Chapter 897: A Group of Bandits, Nightmare Army!

This perhaps was where she was truly terrifying. Nobody could see through her facade! 

Many other colorful flowers were like this. They were full of poisonous spikes, but they looked oh so beautiful in the eyes of others. 

“Do I look good?” the defector woman had a lovely smile on. Her eyes were charming like a witch as she intended to flirt with him. 

Chu Mu managed to not lose his mind over her devastating beauty because he was able to remember her betrayal back then as well as her enormous plot in Tianxia City. Thinking of Xiang Rong City, a city of a million, which would be reduced to a flower demon empire, all because of the arrogant and contemptuous woman in front of him, made Chu Mu feel that it was all laughable. 

Chu Mu didn’t respond. The Empress Concubine was obviously playing with him. She seemed like a genuine beautiful woman attempting to use mental charm to make him distracted. 

“So you’re a creature who can’t think.” when the Empress Concubine saw that this silver devil’s eyes were not affected by her mental charm, she coldly sneered.

A flower type’s charm, as long as it was a living creature, including women, would be effective. 

When the Empress Concubine fought enemies, she was used to wearing a veil or her golden mask. However, if her appearance were to be revealed, she wouldn’t mind using her soul-devastating looks to take a mental advantage.  

Normally speaking, the mental charm wouldn’t fail because it targeted a creature’s heart and soul.

However, if that creature knew everything about her and had a resistance against her, the mental charm would be ineffective. 

“This is the last chance I’m giving you. Put down the item and you can leave.” the Empress Concubine put emphasis on her words!

A creature that wasn’t capable of thinking could not pose any threat to her. She felt that she was wasting her time.

Most importantly, she didn’t want to reveal her strength before everything had been achieved. If that happened, there was a person who could find trouble for her. 


Suddenly, a crack was opened up in the space. Chu Mu extended his hand and took the special wooden box out.

When the Empress Concubine saw the special wooden box, a smile immediately rose on her face. 

That was what she wanted. The special spirit energy inside was so dense that it would allow her to breed even more stronger puppet flower demons! 

Suddenly, her smile froze and gradually her expression grew dark.

That repulsive silver devil showed off the wood box before immediately putting it back into the space. It then turned and left. It was clearly telling her: if you have the ability, come and get it! 

“I gave you a chance to live, but you didn’t take advantage of it!” harrumphed the Empress Concubine. 

She had believed that the silver devil was a creature that was incapable of thinking. But now it seemed that this fellow was just playing with her!

“Listen to my order!” the Empress Concubine lifted her hand. Her skirt and long hair fluttered in the windless air and her body slowly rose up as a holy blue halo appeared under her feet! 

The blue halo transformed into an enormous blue ripple in a calm ocean that spread out around her! 

Everywhere the ripples passed through, the surface of the ground would fissure. Countless monarch rank or higher puppet flower demons appeared from the broken earth, breaking the ground. All of them lined up in front of Chu Mu like enormous nightmarish demon women wearing hair and baring their fangs and claws!! 

The path in front of Chu Mu was instantly sealed off. If he used Displacement Specter, there was a higher chance he could fall into the flower devouring path! 

Chu Mu was going to flee in another direction, but this time, shockingly strong puppet flower demons appeared. He gave a glance, and surprisingly, over a hundred emperor rank flower demon emperors had appeared. They were scattered throughout the vast swathes of the monarch rank puppet flower demon legion. Their tall and graceful bodies began to twist about and their toxic spikes flew like sharp swords in the rain as they charged at Chu Mu! 

If he was surrounded by this army, he would suffer a total defeat. No matter which way Chu Mu moved, countless flower demons would appear around him. There were so many that he wasn’t able to see the sunlight through them. Their thick branches were rampant. They twisted about, resembling dancing snakes that raced towards Chu Mu’s body as if he was their prey! 

The Black Fairy Butterflies originally scattered through the air had now been completely swallowed. There probably wouldn’t even be one survivor!! 

In his previous fights, Chu Mu had rarely encountered flower type soul pets. Thus, he had always been under the assumption that their attacks were very weak.

However, in this dominator rank fight, as he looked at the endless demon flower forest, he was truly able to realize that after the flower type reached the dominator rank, how terrifying it could become!! 

Chu Mu’s silver devil flames didn’t stop burning. The dust under his feet was continuing to pile up! 

Right now, even if the defector young woman didn’t use her Flower Throat technique, Chu Mu would also fall into the devouring path of the plants.

In a perimeter of five kilometers, almost everything was occupied by flower demons. Occasionally, there would be a silver devil flame that rose up and all of the plants in the area would be annihilated. 

These five kilometers could be considered Chu Mu’s range of safety. The might of his devil flames ensured that within the five kilometers, no matter how many puppet flower demons appeared, they would die! 

However, the puppet flower demons were endless, and Chu Mu’s range of safety gradually decreased, becoming four kilometers! 

Within the four kilometers, the rate of Chu Mu’s techniques turned this black flower demon world into an enormous ball of silver fire. This ball of devil flames burned all of the nearby plants to ashes, but the endless wave of plant flower demons gradually pressed in.

“If this continues, even if my physical strength isn’t depleted, I’ll be bound to death.” Chu Mu’s heart sank. He looked up and stared at the defector young woman quietly standing on a flower demon. 

The defector young woman’s cold eyes were looking down on him. All of the plants were listening to her orders and at this height, her imposing nature caused her to look like a flower queen that controlled all creatures. Anything that opposed her would be mercilessly destroyed! 

A flower type dominator with extremely terrifying attacks!! 

Whether she had showed her full strength, Chu Mu wasn’t sure. But at least in Xiang Rong City, Chu Mu could not fight equally against her! 

Watching his devil flame domain continuously shrink, Chu Mu’s heart turned heavy! 

The defector woman’s strength had far surpassed his imagination. The blind old man stopping him from taking action had indeed been a wise thing. However, right now, the waves of puppet flower demons were about to practically swallow him up. The moment his demon flame domain disappeared, countless flower type techniques would all strike him. His defenses were not capable of stopping the tens of thousands of attacks!

Chu Mu had experienced the strength of a half devil and finally found this woman. However, he was unable to do anything in this endless flower demon sea. This made him very unreconciled.

Chu Mu clenched his hands and forcibly attracted a spatial wind storm into this world!

This time, Chu Mu used the spatial wind storm in his own domain. In other words, he would also be struck by the spatial wind storm’s chaotic attacks! 

However, in order to escape this extremely terrifying flower demon forest, Chu Mu had to do this!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

The spatial wind storm mercilessly ripped at everything, tearing the interweaving and closely packed flower demon legion to shreds. Flower petals turned to powder and stems were chopped off while roots were torn out of the ground… 

It flew everywhere as the entire southern city was piled up with blue colored corpses that reached a mountain high! 

Amidst the chaotic energy, the silver bodied Chu Mu slightly swayed. The devil flames on his body showed signs of slightly dimming! 

Thousands of enemies had been injured. If he didn’t control this spatial wind storm properly, he would be struck by a destructive attack. 

The blue sky and radiant sun reappeared. The feeling of suppressing suffocation from falling into the flower demon nation had made Chu Mu feel deep fear. If it wasn’t because he had the attribute advantage, a normal dominator rank would have already lost its life in the defector young woman’s territory! 

“How stubborn!” when the Empress Concubine saw the spatial wind storm appear, she floated far away. 

Her defensive abilities were not strong. If she fell into the spatial wind storm, she would definitely be heavily injured! 

The silver devil had devil flames which did twice the damage to flower types. It was harder to deal with than the Dead Dream! 

However, even if a dominator had the guts to act unbridled in her territory, it had to perish!!

The Empress Concubine arrogantly floated above a flower petal in the air. She slowly raised her arms and chanted an incantation. 



Suddenly, the ground fissured!

Blue branches began wildly growing out of the ground. Looking down from the air, it seemed that another blue sea had arisen in the northern side of the city. It was endless, making it seem as though one had entered the deepest part of a primitive forest!!

Chu Mu attempted to leave the city. However, not long after he got far away, another huge group of puppet flower demons appeared in front of him, as if they had grown out of the grass, blocking off his escape!

“This place is a flower nation. Nobody can think about leaving here without my permission!” when the Empress Concubine spoke, the aura of a flower queen was on full display. 

Chu Mu went quiet and he hovered in the air...

His path in front had been heavily sealed again. A feeling of powerlessness manifested. 

This flower nation was indeed too terrifying!!


Suddenly, a familiar nightmarish cry rang out from the horizon!!!

Chu Mu was stunned. He stared past the rapidly growing branches at the horizon blocked by plants. 

In the horizon, a large group of white flame balls were flying towards the city!!!

These white flame balls burned half of the sky with fire clouds. They were ostentatious, wild and tyrannical!! 

“First White!” Chu Mu was very happy in his heart!

The one flying over from the horizon was the Nightmare Ruler that insisted on following Chu Mu! 

Moreover, behind this ruler were countless White Nightmares!!

These White Nightmare had clearly seen the flower demon sea in the city. However, these troublesome fellows who enjoyed fighting as if it was their life resembled a group of hungry bandits!

They all wore evil smiles, and their eyes shone as they stared at the blue enchanting and weak flower demons. They all let out excited shouts and cries!

They were like prisoners that upon being freed, saw a group of pretty ladies. Their expressions were evil and fierce! 

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