Chapter 903: Dancing Flames in Xiangrong City

From south side to west side of the city, the white flames covered almost every corner.

Emperor concubine, as the leader, could at least restrict Chu Mu slightly. Yet, no matter how large the quantity was of the puppet flower demon army, it was too late now. The moment an advanced flower puppet demon appeared, they would instantly get killed by Chu Mu!

And without advanced puppet flower demons, the lower level puppet flower demons were of no threat. Once white nightmares threw their devil flames forwards, the flames would connect and create a raging flame that caused the entire blue ancestral forest to become barren!

“Go towards north city!” Chu Mu’s gaze fell on the defector young woman that still hid in the center of the city, not daring to come out, and laughed coldly!

Chu Mu didn’t believe this woman would just watch as the massive puppet flower demon army was destroyed without any actions!

From south outer city to west outer city, the amount of puppet flower demons that died to Chu Mu was over 100,000. And, with the white nightmare army, they were very good at teamwork when they were setting things on fire together.

Of course, the way they worked together was very strange. Sometimes, they would challenge a dozen puppet flower demons at once, realize the difference in power levels but insist on killing a few before letting out a string of evil laughs and escaping back to the main army.

Other times, there would only be a few scattered monarch rank puppet flower demons, yet they would create kill circles, bringing a dozen white nightmares to bake them until they kneeled down and almost begged before finally killing them.

All the ones that dared stay above ground were dealt with by the white nightmare. Those that hid underground were dealt with by Dead Dream’s black fairy butterfly army.

However, Dead Dream’s body this time was clearly less dense as initially, losing its massive size. Emperor concubine’s trap for it truly did a lot of damage.

Once they were dominator rank, recovering from wounds took a long time. One could tell that Dead Dream was following Chu Mu and his army to get rid of the puppet flower demons to get rid of all the invasive plants but also because it was impassioned by the crazy white nightmares.


White three quickly floated over to Chu Mu’s side, and told Chu Mu that nightmare conqueror went to the center city.

Defector young woman wasn’t stupid. She definitely couldn’t let Chu Mu just destroy her entire flower demon army. While Chu Mu was going along the edges sweeping through, she had already redirected all the advanced puppet flower demons to the center city.

Bringing themselves to the city center on one hand was to guard against the silver devil man and its army from attacking her directly. On the other hand, it was to protect these advanced puppet flower demons, in case they were all killed.

Nightmare Conqueror was always rash. Chu Mu knew this long ago. However, Chu Mu didn’t expect that it dared to run to the center city with just a couple of emperor rank white nightmares. It truly didn’t take the massive empire of flower demons seriously!

Furthermore, the city center was not far from defector young girl. Even if she was wounded, she was dominator rank. One accident, and the nightmare conqueror and the other emperor ranks won’t be able to make it over!

“Why is this guy so restless!” Chu Mu scolded.

Turning around, Chu Mu told the leading white nightmare emperor to collect all the roaming white nightmares aside him.

“Tell your subordinates that once they enter the city center they should all listen to me!” Chu Mu told white nightmare emperor.

White nightmare nodded, immediately using its mental voice to warn all the white nightmares. They had to obey their king’s command!

Burning and pillaging for half a day, all the white nightmares knew that the center city puppet flower demons were hard to deal with. However, white nightmares naturally liked challenging things that were hard to do.

Hearing that their king wanted to kill his way towards the city center, they all yelled out excitedly and followed, flying towards the center!


“Your majesty, they truly are coming over!” Bin Liao’s forehead was full of sweat.

“Heng, if they dare come, they won’t be able to leave!” Emperor concubine no longer dared to act kind, her eyes showing coldness.

The few high class emperor ranks’ movement were noticed by emperor concubine a long while ago. These powerful white nightmares not only cleared out most of the emperor rank puppet flower demons on the west side of the city, they even dared to chase the top tier emperor rank flower demon emperor and dragon absolute Wen Luo’s soul pets into to the city center.

Once they were in the city center, there were countless high rank flower demons. Emperor concubine immediately told all her advanced flower demons to go around them, and keep them trapped.

Invincible emperor rank nightmare conqueror's existence caused them to kill these white nightmares in a short second, so Xia Zhixian and emperor concubine had to participate to seal the deal.

However, the killing of one invincible emperor rank couldn’t sate the anger in her heart. Thus, she intentionally trapped them to bait the silver devil man and white nightmare back!

In the city center, advanced puppet flower demons were countless. Adding on the hundred emperor rank flower girls who were putting down hundreds of flower type killing diagrams, she could kill any amount of white nightmares. Thus, as long as the silver devil man dared to come, she could tell all of these wild organisms the consequences of provoking her!

“They’re here!” Xia Zhixian stood high up and looked far away at the white devil flame shadows at the edges of the center city!

Devil flames roaring, the cold aura caused all the puppet flower demon forest to feel it.

The flower girls were all seeing the massive white nightmare army for the first time. Feeling the aura buffeting them, they couldn’t help but get shaky.

These hundred flower girls were mostly raised up by emperor concubine. They were all around low class emperor rank. Emperor concubine had limited resources, and couldn’t make any more spirit emperors.

If they were forced to face off against the white nightmares, she definitely wouldn’t like the outcome. After all, the enemies were white nightmares, being able to cause double damage to all plant world soul pets. Even if the flower girls could win, the losses they would sustain would be incredible.

Thus, the best way to do face off was to use their formation, and use cheaper puppet flower demons as a spearhead while the trained hundred spirit emperors were dispersed in the flower diagram in central city. Using emperor concubine’s own dominator rank energy as a guide, she would combine all the spirit emperor’s power and create a flower type killing diagram that could kill even dominator rank soul pets, let alone these white nightmares!

“Hengheng, a group of idiots!” Emperor concubine saw the silver devil man bringing the white nightmares towards the central city and laughed coldly. She could already see the white nightmares getting absolutely demolished.

“You few, bait them closer in.” Emperor concubine glanced at her subordinates and said.

To let the silver devil man relax, the emperor concubine specially told the puppet flower demon army to hide underground. Since the silver devil man came in from afar and were roaming around outside, they knew that there were many enemies in the city center. To convince them to enter deeper, there must be higher ranking bait.

White flames burned all the way to the western central city. From far away, one could see a white army start to collide with the fragile blue forest, connecting with the small spot of white.

“Appear!” Emperor concubine cast an incantation and instantly told all the puppet flower demon underground to appear!

Blue flower forest crazily popped up, creating a magnificent blue scene within central west city. Countless branches swept outwards, turning the prosperous city into ruins!

These puppet flower demons, of course, were used to occupy the white nightmares. They weren’t anything special, they were just as numerous as the grass on the ground.

Grass touching flames definitely would instantly ignite them. Puppet flower demons didn’t truly cause any damage to the white nightmares, but they were useful in obstructing them for a bit.

At this point, emperor concubine’s pupil gazed at center city!

“Deal the fatal blow, ready up!” Emperor concubine decisively gave a command.

“Killing diagram!” with two eyes like daggers, the flower killing diagram technique she was holding was instantly completed.

Raising her lips high, a blue, sun-like glow flew out of her mouth!

Different from her iconic royal blue, this glow had a bleak coldness!

The cold blue glow flew towards the skies, and constantly went up, becoming a cold blue moon that hung silently- mysterious yet strange!

Beams of light fell down from the skies, appearing like rays of radiation that fell accurately on every node of the flower diagram!

Every flower diagram was on the ground, and after receiving blue light, more beam of blue appeared, drawing out an intricate route!

If one saw from the skies down, one would see the cold blue moon using its light to create a scroll connecting hundreds of flower diagrams, creating a massive yet imposing blue killing diagram!!

“Everyone should go die!” Emperor concubine looked at the white nightmares, acting like a tyrannical queen, cold-hearted and without emotions.

The killing diagram opened up and the blue flower type killing diagram opened up to the entire central west city, beautiful yet terrifyingly raining its judgment upon all organisms within it like a smiting from the heavens!



White devil flames were still burning in central west city. Once they were in central city, they could throw their fire without restraint, pushing the flames forward.

However, after connecting up with the nightmare conqueror, the white nightmare army actually didn’t step a single step more.

In fact, just as the blue killing diagram was about to start, almost all of the white nightmares casted their escape technique displacement specter immediately instead of attacking. So, after the killing diagram started, emperor concubine saw a scene that caused her to nearly yell in rage.

The entire white nightmare army instantly teleported back a huge distance the moment the killing diagram activated!!

These fellows seemed to have known of the trap!

It was as if they extended a leg intentionally to trigger the trap, and quickly shrunk back!!

This caused the beautiful woman to clench her jaws, almost shattering her teeth.

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