Chapter 891: Organism in the second soul pact

“Wenluo, Bingliao, Zhuang Scar, Mei Scar, you all attack, and I will support you.” Xia Zhixian immediately gave the command.

Xiangrong City’s soul pet trainers were all subordinates of Xia Zhixian. She couldn’t just watch as they were killed.

“I’ll support Dragon Absolute.” At this moment, Emperor Concubine’s voice floated into Xia Zhixian’s ear.

Dragon Absolute was the head of sixteen absolute. He had five top tier emperor ranks. After summoning them all in one go, the five emperor ranks were instantly covered in a sacred blue petal, becoming a flower scale that raised their defense.

After Emperor Concubine cast defensive technique, the flower girls aside them all gave Dragon Absolute Wen Luo’s five top tier emperors rank the effects of light armor.

Under all these strengthening spells, Dragon Absolute’s five top tier emperor ranks should be able to withstand Dead Dream’s attacks for a while.

Bin Liao still was supported by five soul pets of Xia Zhixian. However, after Bin Liao’s strongest Barbarian Wing Emperor died, Bing Liao’s entire being seemed negative.

Dead Dream’s strength was powerful beyond his imagination. Flower hero was also dominator rank, and under her support, there shouldn’t have been any deaths. Yet, Barbarian Wing Emperor had still died. Dead Dream’s strange dark type techniques caused all of Xia Zhixian’s healing abilities to be useless.

Barbarian Wing Emperor was Bing Liao’s strongest soul pet. Dying like this, his status definitely would fall drastically. If another died, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep his title as Eight Desolation.

“You’re scared?” Xia Zhixian furrowed his brow after seeing Bing Liao’s other four soul pets not daring to move forth.

“I don’t dare.” Bing Liao’s expression changed.

“Stupid, this battle relates to Emperor Concubine. Even if all five of your soul pets died, she can help you climb back to your current position in no time, if not higher. Why do you think Dragon Absolute’s rank climbed all these past years?” Xia Zhixian said scathingly.

Bing Liao was taken aback and glanced at emperor concubine. Does this veiled woman truly have such powers?

Bing Liao no longer dared to hesitate, again commanding his four soul pets to go into battle.

Bing Liao and Dragon Absolute’s soul pets were in charge of preoccupying dead dream head on so it can’t cast powerful techniques. They had trouble dealing real harm to Dead Dream.

The one that can truly threaten Dead Dream was the ten thousand elemental army!

“Attack!” Emperor Concubine calmly gave a command to the elemental army!

The elemental army similarly didn’t dare to retreat at all. In their eyes, Dead Dream was a terrifying intruder that had to be sent away from the city!

Though thousands of soul pets could die with one technique of Dead Dream, the elemental army still had terrifying destruction!

The second elemental explosion unfolded into the skies. The massive energy again caused all of xiangrong city to shake, causing buildings to collapse even very far away!!

Tens of thousands of elemental explosions definitely wasn’t any inferior to the spatial storm that Chu Mu can pull from the chaotic realm. Dead Dream also wasn’t a soul pet with great defense. With two of these attacks, dead dream’s feathers started becoming black snow that fell down from the skies!

“Wasting energy like this is very unworthy.” Chu Mu’s face grew serious.

He didn't know why Dead Dream was adamant in staying in the city, and even flying right above defector young woman. However, this battle would become incredibly disadvantageous for Dead Dream.

The soul pet trainer army was terrifying, but it had no mobility. If Chu Mu had to defeat these people, he definitely wouldn’t stay in place and slowly fight them. After all, flower hero Xia Zhixian was a dominator rank expert. In this situation, fighting would make things less and less favorable to him.



A third elemental explosion came, shaking the heavens and earth. The city was completely flattened. The energy in the sky even took in one of dragon absolute top tier emperor rank soul pets, which utterly disappeared after things calmed down again.

Dead Dream’s wounds didn’t show any marks, but its feathers constantly became less dense.

At this moment, of dead dream’s sixteen wings, four wings’ feathers were very dim. Its other body parts weren’t as densely covered as before either. Clearly, the dominator rank energy with ten thousand elemental explosions did a good amount of damage to it.


Dead Dream let out a shrill call, seemingly angry yet lamenting!   

Suddenly, Dead Dream’s black body became like a large abyssal cave that hung in the skies.


Countless organisms flapped their wings. Within the spatial abyss, countless black fairy butterflies flapped their wings, instantly becoming black clouds that covered the skies.

The sky covering black fairy butterflies all  flew towards Xiangrong city, darting through the streets, staying on trees, or whirling around roofs.

The hundred thousand fairy butterflies were in numbers equivalent to the population of the entire city. They all went from one region and dispersed to the rest of the city, creating an impressive scene!!

The skies were pitch black. Where the army of black fairy butterflies passed by, plants began to wither, and countless black fairy butterflies created a scene that spelled doom for the previously bustling xiangrong city!!

Speaking of amount, xiangrong city’s army was only a hundredth in power. No matter how many attacks it threw, it could only kill a limited amount of black fairy butterflies.

At the same time, the strengthened eight emperor rank soul pets were all helpless. They all flew in different directions and cast destructive techniques to destroy the black fairy butterflies, but there were just too many!!

“Flower hero, what should we do.” Bing Liao glanced helplessly at the black fairy butterflies and asked.

Xia Zhixian was most worried about Dead Dream’s ability to split up and gather its body completely. This was because once Dead Dream became a million fairy butterflies, even the strongest dominator rank organism had trouble cleaning off all the fairy butterflies in a short while.

Xia Zhixian didn’t reply to Bing Liao, instead looking over to emperor concubine.

She believed that if Emperor concubine decided to fight, she had a reason and thus must have thought of a way to deal with this!

A hint of humor flashed past Emperor Concubine’s eyes, causing even Xia Zhixian to momentarily lose her thoughts. This woman’s beauty and allure was naturally seducing, causing even women to fall for it. All of this wasn’t intentional; it showed completely naturally.

A smiling expression meant that she already predicted this situation would happen.

“Following, the real mission is to split up across the city and kill all the black fairy butterflies, leaving none behind!” Emperor concubine said with soul remembrance to Xia Zhixian.

Emperor concubine wouldn’t give such a cruel command herself because she didn't want to take down her holy and clean disguise so easily. That would cause her to be exposed.

Thus, all these commands had to be given by flower emperor Xia Zhixian!!    

“Your majesty, these black fairy butterflies were in the millions, we can’t possibly end them all….” Xia Zhixian was slightly hesitant.

“Of course you’ll be there to finish off the remains.”

Emperor Concubine smiled, her lips against her veil as she slowly started an incantation.

This was the second time emperor concubine started an incantation. The first time, countless blue starlike glows appeared around the entire city, dazzling yet mysterious in purpose.

This time she cast an incantation, the sacred blue glow again blinked, causing blue rosebuds to blossom at every point that glowed blue before.


“What is this woman trying to do?” Chu Mu tightened his brows.

Suddenly, a soul remembrance came into Chu Mu’s mental world, causing Chu Mu to be shaken.

This was a determined killing intent as well as some threatening intent. It was so large that even Chu Mu’s mind was affected, starting to feel some anger towards the black fairy butterflies!

“This is…..” Chu Mus’ heart lifted up in waves!!

First soul pact!!!

Chu Mu felt a mental wave come from his first soul pact, this was the defector young woman’s mental thoughts!!

Chuy Mu was connected to all his soul pets, so he could feel the thoughts and some mental emotions of them. This was a basic ability of all soul pet trainers.

All along, Chu Mu’s first soul pact was like an empty pool, completely isolated and desolate, causing Chu Mu to feel absolutely nothing from it.

Yet this time, the dead water started rolling, lifting up into tides that constantly shook Chu Mu’s mind!

This feeling was different from his other soul pets. Though he could feel her emotions, Chu Mu couldn't see what she was thinking!

Soul connection!

Chu Mu finally felt the soul connection with his first soul pact, causing Chu Mu to almost unconsciously open his soul and try to control the sacred yet evil woman like he controlled his other soul pacts!

Chu Mu felt her soul in both soul pacts, one sacred and untainted, while the other was evil and chilling.

Two completely different qualities with different emotions and mental states, yet they appeared on the same woman!!

“What is this second soul pact!”

Chu Mu’s heart was shocked, as he watched the woman casting a technique far away!!

The second soul pact definitely wasn’t Holy Stem Flower. It was an organism that Chu Mu had never seen nor heard of!

Just like Chu Mu’s half devil, the power came from the combination of white nightmare and him. Clearly, then, the defector young girl's powers all came from the blood and soul of this second soul pact organism.

Yet, the organism in the second soul pact didn’t belong to Chu Mu! It had a stronger soul connection to the defector young woman!!

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