Chapter 901: Severely Wounding the Defector Woman

The blue flower was crushed in her hands, as she sprinkled it over her face and hair. Yet, the blood from her abdomen continued to flow. The Empress Concubine’s burned purple blue hair once more emitted a deeply colored halo, and as if it was growing like a plant, a portion of it fell onto her bosom while the other portion stuck to her waist. 

Her cracked facial skin also began to heal, as she rubbed the flower dust there. Her skin returned to its original white jade.  

Chu Mu couldn’t help but sneer when he saw that despite the defector woman’s abdomen being injured, the first thing she did was recover her appearance.

It seemed that this woman significantly valued her appearance. He began to scheme in his heart whether his next attack should be aimed primarily at her beautiful face that she cherished like her life?

The Dead Dream’s seal restriction had a time limit. Chu Mu also knew that flower type creatures innately had very powerful healing abilities. He naturally wouldn’t give this woman time to heal. 

“Spatial Quicksand!” 

Chu Mu lifted his hand a few kilometers away where the Empress Concubine was, and suddenly a strange warping appeared!

Space and time quickly seemed to continuously descend into a swamp. The Empress Concubine naturally didn’t have time to heal the wound on her abdomen. Her jade feet stepped on a blossomed lotus, and she dodged the spatial quicksand! 

The blue lotus beautiful blossomed. As the flower continuously expanded, it devoured the quick sanding space and time! 

The holy blue lotus’ devouring abilities included space and time movement, which could also be eaten. 

After eating them, the energy transformed into the holy blue lotus’ attacking weapon! 


Suddenly, the flower opened its mouth and the dissipated spatial quicksand force transformed into a blue colored energy that spat towards Chu Mu!


The blue energy wave, when it neared Chu Mu, abruptly exploded. Layer upon layer of waves expanded in all directions, knocking Chu Mu up.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

Chu Mu took a step in the air to stabilize his body. The remaining waves of air made the devil flames on his body dance about. 

After maintaining his balance, Chu Mu was a distance away from the defector woman.

Chu Mu then noticed that the defector woman was chanting a long incantation.

The Empress Concubine’s purple blue hair fluttered in the windless air. Surrounding her were countless blue motley flowers. Blue leaves began to quickly fly along a certain trajectory! 

Gradually, the flowers and leaves began to grow indistinct at this extreme speed. Finally, they all disappeared in the air. 

However, while the Empress Concubine prepared her long incantation, Chu Mu finished his.

Chu Mu didn’t think about the strange multi-variant other type attacking methods.

Once he finished chanting, his body rapidly flew towards the Empress Concubine!

As he whistled through the air, the silver devil flames on Chu Mu’s body gradually grew more intense. In an instant, he had transformed into an enormous flame cloud!!

The flame cloud continued expanding. At the beginning, it was only a hurtling meteor, but as it grew faster, Chu Mu had transformed into a silver blazing sun across the boundless galaxy!!

The blazing sun was massive and boundless. It seemed to occupy the entire space between the heavens and the earth and gave people an intense visual and soul shock! 

“Long long long long long!!!!!!!!!”

The devil flames surrounding the blazing sun were like a violent dragon, reflecting the violence and anger in Chu Mu’s heart!

Xia Zhixian who was hovering in the air stared as the shocking devil flame sun whistle past her. A feeling of helplessness and insignificance involuntarily arose up. 

If this energy were to descend on Xiang Rong City, nothing in the entire city would remain! 

Right now, Xia Zhixian was helpless. The Dead Dream’s Darkness Restriction ability had prevented her from interfering in the Empress Concubine and silver devil fight. 

The devil flames were overflowing. Pretty much everything in the Empress Concubine’s vision had been occupied by this silver blazing sun. The flower and leaves around her transformed into an enormous constellation, attempting to swallow up the silver devil. 

However, no matter how powerful the flower and leaves’ cutting ability was, under the stunning devil flame ability, it was clearly insignificant!! 

The blue flower and leaves rotating were ultimately unable to stop the blazing sun. Seeing that the devil flames could not be stopped, the Empress Concubine flusteredly retreated! 

As she retreated, branches continuously rose out of the ground like a rope reaching towards the heavens, forming a heavenly net defense!

“Pai~~~~ Pai~~~~~~~ Pai~~~~~~~”

The omnipresent branches, no matter how many there were or how dense they were, were ultimately burned clean by the devil flames!

Finally, the devil flame blazing sun approached the Empress Concubine.

“Hong long long long!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the devil flame burning sun blew up!!

A sharp stunning energy surged up, causing the heaven and earth to violently tremble. Instantly, this long area of space within ten kilometers was swallowed by devil flames!!!

A silver flame appeared, imprinting itself at the peak of the sky.

Within the torrential devil flames, a single arrogant silver body stood there. Its gaze was like lightning as it stared at the woman, half kneeling at the bottom of the devil flame sea.

The silver devil flames had burned her body, burning all of her elegant blue clothes to ashes. 

Her body was able to stop the burning, but her soul was unable to prevent the devil flames from entering! 

The soul burning made her shut her eyes in pain. She grit her teeth, and clenched her fist. 

A feeling of humiliation arose in her heart as she clutched the bottom of her stomach. Her perfect naked body was still burning in the devil flames, but the skin gradually began to crack like a piece of jade! 

Suddenly, she lifted her head. Her beautiful eyes were full of anger and humiliation!! 

Her arrogance didn’t allow for any blasphemy upon her. Yet, the silver devil had left a wound on her stomach, caused pain on her soul, and caused her perfect body to crack. These were all deep points of anger upon this woman with enormous ambitions! 

Pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~”

The Sky Butterfly Queen floated over to the Empress Concubine. It had finally freed itself of Dead Dream’s seal, but Xia Zhixian could still be regarded as having come late. 

“Your majesty, are… are you okay?” Xia Zhixian hastily used soul healing and life force healing on the Empress Concubine.

The recovery abilities of these two techniques were limited. The wound Chu Mu inflicted this time could not be recovered in a short period of time! 

The superior appearance of the defector woman had vanished. In its place was a half-kneeling woman struggling amidst the pain with an indignant glare! 

Chu Mu looked at her. Her eyes were much like his, back then, when he had lost his first soul, and lost the ability to become a soul pet trainer! 

The Empress Concubine’s soul was linked with Chu Mu’s. Thus, when Chu Mu used the soul devil flames to attack her soul, it was equivalent to attacking his own soul to a certain extent.

However, no matter how much of a powerful soul recoil from the defector woman’s soul was inflicted upon him, the smile on Chu Mu’s face would only grow more pure!

Chu Mu had said before that he would make this woman kneel in front of him.

And now, she was kneeling in front of him!!

The things that were taken from him, he would retrieve with a vengeance!! 

Chu Mu had said before that he would have this betraying and contemptuous woman become his slave. When that day came, it would be like a nightmare descending upon that woman!!


Although the Empress COncubine was extremely angry and hated this silver devil to the bones, she knew that with her attribute being completely countered, she didn’t have the ability to continue fighting. 

She forcibly suppressed the anger surging out from her heart, and decisively jumped onto Xia Zhixian’s Sky Butterfly Queen. She then chanted an incantation!

An enormous blue flower blossomed around the Sky Butterfly Queen, slowly enveloping Xia Zhixian, the Sky Butterfly Queen and the Empress Concubine. 


The Dead Dream sensed that the two women wanted to flee. Its black figure darted across the blue sky. Immediately, it appeared in front of the enormous blue flower!

The Dead Dream’s sixteen wings flapped and suddenly, sixteen wing prints seemed to arise from its body, striking the flower. 


The flower, in an instant, transformed into a starry facula that disappeared with the enveloped Sky Butterfly Queen, Xia Zhixian, and the Empress Concubine in the sky! 

Chu Mu arrived afterwards, but when he was about to launch an attack, there were countless rays of light and shadows being released. He was unable to find the defector young woman. 

Chu Mu immediately closed his eyes, and used his soul link with the defector young woman to find her location!

If he wanted to get rid of weeds, he had to remove the roots first. This was a rare chance to take down the defector woman. Chu Mu didn’t want to let the tiger return to its mountain. 

“How…” suddenly, Chu Mu’s face was filled with a bit of shock.

Just a second ago, the defector woman was less than half a kilometer away from him, and he could distinctly feel her presence. 

However, after the flower had shattered, the defector woman was now 100 kilometers away in the center of Xiang Rong City!

Chu Mu turned around. He stared at the city where the blue plants had covered so much that not even a crack could be seen through. He then stared at the center of the city where the Empress Concubine was, being protected by countless emperor rank puppet flower demons… 

If Chu Mu used Displacement Specter, he would only be able to teleport about twenty kilometers.

Yet, the Empress Concubine’s technique had moved her an entire 100 kilometers. This was absurd!!

“Could it be the flower type’s Graft Puppet?” Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Chu Mu had learned about the Graft Puppet technique from Xiang Yiyun. This technique was predicated on laying a flower formation first, then forcibly operating the flower formation from a long distance, which expended an enormous amount, to launch long-ranged teleportation! 

It was essentially the most powerful escape ability of a peak rank flower type creature.


“Hmph, there’s no use in fleeing. I’ll destroy your flower demon nation first!!” sneered Ch uMu.

Although Chu Mu had already guessed that it wouldn’t be this easy to take down that woman, this didn’t mean that he would let her off so easily. He still hadn’t taken back his interest! 


The Dead Dream was floating next to Chu Mu. Clearly, its goal was the same as Chu Mu’s. It wanted to completely eradicate the deep-rooted puppet flower demon army of Xiang Rong City!! 

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