Chapter 900: Taste of Emperor Concubine’s Blood

When the first devil sword fell, Emperor Concubine flipped her palm over, and sent all the floating flower blossoms around her to above her head.

The devil sword was immense, but the blossoms were also huge. When the heaven earth devil swords power touched the flower buds, the white devil flames suddenly felt an energy suck it in and started dimming!

Seeing the first devil sword get easily devoured, Chu Mu didn’t even pause. Waving his hand, the second, third, and fourth devil sword flew in front of and behind the defector young woman!

Devil fire burned brightly. The devil swords that spanned several kilometers left a massive flaming shadow that pierced towards the defector young girl.

Three devil swords attacked simultaneously, their tips converging at one point. Instantly, the silver flames blew up in the skies, scattering down countless meteor shower like flames, falling on the ground and causing at least a few thousand puppet flower demons to disintegrate in the power.

Sacred blue halo blinked ten kilometers away. In the space, a strange branch grew out and quickly became a huge stem. This step opened up into a bud where the emperor concubine stood within.

When the devil sword power exploded, emperor concubine decided to avoid it. After all, devil sword’s destruction and unpredictable movement still caused great threat to her.

At the same time, Xia Zhixian already rode her Sky butterfly Queen beside emperor concubine. When it flew over, some very thin lines appeared in her path that were either blinking or hidden. When Dead Dream went to chase her, it had encountered obstructions that caused it to fall into a silky and confusing maze.

The defector young woman and Xia Zhixian moved towards the outside of the city. They didn’t want the battle between four dominator rank organisms to affect this Xiangrong City.

Chu Mu naturally knew that these two women only wanted to maintain their position in Xiangrong City. Whether they truly cared for Xiangrong City was another matter.

Chu Mu and Dead Dream naturally wouldn’t want to injure innocents either, also flying past the city wall to appear outside the south city.

Chu Mu’s heaven earth devil sword technique still hadn’t finished. The remaining devil swords, when Chu Mu moved, were already on their way into a strange turn of space!


Suddenly, the heaven earth devil swords broke through space and again converged, lifting up waves of silver devil flames around emperor concubine and Xia Xhixian!

This time, Xia Xhixian and emperor concubine didn’t dodge in time. The flames burned emperor concubine. Even though her outer layer was protected by water protection casted by Xia Zhixian, the devil flames still pierced through the defector young woman’s body, and started burning her soul!

Emperor Concubine‘s face instantly became pale. Within the silver devil flames, the flower guards couldn’t stop the flames a single bit!

Xia Zhixian quickly told sky butterfly queen to destroy all the energy lifted up by the heaven earth devil swords, and gave emperor concubine a soul healing technique.

Aroma spilled out. After Xia Zhixian’s healing technique revolved around for a bit, emperor concubine’s pain finally subsided a little, and her skin returned to its original hue.

“Your majesty, its type counters you too strongly.” Xia Zhixian watched the silver devil man from afar.

Originally, the silver devil man was already extremely powerful. Probably only the lead hero could defeat it in all of the human realm. Though emperor concubine also had a very powerful dominator rank power, in a one on one, she clearly wasn’t the silver devil man’s match.

Chu Mu didn’t want to give the defector young woman any chances. Without the terrifying puppet flower demon army interrupting, Chu Mu found that he had no need to worry at all!

“Dead Dream, can you make sure that the sky butterfly queen’s healing doesn't fall onto that woman?” Chu Mu used mental remembrance to communicate with Dead Dream.

The soul devil flames clearly wounded the defector young girl’s soul yet sadly, right after the healing, she was completely recovered.

Chu Mu knew clearly that in battle, if he didn’t control the support soul pet trainer, then any amount of techniques were just meaningless struggles!

Dead Dream used its cold crescent pupils to tell Chu Mu that it would restrict the Sky Butterfly queen and cause it to be unable to heal in a certain while.

“Good, in this period of restriction, I will try my best to expand her wounds!” Chu Mu nodded.

This time, Dead Dream launched the first attack!

Wherever the black elegant body flew past, it caused ripples of black to remain. These ripples caused Dead Dream to seem to be flying over water. Every time its wings flapped, it created spatial black ripples along the edges.

Dead Dream’s figure was extremely unpredictable, so even the flower trap defector young woman set didn’t kill Dead Dream successfully. Dead Dream didn’t seem to have any pattern, yet it already created a large, dark seal!

Seals usually needed special totems to create permanent seals. This, to some degree, needed reliance on space, geography, and energy.

Wanting to create a temporary seal was possibly by many demon, dark, and wing type organisms. However, to create such a seal was incredibly difficult!

The dominator rank Dead Dream didn’t rely on any energy, completely creating a large and powerful darkness sealing diagram. Any lower organisms would forever be sealed within in!

When Xia Zhixan realized it was a sealing diagram, it was too late to dodge. The sky butterfly queen quickly lost its color to the waves upon waves of black, becoming grey! 

That woman’s arrogant look was still fresh in Chu Mu’s mind. Chu Mu now wanted to see her expression- pathetic and frightened!!


Chu Mu’s body burned with silver devil flames, and he disappeared from the ground!

In the next moment, the defector young woman’s four sides were completely limited by silver devil flames!

Emperor concubine furrowed her brows. Four places of devil flames simultaneously lit up, causing her to be unsure of whether the silver devil flames would appear.

When emperor concubine lifted up a palm and turned her body, blue flower petals lifted up and, after surrounding emperor concubine as a center point, it created a massive flower petal hurricane that destroyed the silver devil flames from all four sides!

Since she couldn’t make a decision, it was lucky that everything hit!


The four positions were quickly destroyed by the flower petal storm.

However, in the next moment, Emperor Concubine’s head had devil flames that started burning!

Half devil Chu Mu was like a devil that played within humanity, creating an evil silver face mask within the evil appearance.

Chu Mu’s flaming claws silently extended towards the emperor concubine’s head, his hands holding devil flames that exploded when holding it near this woman’s head!!


The energy was blown up, causing even emperor concubine, who reacted swiftly, to feel the energy of the explosion. Devil flames were nearly all burned away, while her face was ripped apart, cracked open like a case!!

Chu Mu’s attack didn’t stop  . Grabbing with one hand in the air, the emperor concubine that flew outwards was pulled back. The devil flame claws cut into the woman’s lower abdomen!

Emperor concubine was greatly shocked. This silver man wanted to extract her organs!

She hurriedly extended both hands. Suddenly, her hands were covered in two blue branches that mimicked two snakes, which ran towards her vital parts!

This poison snake was also able to ignore defensive skills. If the devil man didn’t block this, the flower poisonous snakes would dart into its body and devour it whole.

The final task was naturally to see one’s movement. Just yesterday, Chu Mu was still retaining in his cold smile. However, now, he ignored the two poisonous snakes in his hand and was more than happy to trade blows!

Silver devil man wanted to switch lives with here!!!

She already felt a convulsion in her smaller abdomen. Taking notice, emperor concubine immediately changed the flower devil tree search to another direction, 

Hoping to use the last bit of time, defector young woman quickly became a flower that escaped to farther places.

Chu Mu turned around, and grabbed the two poisonous snakes. The energy wasn’t powerful, but once he crushed them with one hand, a pair of violent eyes gazed over at the defector young woman.

Emperor concubine’s floewr petal could reopen. However, suddenly, her small abdomen started leaking blood, dying her robe crimson!

“Your majesty!” Seeing Xia Zhixian’s expression became somewhat chaotic, and seeing the opened up wound in Emperor Concubine, she couldn't provide healing, because her sky butterfly queen was caught.

“Just a little bit, truly unfortunate.” Chu Mu slowly let off his hand, causing his silver fingers to all have the blood of the Emperor Concubine.

Chu Mu simply judged that were was an opening in her abdomen, and didn’t grab her innards. If he had gotten a hand on it, the woman truly would find it unbearable.

“Nice smelling blood.” Half devil Chu Mu moved his blood-stained arm to his face, and sniffed it.

Chu Mu was enjoying the cruelty and emotion of being a half devil right now. Tasting this woman’s blood seemed to be second nature for the devil’s enjoyment!!!

Emperor concubine held her stomach, her hair messy as she stood there. Seeing the silver devil man smelling her blood, she felt indignant, but also a terrifying coldness fly through her body!

It had been so many years, and she didn’t lose a single drop of blood or suffer a single wound. Now, she was wounded by a silver devil man, causing even her otherworldly beautiful face to crack open!

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