Chapter 896: Silver Devil Man, Sacred Blue Flower Concubine

Four high class emperor rank flower girls came, and they all stood by emperor concubine’s side.

Leader flower girl glanced at the white nightmare-like organism and was about to say “let subordinate handle these enemies……” but upon feeling the terrifying coldness come from the opponent, leader flower girl didn’t dare to speak.

Four flower girls had seen this silver white nightmare for the first time, but for some reason, they felt that the organism in front of them was more vicious and calmer than a regular white nightmare!

“Back off.” Emperor concubine didn’t even glance at the four flower girls before saying coldly.

“Protecting your majesty is my responsibility…..” a flower girl that hadn’t noticed what was wrong said.

“Back off!” Emperor concubine repeated, much louder this time!!

The simple tone was made heavier, which caused the calm emperor concubine come off as irrefutable and stern!

“You four can’t even take a single hit from it!” Emperor concubine explained apathetically.

The four flower girls were all stunned. The four combined were not any weaker than sixteen absolute. If they couldn’t even block a single attack, just how powerful was this special silver devil man!?!

The flower girls felt the strangeness in the atmosphere beforehand because of the confrontation in fighting intent between the emperor concubine and the devil man. This was an invisible mental collision between dominator ranks. The flower girls’ soul remembrance was relatively high, so they only felt some pressure. If anyone under spirit emperor rank stood there, they wouldn't even be able to breathe!

Four flower girls no longer hesitated and quickly backed off. They found that the usual smiling and at ease emperor concubine had a very solemn face, clearly no longer daring to underestimate her foe. This was very rarely seen usually!

In reality, defector young woman had a very strange and unstable feeling. This was a special ability she had. Once she met something that could endanger her life or have great influence over her, her premonition would appear.

For some reason, though emperor concubine had the confidence to deal with this silver devil man, it gave her an incredibly dangerous feeling. The anger in his heart even caused her to feel a slight fear, a fear without any reason!

The unsettling premonition caused her to slowly change her mind!

“It’s definitely a threat in the future, I have to get rid of it now!” Emperor concubine made sure.

Anyone that could cause unease to her, if she had the control, should always be instantly killed, so that there won’t be hidden trouble for her in the future!

Suddenly, the opponent retracted all of its aura!

“Want to escape?” Defector young girl laughed coldly.


The puppet flower demon army was densely packed. The blue branches and petals stacked up countless layers, blocking off Chu Mu’s vision.

Even in the air, the puppet flower demon army could easily extend to the skies, making no difference from the ground.

Chu Mu didn’t stay to fight. No matter how willing he was to fight and how angry he was, Chu Mu had to keep the big picture in mind. Xiangrong city was already controlled by her, and a single mishap would cause Chu Mu to follow the fate of Dead Dream, getting devoured by this terrifying puppet demon army.

“I’ll let this woman be rampant for a little longer!!”, Chu Mu thought secretly.

He casted displacement specter and forcefully charged into the densely packed flower demon forest!

Flower demon’s arm was like countless poison snakes interlaced. The place Chu Mu appeared at only had a single ray of light spill down, the rest of which was covered by blue flower demon arms!

After every time Chu Mu landed, he would cast a technique to clear out the path forward!   


Suddenly, our of all the blue flower demons, two sharp glints appeared!

These were the defector young girl’s eyes!

The endless flower demon forest was her strongest realm. She could move around it at will and control it at will!!

“Flower throat!” Defector young woman’s proud figure appeared within the flowers as she spit out the name of a technique!

Chu Mu was at the south outer city, where there was a large plain and the puppet flower demon army extended a dozen kilometers.

When the defector young woman casted her technique, all the puppet flower demon armies opened their mouths, going from the inside out and became a large blood basin filled with vines devouring towards a certain direction!!

From high up looking down, Chu Mu noticed that where they were, ten kilometers became a black throat cavity, so massive that Chu Mu was like a grain of sand in a lake!!

Chu Mu lifted his head and felt like he fell into a basin. He could only see the blue sky right above him. What was scarier was the basin around him was closing in, causing his body to fall down constantly!!

Chu Mu was shocked!

This defector young woman’s technique was dominator rank. Adding on the flower demon army’s advantage, Chu Mu’s silver devil flames were hard to block even with type counters.

Chu Mu already flew upwards the moment he realized this to try to escape this massive mouth.

However, the sky above him was still taken up. Chu Mu completely fell into this flower stem’s throat that seemed to encompass the entire south outer city!!

Though it was completely dark, an acrid smell took up almost all of Chu Mu’s nose.

Though he couldn’t see anything, Chu Mu felt the hidden great danger within the flower throat!

“Evil slash!” Chu Mu’s arm became a knife that heavily slashed towards a part of the flower throat!

Silver crescent slash created an arc that broke open space within the throat!


Chu Mu’s evil slash could easily slash through ten kilometers of space. Even if he wanted to make it stronger by condensing it, he could reach a few kilometers. These attacks, to those that hadn’t reached dominator rank, were impossible to dodge.

However, once he slashed forth, Chu Mu saw an unbelievable scene!

Evil slash seemed to slash into an infinite black space. Not only did the power weaken slowly over time, it even slowly became a glow that went far away!!

“In this flower throat, is this an infinitely expanding space?”

Before, the flower throat at most swallowed ten kilometers of space. Compared to the city, it was a large region, but Chu Mu’s evil slash had a great range too, with power enough to rip space apart. How could it just swipe past and disappear?

Chu Mu’s palm opened, causing Chu Mu to throw two globules of silver devil flame upwards that combined and created a brilliant blossom in the darkness!!!

The silver firelight was like a sun in the dark space, illuminating the surroundings!

Following the silver firelight, Chu Mu’s eyes looked around and he couldn't even see the edges of the throat!

This space indeed was infinitely large, as if any energy would just disappear by sheer distance!

Suddenly, a pair of pupils appeared in the darkness. This was the defector young woman’s eyes. She looked down at Chu Mu in the darkness like a queen.

“This flower throat devours not the body but the soul. It devours time and it speeds up aging, getting faster and faster…..” An apathetic sound appeared by Chu Mu’s ears.

Chu Mu lifted his gaze and gazed at the defector young woman’s eyes.

“Seems like this woman also knows some other type techniques!” Chu Mu wasn’t flustered.

Other type was Chu Mu’s main type. Though this infinite flower throat could stop Chu Mu for a second, it didn’t mean that Chu Mu had no way of destroying it!

“Spatial storm!!!”

Chu Mu’s hands became claws that cut into the darkness!


The black space was ripped open by Chu Mu’s claws, making a crack in the space!

Chu  Mu extended a hand into the chaotic dimension and, with his own power of other type, forcefully pulled a rogue spatial storm from his own dimension!

This was power between dimensions!

The storm instantly became even more violent after entering an unfamiliar place. The dark flower throat space started warping!!

“Sila!!!! Sila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The storm was like countless devil claws that pulled at the massive flower throat, creating clear spatial rips!


Finally, the flower throat couldn’t withstand the energy anymore and exploded. Immediately, a spatial shockwave exploded outwards when the flower throat shattered!!

The flower demons outside south city weren’t able to be spared. They could see that the puppet flower demons all backed off like the tide, getting bent or snapped under this power.

In a sacred blue robe standing where the energy ravaged, emperor concubine stood without her veil.

She stood silently in a weaker region, her purple blue hair messed up by the wind.

At the center of the energy, the silver and straight body floated there. There were countless flower demon corpses near them, creating almost a mountain. At this moment, his silver pupils watched the faded veil defector young woman.

This face was something Chu Mu wouldn’t forget. Walking out of the sacred blue flower, in tianxia city she already had this shockingly beautiful appearance.

Compared to the initial young girl, she was clearly more mature now. She didn’t have a youthfulness anymore, showing a natural alluring and nobility that can’t be tainted.

These traits should be present only on someone with a pure heart and spirit. Chu Mu had no idea why the fake woman could still show it completely. In fact, no other woman in this world could reach such a level of beauty and mannerisms as her; she seemed flawless.

Originally, Chu Mu thought his soul remembrance was low and he was charmed by her, and that it wasn’t her.

But seeing her now, he realized that this was just her very nature!

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