Chapter 899: Dead Dream Assistance!

Devil Flames danced wildly. Nightmare Conqueror hid in the burning white sea. This devil that walked out of the depths of south forbidden realm loved to bully the weak. Thus, when it fought, it loved to mount sneak attacks, especially against those weaker than it. This way, it could ensure a kill in one hit, and also leave with ease.

“Nie nie”

Its white pupils stared at the ground. Nightmare conqueror let out a sly laugh, and gazed at the hundred white nightmares battling the flower demon army.

Every white nightmare had to keep a certain distance. They didn’t know how to fight together, but each one had amazing individual potential. As long as they didn’t get surrounded alone, facing similar puppet flower demons, they could definitely fight three or even four by themselves!

At this moment, the nightmare conqueror already locked onto a high class emperor rank puppet flower demon!

To the monarch rank white nightmare, this high class emperor rank puppet flower demon was a terrifying killer. As the conqueror, it definitely couldn’t allow its subordinates to fight such a presence!

Displacement Specter!!

Nightmare conqueror was handsome and swift, appearing behind the massive puppet flower demon.

Grasping thin air, a sprout of white devil flames lit up, and quickly spread over the high class emperor rank puppet flower demon.

The high class emperor rank puppet flower demon seemed to notice the nightmare conqueror's appearance, and sent a few kilometer long sword towards the nightmare conqueror!

Nightmare conqueror let out a laugh. After coming around from the puppet flower demon to the front of it, it laughed and left…...

High class emperor rank puppet flower demon was just about to chase after it when suddenly, the few white devil flames that stuck onto its lower body grew into a massive fire dragon that swiftly devoured the puppet flower demon!!


Fire spread. Not only did the pale devil flames devour the high class emperor rank puppet flower demon, it even ignited all puppet flower demons that touched even the slightest spark. Instantly, all the flower demons on the street were cleared out!

Seeing an entire streets worth of puppet floewr demons die, the nightmare conqueror laughed hideously on the side like a pyromaniac.

Its gleaming eyes glanced around, trying to find the next target within the chaotic battlefield!

Suddenly, nightmare conqueror noticed two top tier emperor rank soul pets fly past his head arrogantly, flying towards its king…...

The two top tier emperor rank soul pets were Dragon Absolutes. This south city’s dominator rank collision naturally was detected by them, so they quickly came over.

However, when Dragon Absolute Wen Luo saw the massive white nightmare army, she sucked in a large breath!

All of nightmare palace’s white nightmares could come, and the quantity still wouldn’t surpass the current magnitude. Having always been in the human realm, dragon absolute Wen Luo couldn’t possibly know that such a massive nightmare empire existed far in the south forbidden realm!

Chu Mu didn’t immediately attack. His opponent was the defector young girl currently staring at him, full of anger.

Dragon absolute’s two strengthened soul pets pounced towards him, a clear attempt of the woman to try to consume some of his fighting strength!

This woman always hid behind others, and never fought until absolutely necessary!


Seeing the two strengthened top tier emperor ranks near, Chu Mu instead heard the call from the nightmare conqueror who had approached quietly.

The nightmare conqueror was the higher commander of south forbidden realm, yet it had no more mannerisms of a leader- a simple and obedient fellow in front of its king.

At this moment, Nightmare conquer floated behind Chu Mu, and yelled that such enemy could be handled by it!

Chu Mu indeed didn't want to waste his time and stamina on these two top tier emperor ranks. His fighting intent was at the max. Chu Mu could finally fight the defector young woman without any worry!

The nightmare conqueror faced off the two top tier emperor ranks, while Chu Mu casted Devil Phantom to near the woman!

“This…...this is the silver devil man that Mu QIngyi mentioned!” Xia Zhixian looked at the powerful silver figure and said gravely. Under its powerful aura, she felt a strange sense of fear!

To be able to hurt heavenly concubine Mu QIngyi, it meant that this silver devil man was stronger than her, Xia Zhixian.

Xia Zhixian’s gaze, therefore, fell on her female master. She could sense that her master was angered. This aura meant she was about to fight herself!

Having been by the female master's side for this many years, even Xia Zhixian wasn’t sure just how powerful she was. This rage would definitely cause everyone to tremble!!

“Support me.” Female master said coldly to Xia Zhixian.

She nodded, and sent Sky Butterfly Queen above female master.

Sky Butterfly QUeen’s fighting strength couldn’t cause any threat to Chu Mu. However, when it stood behind another dominator rank, its strength will definitely multiply.

Thus, when he saw the Sky Butterfly Queen appear, Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

Chu Mu couldn’t possibly face the defector young woman and flower hero Xia Zhixian combined.


The sound of wings flapping all around the city. Suddenly, within the blue covered city, black figures densely gathered around the south outer city.

Black wings flapped lightly and an impressive black figure started solidifying amongst all the gathering fairy butterflies.

“Dead Dream!” Chu Mu lifted his head and gazed surprisingly at the black dancer that he had admired!

Dead Dream gathered its body together very quickly. Even the black fairy butterflies far away from it started disappearing strangely, and reappearing near Dead Dream.

The trap in xiangrong city caused countless black fairy butterflies to die. Each one should be a part of Dead Dream’s life. Thus, the gathered Dead Dream’s life force wasn’t as thick as before, but the Dead Dream’s dominator rank aura wasn’t any weaker. Its lonesome yet beautiful body remained calm and elegant- no matter how powerful its enemies were!


Dead dream floated at the same height as the Sky Butterfly Queen. Clearly it found its own opponent!

Dead Dream was wounded, but it had no trouble dealing with the sky butterfly queen!!

The enemies were enemies Chu had always wanted to defeat. His ally was the wing type soul pet he had always dreamed of.

At this moment, Chu Mu felt his blood boil!

“It still has fighting strength.” Xia Zhixian’s face turned pale.

After facing a full city of puppet flower demon’s attack, Dead Dream definitely lost upwards of a million butterflies. Under this situation, the gathered Dead Dream still didn’t get any weaker. This dead dream was much more powerful than Xia Zhixian’s estimates!

Female master stared coldly at Chu Mu. For some reason, this silver devil man could always ruin her mental state. Having a powerful premonition, she also knew that this silver devil man held a great threat towards her.

Chu Mu was similarly staring at the defector young woman coldly. With Dead Dream’s help, Chu Mu didn’t have to be worried anymore!!

The deep scar caused Chu Mu to hurt even today!

And today was the time for him to heal himself using a proud victory!

“Heavenly Earth Devil Sword!” Chu Mu casted an incantation, and spit out a technique name.

Around Chu Mu’s silver body, many kilometer long silver devil swords appeared, reaching the skies and shocking everyone!

These devil swords were long and filled with the evilest silver devil flames of the world!!

Chu Mu’s surrounding white nightmares and puppet flower demons all moved their battlefields to further away, because a dominator rank’s destruction could easily kill them all!!

The devil swords all hung upside down and were imposing. They seemed as if they were sealed away in this world since the beginning of time and were now reappearing with black sealing power!

At the same time, sacred blue queen emperor concubine’s blue fair danced in the skies. She put her hands before her chest, and closed her eyes calmly to cast an incantation.

Suddenly, within the pale sky lit up by firelight, a few flower branches appeared and extended downwards, mysteriously and coldly. It seemed like a blue thunder down from the skies and calmly stop by the woman!

Within the blue giant flower branch, a bouquet of lonesome flowers blossomed open around female master, circling off a large section of space.

Every blooming flower was incredibly spirited. They had no stem but instead floated strangely in midair, giving off an unreal yet incredibly dangerous feeling!


The heaven earth devil swords rang and, under Chu Mu’s control, started swirling in a formation. The leaking devil flames formed dragons that caused the devil swords to look even more shocking!

Devil swords flew. The space they whistled through didn’t belong in this world, so their routes were impossible to track.

Heaven Earth Devil Sword combined the essence of other type, fire type, and dark type. If not for Bai Yu casting it before, Chu Mu never would have thought these three types could combine so well, creating such a technique!

Suddenly, a silver flaming devil flame came through from thin air, coming down from above the female master without any warning!!

This devil sword's length was a few thousand meters long. Its status was like a thin and towering mountain!

Such a mountain sword falling down made it seem like even the ground could get split up and disintegrated. Anyone who hadn’t seen the power of a dominator rank was utterly shocked by this power!

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