Book 2 Chapter 9 - Nightmare Palace

Chapter 9: Nightmare Palace

“Your Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox is pretty good.” Xia Guanghan slowly stood up. After he said this, he turned around and left.

Chu Mu watched the back image of this icly arrogant man, vaguely feeling that the three years older Xia Guanghan was even more enigmatic.

Every King of Prison Island in Nightmare Palace received lots of attention from people. People would very eagerly hold out olive branches to recruit them as one of their own.

But, the situation now was very obvious. This eighteen year old King of Prison Island was already the subordinate of Xia Guanghan. Everyone in Nightmare Palace knew Xia Guanghan’s temperament, so naturally no one dared to take Xia Guanghan’s people.

So, including Zhou Luling, everyone else could only shake their heads and leave. They could also all guess that, after training such a King of Prison Island for Nightmare Palace, Xia Guanghan’s position in Nightmare Palace would rise even higher.

“This is yours…...” Zhou Luling stood up, putting the fourth level duo-type soul crystal he lost to Xia Guanghan in front of Chu Mu, and then turned to leave without lingering any further.

Chu Mu was puzzled as he looked at the precious fourth level duo type soul crystal, showing a doubtful expression.

“Boss Xia bestowed it upon you.” Feng Xiang, the cold lady who stood behind Xia Guanghan said lightly.Chu Mu looked at this girl and only nodded.

“Follow me.” Feng Xiang said.

Chu Mu still only nodded and followed the slender and arrogant woman.

Feng Xiang brought Chu Mu into the gorgeous and imposing palaces of Nightmare Palace, following the complicated corridors as they went forward.

“Nightmare Palace is split into the Inner Nightmare Palace and the Outer Nightmare Palace. You have the status of “Nightmare Prince”, so you can enter the Inner Palace, but you still live in Outer Nightmare Palace. The inner and outer palaces have very clear boundaries marked, and the pathways are also guarded by people. When you enter the Inner Nightmare Palace, just display your identity seal, but remember, don’t walk around randomly within the inner palace. Wherever you want to go, make sure you know the route and walk along the route. If you walk into places you shouldn’t be in, you may become a prisoner.”

Walking in front, Feng Xiang generally told Chu Mu some of the rules within Nightmare Palace.

Chu Mu still simply listened, not interrupting her while his eyes swept over the splendid structures around him.

“Okay, here is your living quarters, given to you based on your position.” Feng Xiang pushed open the sole house in the courtyard and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu also lived in a single courtyard in his clan. Though the architectural style of this outer palace courtyard was different from his own, its degree of luxury wasn’t any less. Nightmare Palace sure was rich, giving a princess’s squire living grounds equal to one owned by the young master of a big clan.

“Soon, someone will lead twenty women into your room. You can choose any two as your personal servants.” Feng Xiang said.

“Oh, what kind of women?” Chu Mu said. Chu Mu was used to being alone. If not necessary, he didn’t need anyone to serve him.

“A few Spirit Soldiers that signed contracts with Cyan Nightmares. In Nightmare Palace, they have a level three title.”

“What does “title” mean? What does the title of Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince mean?” Chu Mu asked again.

“A title is a position within Nightmare Palace, split into ten levels, with the first level being the lowest, and the tenth level being the highest. Nightmare Prince is a seventh level title, and is also the highest honor a member under 30 can receive. Other than having the power of a vice city master in any Nightmare Palace city below the eighth level, every season, you can go to the Nightmare Palace book pavilion and select a soul technique book. If you don’t want the soul technique book, you can also choose to receive soul crystals. As for other specific powers you have, you can ask your servants.” Feng Xiang said.

Chu Mu nodded, very pleasantly surprised at the seventh level title he received.

“In the future, if Boss Xia has any tasks, I will be in charge of delivering them to you. The little princess isn’t in Nightmare Palace right now, so you can return to your clan first and do something for Nightmare Palace.” Feng Xiang said.

“Do what?” Chu Mu said.

“After you arrive at Gangluo City, someone will tell you. Also, the Yang Clan didn’t follow their end of the contract, failing to give what Boss Xia wanted to him. Boss Xia is busy right now and can’t deal with them, so you should get rid of them along the way as well.” Feng Xiang replied.

Chu Mu didn’t ask further and simply nodded again.

Yang Clan, Chu Mu must get rid of them. Their doomsday was going to arrive very soon!

“If you have no more problems, you can rest here first and redress yourself. If you have any more issues, just tell your servant girls to find me.”

Once Feng Xiang left Chu Mu’s room, her frigid face slightly shifted as she drew in a deep breath abruptly. Once the air was fresh and clean again, she secretly gnashed her teeth and said, “That guy stinks!”

“At the same time, he is full of killing intent, yet knows how to be reserved. Doesn’t speak much, is decisive and calm. If controlled well, he’ll be a sharp instrument of Boss Xia’s.”

Once Feng Xiang left, Chu Mu sat down on a chair. From Xia Guanghan’s attitude, Chu Mu could guess that Xia Guanghan must want to develop Chu Mu as a subordinate of his.

Chu Mu sought after the path of an expert, but he didn’t like being restricted. Even though Nightmare Palace gave him such ample conditions, he still wasn’t moved because he knew that, in Nightmare Palace, even if one had incomparable power, there were still many unforeseeable restrictions.

Mo Xie was a continuously mutating soul pet. Soon, it was likely that Mo Xie would undergo a species mutation again. Xia Guanghan had already noticed his Moonlight Fox. Now that he has seen the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, if Mo Xie had another species mutation, Xia Guanghan would definitely notice. Then, his continuously mutating soul pet would be exposed!

Chu Mu, during his killing time on Prison Island, also saw much mutual deception. Though he hadn’t understood Xia Guanghan deeply, Chu Mu could be certain that Xia Guanghan was a man that would do anything that was in his own interest. If he knew about the continuously mutating soul pet, Xia Guanghan would definitely steal it without a second of hesitation.

Thus, the urgent task at hand was to break away from Xia Guanghan’s control!

Chu Mu didn’t think for long before a black clothed man walked in with twenty girls wearing green muslin skirts.

“Uh…...May I ask if you are the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince?” After the black clothed man saw Chu Mu with very “unique” clothing, his expression became strange.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded and glanced at the black clothed man and the twenty servant girls.

All twenty girls were around eighteen, with similar curvaceous body shapes. Entering the spring season with skirts, when their jade-like legs moved, they could easily provoke a man’s natural cravings.

These girls clearly went through strict training. Even when they stood in a line in front of Chu Mu, they were slightly bowed and remained gentle and beautiful, causing Chu Mu’s eyes to brighten.

In reality, when these twenty girls entered the room and saw Chu Mu, all their faces blanched.

They had a third level title in Nightmare Palace. If they were sent to any other palace, they would have some power. But in Nightmare Palace, possibly only a seventh level Nightmare Prince could receive third level women members as servants.

If the girl were given to a high title member, their own safety had a greater guarantee. At the very least, their owner could protect them.

But, what made all these exquisite girls discolored was that their master, the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince, was like a caveman, and gave off a putrid stench. His eyes were like a beast’s, as if he would eat them in one bite at a moment’s notice.

Servant girls definitely had to serve[1. Euphemism for sex]  their masters, so these girls all had a mental preparation. Also from what they remembered, every Nightmare Prince was devilishly handsome. Attending to such young and handsome individuals was something that they could stand. But this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince looked terrifying. It seemed quite possible that they would be toyed to death by this beast-like man.

“Don’t pick me, don’t pick me…...”

So, as all twenty girls bowed slightly, they started praying.

“Umm…...Nightmare Prince, you can pick…...pick two as you please…...oh, you’re the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince, you could select those from Eternal Ocean…...” the black clothed man said weirdly as he looked through the girls, locking onto the servant girl standing in the middle.

Hearing this, that servant girl trembled and a hint of shy anger flashed within her eyes.

“En, her then.” Chu Mu nodded. After saying that, he looked through everyone again and picked another girl that had clear eyes.

“You two stay and serve Nightmare Prince well!” The black clothed man couldn’t stand the horrible stench within the room anymore. Once he left the two girls, he immediately brought the other eighteen girls and left.

When leaving, the other eighteen girls glanced at Qing He and Ting Yu, gloating at their misfortune while rejoicing that they weren’t picked.

Girls like them indeed had to connect with those in high positions to survive within Nightmare Palace but, as a servant girl, they also had to follow the right person, or else their lives would become even more terrible, becoming lifeless.

Once the door was closed, the girl that had clearer eyes was still bowed, but tears started to roll in her eyes already, threatening to fall.

The other girl that came from Eternal Ocean was calmer, but still had a very distressed expression, bowing her head and refusing to meet the gaze of the greedy Nightmare Prince.

“Go prepare some bathing water for me, I want to take a bath.” Chu Mu looked at the girl from Eternal Ocean and thought she looked familiar, but didn’t think much of it, decisively putting up the appearance of a young master.

The two girls didn’t dare disobey Chu Mu and immediately following their orders. But once the clearer eyed girl thought of attending the man as he showered, her tears couldn’t be held back anymore. Who knew what this beast-like guy would do to them when he showered!

“Sister Ting Yu, what do we do? His eyes are so scary, as if he’ll swallow us whole. You think he’ll…...” Once they left the room to get hot water, Qing He immediately panicked.

“I…...I don’t know either. Let’s gather the water slowly and think of some strategy.” Ting Yu also felt the terrifying nature of the man’s eyes.

“But we’ll serve him from now on. Even if we avoid him today…...”

“We can only do this step by step and hope.”

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