fifty percent or above. It depends whether the soul pet has the potential to breakthrough.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu’s only wood type soul pet was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. However, it had only reached the high class emperor not long ago. It was too far away from reaching the state of having the potential to break into the dominator rank.

As they were speaking, the Dead Dream that was extremely quiet suddenly shrunk its body to an extreme state. It transformed into a black and elegant small Dead Dream that landed on the root.

The Dead Dream had fallen into the defector woman’s trap, and its differentiating life force had been considerably lowered. The wounds it suffered were much more severe than what Chu Mu suffered. 

Right now, the Dead Dream, in its sixteen winged black butterfly dark phoenix state, was lying atop the root, enjoying the xuan item. It closed its eyes, and looked like it was going to sleep. 

“Big brother, the xuan aura is weakening…” Ning Maner was extremely fond of the small-sized Dead Dream, but she quickly realized what was going on.

Chu Mu was stunned. Very impolitely, he picked up the small Dead Dream, and glared at its moonlit eyes. 

The Dead Dream looked at Chu Mu in its sleepy haze and languidly transmitted a mental sound to Chu Mu.

After Chu Mu finished listening, he put the small Dead Dream back onto the root filled with xuan aura. He then closed the wood box so that it could peacefully sleep inside. 

Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner looked curiously at Chu Mu.

No matter what anyone said, Chu Mu had played a huge role in saving Xiang Rong City. If it wasn’t because he and the White Nightmare army had taken action, there was a high chance the Dead Dream would have perished into the innumerable puppet flower demon army. 

Therefore, Chen Mo’s spirit item naturally belonged to Chu Mu after he obtained it. Even if the Dead Dream had come here for it, Chu Mu couldn’t surrender it so easily. 

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu. She was confused as to when he had suddenly become so generous. 

Ning Maner was also confused as to why this big brother, who was monomaniacally focused on raising his strength, wouldn’t take the xuan item. With it, there would be a lot of hope for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would reach the dominator rank. 

Seeing the two girls look at him with strange expressions, Chu Mu’s eyes were extremely fervent. 

“Why are you so happy?” Ning Maner pouted, and spoke discontentedly. 

Chu Mu laughed, but didn’t respond, feigning mysteriousness. However, even the dim-witted White Nightmares could see that Chu Mu was extremely excited and happy right now. 

Chu Mu normally had a blank, grave or cruel expression. It was rare that Ye Qingzi saw him as happy as a child. 

“What on earth is it! Tell me or I will get mad!” Ning Maner threw herself at Chu Mu, and used her strength to pinch his cheeks. 

“You wild brat. Don’t make trouble, don’t make trouble!” Chu Mu picked her up, and put her to the side like a wild cat. 

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll also get mad!” Ye Qingzi joined in the liveliness. In reality, she was also very intrigued why Chu Mu was so excited. 

Chu Mu had wanted to keep them in suspense, but when he saw their unreasonable expressions, he pointed at the fellow in the box and said: “The Dead Dream is planning on achieving nirvana.” 

“Nirvana is reincarnating. What does this have to do with big brother?” said Ning Maner. 

Ye Qingzi was about to say something, but she thought about it for a second and suddenly came to a realization. Her face broke out in a beautiful and happy smile as she said: “So you’re saying that if it successfully nirvanas, it has to start re-evolving from the first phase first stage again?” 

Chu Mu immediately nodded his head! 

If the nirvana succeeded, the Dead Dream would become a child pet, and would need to re-evolve to the tenth phase!    

Chu Mu had dreamed about wanting a wing type soul pet like the Dead Dream. However, he never imagined that he would actually have the chance!

Just now, the Dead Dream had used its mental voice to tell Chu Mu that it was going to use the xuan item to nirvana. If it succeeded, it would become a child pet. 

Chu Mu had immediately indicated that he wished to sign a soul pact with it. 

The Dead Dream knew that this xuan item should belong to this human. Although it wasn’t a wood type creature, it could absorb the spirit of the wood to undergo nirvana. 

Therefore, it had very frankly made a dominator rank transaction with Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu would help its nirvana succeed, and after it successfully became a child pet, it would sign a soul pact with Chu Mu, becoming his soul pet. 

Just as Old Li had said, there were many high ranking creatures that weren’t opposed to signing soul pacts with humans. Especially high ranking child pets without any ability to protect themselves. Sometimes they would even seek out humans with a lot of potential and sign a pact with them. Then, they would obtain protection from the human and be able to grow under this human .

The lifespan of a high ranking soul pet was also very long. Therefore, in the view of a few powerful creatures, a human would be able to obtain strength from soul pets, but the soul pets would also use humans a jumping board for their weak and small phase which would allow them to grow stronger. 

Once a human grew old or was too weak, the high ranking soul pet would naturally leave the human, and continue its own cultivation path. 

After the Dead Dream’s nirvana succeeded, it would become a higher ranking young pet. 

200 years ago, it had grown under Chen Mo’s protection. Unfortunately, Chen Mo already had a wing type soul pet and didn’t sign a soul pact with it. Now, 200 years later, it was undergoing nirvana through the spirit item Cheng Mo left behind.

After undergoing nirvana, it would require the protection of others!

Who would take on this responsibility?

Naturally, it would be Chu Mu who had saved its life. His strength wasn’t weaker than its own while it was at its peak state. Moreover, the Dead Dream could see that he was an extremely young human soul pet trainer!

The Dead Dream didn’t reject humans because it had been raised by a human expert. Indeed, at a young age, it had heard of the wonders of Chen Mo’s world and developed an extreme longing for even higher and even stronger realms in this world. 

This time, the appearance of the xuan item and Chu Mu were precisely an opportunity to advance another level. Therefore, although it would become a child pet again, it decided to do so, since it wanted to fly to even further worlds! 

Its future destiny would belong to this human whose aura was made it feel a sense of familiarity. 

Of course, all of this depended on whether this human could help it successfully nirvana. As a dominator rank, this was considered the first test it was giving this human.

If it failed, the Dead Dream could only continue to stay in its territory. After all, having lived 200 years, it didn’t believe that it could listen to the orders of a twenty year old human. 

Nirvana was the creation of another life force. It would forsake its original memories and body, and start a brand new destiny. 

The Dead Dream’s forsaking of its memories and body would likely be viewed as difficult in the eyes of humans. However, for the Dead Dream, which was a creature that truly sought “strength”, it was nothing. 

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