Chapter 892: Human Territory? Flower Demon Nation!

One could say that this second soul pact was completely taken up by defector young woman’s two souls. Chu Mu only knew it was a flower type soul pet.

He could feel the flower type soul pet’s power was incredible, but he couldn’t feel any spiritual connection to it; its control was completely under the control of the defector young woman.

This was similar to Ning Maner’s soul pact with him. White Nightmare was controlled by Chu Mu and Ning Maner couldn’t really do much to Chu Mu’s soul pact.

“Why can I feel this woman’s soul right now….” Chu Mu stared tightly at the defector young woman.

“Maybe this technique causes her to use up a lot of energy, and so she has no more energy to keep the soul barrier up.”

Chu Mu and defector young girl’s soul pact created a two way barrier. Chu Mu created one level, while the defector young girl also did. Chu Mu blocked it off because he didn’t want the defector young women to know that their souls were awakened already. At the same time, he didn’t want her to know of his location.

The reason defector young woman would seal it off was because she was afraid of Chu Mu becoming a devil and coming to find her for trouble.

Now that defector young woman was casting a powerful technique, it caused her to open her side’s seal up, making the soul connection one way. This meant that Chu Mu could feel the defector young woman’s emotional movements, mental movements, as well as soul strength, while defector young woman still couldn’t feel Chu Mu’s presence.

This look caused Chu Mu to realize that defector young girl’s strength was outstanding and probably not any inferior to him as a half devil!

“Chu Mu, to your left!” Suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s voice interrupted Chu Mu’s thoughts!

Chu Mu came back to his senses, and followed Ye Qingzi’s pointed finger.

A deep blue rose vine appeared like a blue clothed demon girl, twisting around as it slowly darted out of the ground, and then continued to grow!

“This…...this rose demon is a puppet flower demon!” Ye Qingzi knew flower type soul pets well, and instantly made a judgment.

“Puppet flower demon?” Chu Mu heard this phrase for the first time.

“Similar to bug type reproduced organisms where the mother organism created countless gluttonous insect monsters, rose demons aren’t created by reproducing from some flower type soul pet. However, they are called puppets because they have their specialties…..” Ye Qingzi immediately explained.

“Specialties?” The relationship between Thousand Mother and Gluttonous Insect Monster was something Chu Mu understood- it was a mother body that created countless later generations. If the mother died, they did too.

“They can be planted and grown! Mother flower makes seeds, and then throws them somewhere with a powerful natural aura to grow. The longer it grows, the more natural aura it absorbs, and the stronger they were!!” Ye Qingzi said.

“Five years…….monarch rank!” Chu Mu’s expression became grave.

Monarch rank wasn’t scary; what was scary was the length of time that these puppets were in hiding for!

“So that’s what it was…… that’s why…… why did I never think of that.” Suddenly, the blind old man said slightly dazed.

“Blind mister, what is happening?” Chu Mu looked over to the old mister and quickly asked.

“Puppet flower demons, so this place had long since become the nation of puppet flower demons. These past many years……. All these years I have that felt something was strange in Xiangrong City, but I never thought it would be puppet flower demons!” Blind old man was still muttering to himself, looking even older than usual.

Chu Mu was even more confused and asked Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi didn’t have a great expression either. Her small hand grabbed Chu Mu’s arm and said, “Fly into the skies to see how many blue dots are in the skies first.”

Chu Mu didn’t think much of it. When the entire city was swarmed with black fairy butterfly, Mo Xie constantly flew higher into the skies.

Xiangrong City was very large. Chu Mu flew thousands of meters into the skies to see the entirety of Xiangrong City.

Looking down from above, though countless black fairy butterflies obstructed their vision like dust, Chu Mu could still see the entire city.

At this height, any tall building was just a small bump on the ground, while all the streets became thin lines, criss-crossing around a bunch of house-like figures. Even the large plaza was just a slightly larger dot!!

Above these, millions of black fairy butterflies covered the land like a thick veil that slowly spread across the entire city’s skies.

But, no matter how impressive or mysterious these black fairy butterflies were, the black veil over the city couldn’t block off the blue glow!

The blue glow was as dense as stars, covering almost every street and plaza. Every structure had blue glows. Even the mountains that had a few kilometers outside blinked!!!

The entire city!!

Xiangrong City could host a few million people, so one could imagine how large the city was. The black fairy butterflies that veiled the entire city was already shocking enough. This city’s dense glows was even more shocking!!

“Qingzi, the entire city is filled with blue dots, extremely dense, and not any worse than black fairy butterflies!” Chu Mu flew down in shock and fell by Ye Qingzi.

Just in the short time Chu Mu went up and back down, the streets and architecture seemed to disappear around Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, replaced with a dense forest.

Ye Qingzi watched Chu Mu and bit her lip. After a while, she said in a low voice, “This entire Xiangrong City is a very arable piece of land. That woman likely used the natural spirits in Xiangrong City to create countless puppet flower demons……”

“Chu Mu, this isn’t human territory, it had become the nation of flower demons long ago!!”

After Ye Qingzi said the last sentence, Chu Mu’s soul trembled!!

Turning an entire tenth rank kingdom city to a flower demon nation! Unbelievable, truly unbelievable!!

Blue plants were still growing, becoming unstoppable in a short time.

The city no longer seemed to exist, completely replaced by these blue flower demon’s bodies!!

The entire city was transformed instantly into a forest of flower demons! These uncovered puppet armies weren’t created in a short time. Just how many years and power did it take to create a city full of these puppets?

“This woman is too terrifying!!” learning of all this, Ye Qingzi’s body went cold!

Was it truly possible to win against this woman? She thought back again to the hoops of schemes within Tianxia City!

Both times, they were completely calm and undetected but instantly created a disaster…….

She was definitely the most dangerous woman in the world!

If Chu Mu hadn’t controlled his anger and became a half devil on his wedding night, then what would have awaited him was this army that could take down even a dominator rank!!

“Damnit, Dead Dream is in lethal danger!!” Ye Qingzi suddenly realized and shouted!

Chu Mu was also drenched in shock and couldn’t think. Only when Ye Qingzi mentioned it did Chu Mu react!

With so many puppet flower demons, it was a deadly blow to the millions of fairy butterflies. After all, each butterfly’s offense wasn’t that great!!

The entire city’s plants were withered, but sacred blue demon flowers were growing even more rapidly, meaning they were completely immune to the darkness. This meant that a slaughter of all the black fairy butterflies was about to come!!

This was a huge trap!!

It was like a terrifying piranha plant that was silently waiting for the black Dead Dream to fly in and then devour it in one!!

“Don’t let her succeed!!”

Chu Mu didn’t know why the defector young woman wanted to kill Dead Dream, but Dead Dream was already in Chu Mu’s heart his soul pet. He couldn’t just watch as the puppet army killed it!!

Chu Mu’s body was burning with silver flames. The blind man couldn’t see. If Chu Mu retracted his aura, there was no way he could tell that Chu Mu was a dominator rank half devil!

“Kid, don’t go!”

Suddenly, blind mister grabbed Chu Mu’s arm!


The silver devil flames danced wildly, causing Chu Mu to look even eviler. Yet, the blind mister was tightly grabbing Chu Mu’s arm, his aura suddenly increasing, allowing him to tightly keep dominator rank Chu Mu in place!!

Chu Mu was in shock as he stared in disbelief at the incredibly shockingly strong old man!

“I know you have a powerful force in your body, but listen to an old man for once. If you go now, you’ll only lose your life as well. Don’t forget about the dominator rank Xia Zhixian. Retract your power quickly before they notice.” The old man’s arm was like an iron clamp, unmoving!

“Old mister…..’ Chu Mu’s heart quickly cooled down.

Even before speaking, Chu Mu knew that this blind yet wise man was likely his father’s teacher!

His soul remembrance didn't go beyond ninth remembrance spirit emperor, but he definitely once had dominator rank organisms!

He was also who Old soul teacher De said was the last person to ever go against the soul alliance master!

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