Chapter 902: Dancing on Fire in Xiang Rong City (1)

After the long fight, Xiang Rong City’s citizens were hiding deep underground in the shelter cellars.

The ground composition of Xiang Rong City was very sturdy. Unless the people underground were targeted by attacks or there was a dominator rank clash that struck the ground, they wouldn’t be affected by the fight. 

However, there were a few courageous soul pet trainers in the city who looked up to strength. When they saw the eminent and unapproachable creatures fight, they had jealously risked their lives to get near the battlefield. 

However, when the White Nightmare army appeared, these soul pet trainers laid very low!

The one million Black Fairy Butterflies and puppet flower demon army wouldn’t attack humans, so these people that had never witnessed such a breathtaking fight before were able to luckily do so. However, the White Nightmares were known to be savage. Even the spirit emperors went to hide underground!

The fire type White Nightmares had the absolute advantage against the puppet flower demon army. After Chu Mu forced their queen and Xia Zhixian to retreat, the White Nightmares’ spirits soared. The original blue sea of plants that had covered the southern city was now enveloped in a white devil flame! 

Over ten thousand White Nightmares that looked like Chu Mu. When these creatures burning in rampant white devil flames all gathered together, the combined aura forcing the puppet flower demon to retreat! 

Not long after the Empress Concubine and Xia Zhixian retreated, the southern city’s puppet flower demons were only left with ten thousand. 

There was a clear difference between the ten thousand puppet flower demons and the ten thousand White Nightmares. The former had lesser strength but initially had greater numbers, thus being able to trap the dominator Chu Mu. Among them were also many emperor and monarch ranks. 

But now, most of the high ranking puppet flower demons had been eradicated. The remaining ten thousand were insignificant compared to how many there initially were. 

Therefore, when Chu Mu brought a large group of White Nightmares from the southern city up into the skies, the ten thousand puppet flower demons were like small creatures that were being bullied without being to retaliate. They obediently crawled back underground, not daring to show their heads. 

Once they hid underground, devil flames couldn’t do anything to them. 

However, the Dead Dream, which a single pass of its technique could prevent grass from growing over a huge patch of land, didn’t plan on letting them regrow and recoup their numbers.

A grey color, like a cloudy shadow, showered down. It even turned the air into a grey tone. 

Darkness withering!

The withering force slowly seeped into the ground. The puppet flower demons attempting to dodge the White Nightmares through the ground would be hard-pressed to escape their fate with this poisonous darkness force!


“Destroy them!” Chu Mu waved his hand, and ordered all of the White Nightmares!


The Nightmare Ruler let out an excited cry. It seemed to have already ascertained its target. Subsequently, it would follow its king to kill and plunder this city!!!

Within any White Nightmare was an intense desire to destroy. They were innate nightmares and would commit to burning everything down deliberately before dancing in their own flames!

Looking at this city, it was expansive and flourishing with blue beautiful plants everywhere. There were also countless blooming flowers and pitiable flower demons. 

Oh how beautiful it would be to absolutely demolish it and to dance and scream with them in their white devil flames! 

“Nie Nie Nie Nie”

“Nie Nie Nie Nie”

The White Nightmares excitedly shouted. They had nothing to fear if they destroyed things with their king!


“Your Majesty, they’re destroying all of the plants in the city.” Xia Zhixian’s expression was unsightly, as she looked at the extremely unsightly White Nightmares. 

Xia Zhixian had spent many years creating this city. Although she didn’t know that puppet flower demons were attached to the fast-growing seeds the Empress Concubine had given her, this city was ultimately under her own project and care. Seeing plant after plant wither or burn, her heart felt like it was being fiercely wrenched!  

Ever since she had become a Hero, she was ostensibly an unparalleled existence in the human realm. There was rarely anyone who dared find trouble for her. 

However, today, she had to hide in the main city and watch a group of White Nightmares trample all over her city!

Xia Zhixian’s mood was extremely terrible right now, and as the Empress Concubine watched the puppet flower demon army that she put much effort into nurturing being slaughtered en masse, blood was dripping from her heart. 

In the entirety of humanity’s territory, the only territory that was fertile enough was the kingdom that Xiang Rong City was in. Moreover, 200 years ago, an expert, Chen Mo, had left behind a natural treasure. Thus, she had cultivated an enormous flower demon army that was comparable to an empire! 

This flower demon empire was exceptionally crucial to her future rule. She was wounded right now, but she watched with spitting flame eyes as the silver devil wantonly swept through the city! 

There was another matter which made her even more angry! 

In truth, the Empress Concubine had guessed that the item Chen Mo left behind was a Natural Source. This was a treasure that would enable a plant to obtain a huge resource.  

Xiang Rong City’s earth was originally fertile, and it’s resources rich. It was extremely fitting for plant world creatures to mature. Adding on the Natural Source’s hidden nourishment, Xiang Rong City’s growth had expedited, almost nearing the level of a kingdom.  

The existence of the Natural Source was a secret not even known by Xia Zhixian, the original city lord. If it wasn’t because the Empress Concubine herself innately possessed Worldly Spirit Sounds, she wouldn’t have noticed the existence of the treasure either. 

However, Chen Mo clearly didn’t want someone with bad intentions to obtain it, so he hid it in Xiang Rong City.

The Empress Concubine had searched in vain for so long. However, she hadn’t been helpless. 

She discovered that everytime she created plundering puppet flower demon to plunder Xiang Rong City’s resources, the resource would be compensated by another energy after a little while. She then guessed that there was some treasure source that was continuously maintaining Xiang Rong City’s saturated state. 

Therefore, although she wasn’t able to find the treasure, she was able to use this method to rapidly breed her army.

To her, Xiang Rong City became an infinite spirit source! 

The unceasing expansion of her army also increased her ambitions. Indeed, she never expected that this Natural Resource, even after so many years, showed no signs of waning. 

Even a tenth rank spirit source would probably be exhausted after supporting the growth of such enormous creatures! 

However, it still existed. Therefore, it meant that this wasn’t as simple as a spirit source. Instead, it was an even higher rank than a spirit source. Something that countless peak experts thought was merely an item of legends: a xuan aura source! 

Xuan aura source!!!

This was a spirit item that could strengthen dominator rank creatures!!!

The phrase spirit items could no longer describe how valuable it was. Instead, it was a Xuan item! 

No one understood how important a xuan item more than the Empress Concubine. There were less than ten people in the human realm with dominator rank creatures. A xuan aura source could create a dominator rank creature; how insane would people go over this! 

If it wasn’t to obtain the xuan source, why would she, who controlled the present state of humanity, specially come from Wanxiang City to Xiang Rong City? Was it really just to add a bit of prestige to her name? 

In order to obtain the xuan source, the Empress Concubine had even considered the appearance of the Dead Dream.

As a dominator rank creature herself, she was able to sense the existence of this territory’s true king. She knew very well that the moment she was about to take away this item, the legendary Dead Dream would appear! 

Indeed, everything had been as she planned.

She neared the xuan source and the Dead Dream appeared...

However, she did not expect that the silver devil, that had once injured the Heavenly Concubine, Mu Qingyi, had wandered over to this city! 

The loss in Tianxia City had already made her feel humiliated, especially since that damn Chu Mu had transformed into a half devil and destroyed her perfect plan to destroy the three great palaces. 

Although her subsequent plans had all succeeded, this time, another similar devil person had appeared and stolen such an important xuan item!!

This devil, which the Empress Concubine hated to the bones, had ruined everything!!

Now that her treasure had been stolen and the enormous army she had painstakingly cultivated had been annihilated in front of her eyes, this feeling as even more painful than having her soul burned by devil flames!

Devil, another devil!

After these events, this woman hated White Nightmares, half devils, and devils to the bone. Most likely in the future, if she were to see any creatures related to the White Nightmare, her chest would heavily heave a few times, and she would have trouble maintaining her cool and calm. 



Suddenly, the Empress Concubine’s heart began to violently jump as she abruptly thought of a serious question! 

“This fellow. Could it be Chu Mu?!!”

Chu Mu had already transformed into a devil. This was an indisputable reality. Ju Que, who had fled in retreat, had seen it himself. This couldn’t be fake!

Moreover, it had been a long time since then, and the Empress Concubine hadn’t detected his soul at all. This meant that his soul had very likely been completely lost after he transformed into a devil. 

“Impossible! Even if his soul still exists, it’s merely just a sliver. After transforming into a devil, it’s impossible to reawaken! It’s also impossible to maintain one’s memories!” quickly, the Empress Concubine refuted her own guess. 

The ultimate conclusion of a half devil was to either become a human or a devil. 

Even if the Empress Concubine believed that the silver devil person that had great hostility towards her was Chu Mu, it was definitely a thoughtless devil without any memories! 

Abruptly shaking her head, the Empress Concubine tossed this idea out of her mind.

Chu Mu had definitely disappeared from this world. There was no way he could resurrect! Absolutely no way! 

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