Chapter 898: The Fight Between Holy Blue and Evil Silver (1)

The Empress Concubine raised her head, and stared at the large group of White Nightmares flying in the sky. Her expression visibly changed!

She had just had an uneasy premonition which she thought came from the threat of the silver devil. Thus, she never expected that so many White Nightmares would appear in Xiang Rong City!! 

The White Nightmares rushing out from the horizon grew increasingly many, so much so that it was practically impossible to count the number of flaming Nightmares. They illuminated the sky and earth in a pale white!

Pale white flame clouds of devil flames that could penetrate one’s soul with cold onslaughted the city filled with puppet flower demons. The puppet flower demons began to strangely sway, especially the ones on the outside of the city, which had started to dodge in terror underground. They didn’t dare to face this wild and ruthless group of White Nightmares!

“Did that fellow move the whole empire of White Nightmares here?!” Chu Mu also cracked a smile. 

The number of White Nightmares that had appeared this time had surpassed his expectations. With a glance, there were probably nearly ten thousand of the Nightmare Ruler’s young brothers that it had brought to the rescue! 

The White Nightmares innately had a high species rank. With nearly ten thousand White Nightmare appearing, this was nearly the size of an empire. Did the Nightmare Ruler lead such a huge group of an army over to wage war on humans?! 

The puppet flower demon army gave Chu Mu the biggest headache, and made him trepidatious in this fight. 

While the Nightmare Ruler probably hadn’t brought enough White Nightmares to fill the city, they were definitely stronger than the puppet flower demons, and also had the fire type advantage. As long as they could concentrate on fighting the puppet flower demons in the city, eradicating them would be of no problem! 

“You are Southern Forbidden Region’s King!” the Empress Concubine’s charming face sunk. Her tone turned dignified as she continued: “We have no enmity, and there is no need to start an empire fight.” 

The Empress Concubine’s attitude changed very quickly, when she saw that the silver devil had brought its own empire’s Nightmare army. She immediately indicated that she wanted to solve this peacefully. 

While the Empress Concubine looked calm and cool, her chest was already violently heaving! 

She never expected that the Southern Forbidden Region’s White Nightmare army had entered human territory, and would appear at such a crucial time when she had offended their king. If she didn’t settle this war quickly, she would not only lose the puppet flower demon army she had spent much effort cultivating for many years, but even the foundations of Xiang Rong City would be destroyed! 

“The item belongs to you. Take your army and leave.” the Empress Concubine waved her hand and immediately, all of the puppet flower demons in front of Chu Mu parted. None of them dared to block his path!

“This woman surprisingly gave up so easily!” Chu Mu could feel the defector woman’s emotions. 

Right now, her heart was filled with rage as if it was burning with devil flames that would burn until the end of the sky and shoot out from her eyes. It was an indescribable shock, anger, and unwillingness. 

Clearly, this woman’s myriad of schemes and strategies would have never accounted for the Nightmare Empire’s army invading Xiang Rong City from the Southern Forbidden Region!!

Seeing this woman, whose arrogant and calm expression from just a moment ago completely disappeared and was replaced with a forced smile, Chu Mu cracked a smile riddled with evil intent like a bandit! 

Chu Mu’s resentment had accumulated for over ten years. He would at least have to obtain a bit of interest from this woman today! 

“You… what are you doing!!” the forced calm on the defector woman’s face immediately disappeared, when she sensed the opponent’s unbridled resentment and killing intent!! 

The Empress Concubine understood fully that, much like most dominator rank creatures, this silver devil had full intelligence. It could definitely understand what she was saying! 

“If you take your army away right now, we won’t bother you. But if you continue invading our territory, this majesty will definitely destroy your Southern Forbidden Region empire in the future!!” the defector woman’s tone turned sharp. However, the sharpness also exposed her fear! 

How could she not be fearful? The group of White Nightmares were now lining up outside the city, respectfully standing behind the silver devil. 

Essentially, if that wretched silver devil were to wave its hand, these Nightmares with soul devil flames would all throw white devil flames at the southern city!

Before this had all happened, she had relied on the number of puppet flower demons, although being countered via attribute, to maintain the advantage. Now, with ten thousand White Nightmares, she was definitely weaker, unless she could draw all of the puppet flower demons to the southern part of the city. Otherwise, she could not fight against this group of White Nightmares, which were all of the monarch rank or above!

The problem was that if she sent all of the city’s puppet flower demons here to fight against the White Nightmares, then the millions of Black Fairy Butterflies would easily be able to use darkness withering on the plants over the city!

When she had the absolute advantage, the millions of Black Fairy Butterfly did not need to be feared. However, if the proportion of Fairy Butterflies was greater than the flower demons, the darkness withering would spread like the plague and destroy this nation!

“Nie!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Nightmare Ruler’s temperament was the nastiest. Hearing the defector woman’s stern threat, it extended its fist.. 

Suddenly, its thumb burning with white devil flames adorably pointed downwards! 

The Nightmare Ruler’s actions made Chu Mu, who was adjacent to it and prepared to fight, widen his eyes!

He knew that the Nightmare Ruler had definitely learned this from those lowly arenas!!

Indeed it was like this. When Ning Maner had brought her ten bodyguards to the arena to bully others, Ning Maner and the White Nightmares had thought this was a common courtesy when fighting the other side. 

After Ning Maner learned what the gesture actually meant, she muttered: No wonder every time I was “courteous” everyone was extremely mad!

Seeing the Nightmare Ruler with its extreme personal and eccentric gesture, Chu Mu, who had wanted to say a few things of resentment at the contemptuous defector woman, was momentarily speechless. 

“Nie!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!”

At this moment, Third White, Fifth White, all the way to Tenth White all gave the exact same pose. These fellows had all been harshly trained by their Little Miss that they had to give this “courteous gesture” before they fought others!! 


The Nightmare Ruler, who wished for the world to be drowned in chaos, gave a long cry at the White Nightmare army behind it!

Chu Mu, who was standing in front of the White Nightmares, drew his lips back.

That fellow had actually told all of the White Nightmares to give the “courteous gesture” to the opponent.

Behind him there were nearly ten thousand White Nightmares in human form. With so many of them, burning with devil flames, floating above the city and giving this thumbs down gesture, it was like a provocative gesture from street gangsters… 

How spectacular was this!! 

Chu Mu wasn’t able to stop the Nightmare Ruler’s antics in time as the rows of White Nightmares all, with blank expressions, gave this gesture without understanding the meaning behind it!

“Xia~~~ Xia~~~~~”

The puppet flower demons that densely packed the southern city all swayed, as they saw this gesture.

They thought the reason why the enemies had extended their hands was to use a technique. Therefore, their instincts were to prepare to escape.

However, nothing ended up happening as this large group of puppet flower demons was just swaying… 

The atmosphere suddenly turned strange!!

The almighty queen on top of the holy flower was heaving her chest. Her absolute beauty of a face was flushed red with anger!!

Xia Zhixian, who had just arrived, had a rigid expression too as she looked at the extremely strange and absurd scene that was hard to describe with words. She sneakily glanced at the female master. 

This was blatant humiliation! 

Obviously, the Empress Concubine wouldn’t care about learning where this group of White Nightmares learned this roguish provocation from. Her eyes that were spitting flames glared at the king of this group of presumptuous and arrogant creatures - Chu Mu!

This was definitely the orders of their king! 

Only a creature with dominator rank intelligence would use such a crude human method of provoking her and her enormous Flower Demon Empire! 


The female master had never been this mad before!!

“Kill them all!!” finally, the Empress Concubine spat out these words!!

The flower demon sea of blue branches once more covered the city. Countless blue flowers blossomed with various poisonous teeth. Even large malevolent creatures that fell into them would be left without any bones!! 

“Kill!” Chu Mu hated wasting words!

Chu Mu had waited for today for a long time!!

Behind his silver and cold body, the rows of pale white flaming cloud White Nightmares immediately stopped their rude gesture. The dense devil flames on their bodies expanded, causing the sky to burn with a beautiful and shocking white flame!

Once Chu Mu gave his order, all of the White Nightmares transformed into shooting stars that streaked past Chu Mu’s body towards the blue world!!!

And thus the world was filled with a beautiful blue, and a terrifying white!! 


Amidst the holy light and devil flames, a gorgeous flower queen with a long blue skirt stared at the evil silver steel-cast body of the silver devil. The resentment and hatred of fated enemies seemed to have lasted for a thousand years. The only way to solve this would be if one party submitted to the other!!! 

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