Chapter 894: Full City of Demon Flowers

Chu Mu casted an incantation, and retracted Mo Xie into his soul pet space and summoned devil tree battle soldier.

If the item was underground, devil tree battle soldier would naturally find it easier to search around.

Devil tree battle soldier was already high class emperor rank after Chu Mu strengthened it. It pulled out the laboriously digging White Nightmares, and sent its roots deep into the well!

The dirt here was even stronger than some crystals and gemstones, so devil tree battle soldier had to take things slowly.

“Brother, I feel it already, its right under the old tree, just dig a bit more.” Ning Maner instructed the devil tree battle soldier from aside.

The devil tree battle soldier’s roots were very plentiful, with dirt getting thrown aside very quickly.


Suddenly, devil tree battle soldier seemed to hit an empty layer. The ground where its roots touched suddenly collapsed downwards, revealing a black hole.

“Chu Mu, look.” At this moment, Ye Qingzi pointed into the sky and said.

The moment the whole was revealed, Chu Mu felt a thick aura escape and fill the air.

At the same time, a large region of black fairy butterflies that were avoiding puppet flower demons seemed to get some signal and started to move towards this region.

What was scarier was all the nearby puppet flower demons moved in a large group. The vines, roots, all started extending towards this area!

“You go down to check it out, I’ll get rid of these puppet flower demons.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi nodded, entering the black cave full of spirit aura along with Ning Maner and the old blind mister.

The puppet flower demons weren't very swift. They waved their large wood like soft bodies, transforming their countless branches into attacking weapons. Like a deep blue female demon holding vine whips, they were alluring yet vicious.

There were a lot of puppet flower demons nearby, nearly thousands of commander ranks. They all frenziedly moved towards the commemoration memorial leaking spirit aura. At the same time, their vines filled with poisonous barbs still combatted the black fairy butterflies in the air, continuing the battle.

“Unroot them all!” Chu Mu said to devil tree battle soldier.


Having just stepped into high class emperor rank, the devil tree battle soldier seemed excited. Facing the endless puppet flowers, it was red eyed and let out large roars!

The high class emperor rank devil tree battle soldier already had thousands of roots at once. These roots were buried into the hard ground of this hill. Though this would give some resistance to devil tree battle soldier, they were still an immense threat to the puppet flower demons.

“Peng!!! Peng!!!!!!! Peng!!!!!!!!!!”

Devil tree battle soldier’s roots were like powerful arms, tightly grabbing the puppet flower demon’s roots in the ground, and wildly lifting them out of the ground by the roots!!!

The nearest group of puppet flower demons weren’t allowed to escape. They were all pulled out, but in the air they waved their long branch vines and whipped towards the devil tree battle soldier!!


A long whip caused the ground to break open!

Following that, even more long vines whipped over, each one leaving a long mark on the grassy hill.

The grassy hill was extremely hard. With normal dirt, after all these whips, the entire hill would probably disappear.

“Destroy them.” Chu Mu gave another command.

Devil tree battle soldier stood on the grassy slope, like a fully equipped warrior facing off against a group of disheveled beasts!!

“Ao!!!!!!” Devil tree battle soldier let out another roar, causing all the puppet flower demons to get grabbed by the devil tree battle soldier and to be twisted together!!

The devil tree battle soldier’s energy wasn’t something a commander rank flower demon could withstand. When their roots were twisted, the puppet flower demons were easily broken!!

Immediately, the blue forest around the grassy slope thinned out slightly. Without the help of dirt and after being ripped apart, there was no way they could stand back up.

At this time, groups of dark fairy butterflies joined in on the fight against puppet flower demons. Its body was rendered into a group of leaf blades, becoming a smear of cold glint that went through the night sky, which mowed down the puppet flower demon army like a scythe through wheat!

The commander rank puppet flower demons weren’t a match for devil tree battle soldier, and the black fairy butterflies. Quickly, all the puppet flower demons within a three kilometer radius of the hill was cleared out.

Standing on the hill, Chu Mu glanced around. At this height, he could see ten kilometers out.

Though the blue flowers and branches within three kilometers were all gone, Chu Mu was sure that he could see even denser groups of puppet flower demons coming.

A deep blue had taken over this city. The grassy slope was like a lone island amongst the growingly vicious sea water that was rising up, devouring everything else!

Suddenly, Chu Mu felt a soul move towards them!

This was defector young woman’s soul. She didn’t seal her soul off right now, so Chu Mu could still feel her position.

“That’s trouble!” Chu Mu thought to himself.

Chu Mu was sure the defector young woman herself was incredibly powerful as well. Especially the organism in his second soul pact, once it combined with her soul, a half human, half soul pet organism like his half devil would appear.

Chu Mu estimated that the second soul pact organism may be stronger than his White Nightmare. If the defector young woman's own soul remembrance was very high, after becoming half soul pet, she may be even more powerful than himself.

And though the defector young woman’s own strength was slightly fuzzy, the entire xiangrong city was taken over by puppet flower demons. This meant that everyone fell into her trap. With one command, endless puppet flower demon would pounce forth. Even a dominator rank half devil could get restricted and be unable to deal with it.


“I can feel it, it’s exactly what I need!” Emperor concubine stopped in place, and gazed at the commemoration memorial.

That aura, full of natural energy. If it could be taken, she could train even larger puppet armies!

This way, not only Xiangrong City, but all of Xianxiang Realm, and maybe even Tianxia City would be hers!

“En? Someone’s there!” Emperor concubine’s expression became serious, as she gazed at the few figures that suddenly floated into sight on the memorial.

“Master, we lost quite a few flower demons in this position.” The lead flower girl said.

Emperor concubine didn’t care about these insignificant losses, and closed her eyes to send her remembrance outwards!

“The spirits are getting further away…..” Emperor Concubine was slightly shocked and her tone went frigid, “Someone got here first!!”

The other flower girls were stunned but quickly glanced over at the figures flighting away and reacted, “Subordinate will send people after them right this moment!”

Truly reckless, daring to steal from emperor concubine. These people truly didn’t want to live anymore. Didn’t they know that all of xiangrong city was under emperor concubine’s control? Even the dominator rank Dead Dream couldn’t escape from this flower prison!

“I do want to see who dares to play these games in front of me.” As emperor concubine spoke, she slowly lifted upwards, disappearing in bursts of sacred blue flower blossoms. Every blossom seemed to leave a brief glimpse of her beautiful figure…….

The four flower girls nearby saw emperor concubine chase after the culprits herself, and they didn’t dare fall behind, quickly riding their own soul pets through the dense blue sea, tightly following emperor concubine as she easily warped through the flowers.

Sadly, they couldn’t follow for long. The four high class emperor rank flower girls couldn’t keep up with their master’s footsteps, only able to find their master’s position through the puppet flower demons.


“The woman is coming!” Chu Mu turned around to look at the blue flower demon forest, and his expression became stern!

If it were outside the city, Chu Mu at least had a chance against the defector young woman. However, in xiangrong city where danger was at every corner, Chu Mu didn’t dare to face off against her!


Suddenly, the puppet flower demons ahead lifted up from the ground, starting to interlace all their thin branches to create a massive sky blotting net that didn’t even let light through.

“Brother!!!!” Ning Maner let out a yell.

Chu Mu looked over and found that the forest like puppet flower demons started to attack them, causing countless flower branches to extend forth. If anyone were grabbed in, they would be left without a whole corpse!

“White two, white four, you protect them and leave. Maner, give the item to me and I will distract her.” Chu Mu said.   

They had to walk separate ways. In this place full of defector young girl’s puppets, it was easy for everyone to lose their lives here. Even Chu Mu becoming half devil couldn’t protect them.

“Then you be careful.” Ye Qingzi said worriedly.

Ye Qingzi knew clearly that Chu Mu was very scary against these enemies. With a slight mistake, they would have lethal danger!

“Brother, don’t let that evil woman get you!” Ning Maner said.

“Old mister, I beg you to bring them somewhere safe.” Chu Mu said to the old mister.

“Don’t worry.” Old blind mister may not have incredible strength anymore, but bringing two women out of the pursuit of some puppet flower demons should still be easy.

Chu Mu nodded, throwing the precious box of unknown use into his spatial ring and quickly flew towards beyond the south city wall!

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