Chapter 890: Nightmare Death Blade

“Why is her mouth so hard to crack. Could these flower girls have some sort of mental restriction on them?” Chu Mu recalled the devil flames, and looked at the flower girl whose gaze was now empty.

Chu Mu had grabbed this flower girl naturally to understand what goal the defector young woman had. Unfortunately, no matter how much Chu Mu pressured this flower girl, she didn’t say anything. 

After reaching the spirit emperor rank, everyone viewed their own lives as very important. Even if they were loyal to someone else, they wouldn’t use their lives to safeguard normal secrets. However, the defector young woman’s subordinate seemed to view the defector young woman as a god. It seemed that divulging any information to the enemy was even more painful than the torture of having her soul burned by devil flames! 

“That woman’s methods are truly out of the ordinary. She trained her subordinates to be so loyal.” Ye Qingzi glanced at the flower girl whose soul had been turned to ashes by devil flames.

The blind old man didn’t make any comments towards Chu Mu’s actions. He only silently sighed that these two youngsters were truly resolute in their actions. Even without obtaining any information, they killed someone and burned the body and all its traces. If Xia Zhixian were to discover this, the two of them would be in big trouble. 

“Xia Zhixian probably wanted to find the item left by Chen Mo in Xiang Rong City.  If I have guessed correctly, the reason why she created so many plants to cover the city is to act as her eyes and scouts. The reason why the underground foundations of Xiang Rong City these past few years haven’t been very sturdy is because of this.” said the blind old man. 

“What did he leave?” asked Chu Mu.

It seemed that the blind old man had also been tricked by the Empress Concubine’s appearance. He had shifted the blame to Xia Zhixian, instead of the Empress Concubine.

The blind old man shook his head and said: “I’ve never seen it before.” 

Since the defector young woman wanted to obtain it, it definitely wasn’t normal. Since Chu Mu was here, he had to think of a way to stop her. 

However, although this time was underground, finding it was far from easy.

Right now, he probably could only wait and see what happened. 

In the air, the Dead Dream was still coolly and elegantly fighting against Bin Liao’s five soul pets. As the fight continued, Bin Liao’s five soul pets, even after being strengthened several times, were unable to truly stop the Dead Dream.

It could be seen that the Dead Dream rarely used offensive techniques. It freely passed through the air, while continuously releasing Darkness Withering on the plants in the city. 

The continuation of the fight allowed tens of thousands of soul pet trainers in the army to cover the entire city. 

There were five soul pets fighting the Dead Dream head on giving the army a chance to attack. Otherwise, if a single one of the dominator rank techniques were to hit them, a huge portion of the soul pet trainers would be annihilated. The damage caused would be enormous. 

“There are so many people. If they were to attack together, the Dead Dream probably wouldn’t be able to defend.” Ye Qingzi stared at the black mass of plant world soul pets in the distance and spoke with a bit of worry.

Chu Mu creased his brows. The strength of the army could not be underestimated. Even Chu Mu himself wasn’t sure he could fight the army alone. If the Dead Dream were to face so many enemies, it would be unable to wither all of the plants in the city.

“Your majesty, should we have the army attack now?” Xia Zhixian walked up to the Empress Concubine and spoke.

Although Bin Liao had obtained Xia Zhixian’s support, and could fight against the Dead Dream, he couldn’t continue doing so for a long time. From Xia Zhixian’s perspective, the Dead Dream hadn’t used its full strength. 

It hadn’t taken out its full strength and it was already so hard to deal with. Without the army’s strength, it would probably be difficult to even harm it. 

“Keep waiting.” said the Empress Concubine. 

Xia Zhixian didn’t say anything further. There were many occasions when she, party of the Four Heroes, was unable to see through this woman. Furthermore, Xia Zhixian didn’t even know about Chen Mo, the Dead Dream, or even why the Empress Concubine had wanted her to distribute plants all over the city. 

She was certain that these were all done for a reason, but until the very end, she was unable to guess what she wanted. 

“Your majesty, it’s ok.” a moment later, the head flower girl riding on a wing type soul pet landed in front of the Empress Concubine. 

The Empress Concubine’s bright eyes revealed a trace of a smile. But amidst the elegance was also a trace of danger! 

Seeing the Empress Concubine’s gaze, Xia Zhixian knew that everything was in the palm of her hands, including the Dead Dream’s appearance! 

“Take action!” the Empress Concubine gave an order! 

Suddenly, a flower shining with holy blue light blossomed under the Empress Concubine’s jade feet. The petals of this flower were like skirts being taken off as they fell onto the ground, before mysteriously merging into the ground. 

Light was overflowing as if a god was descending. The enchanting holy blue colored light was like a cornelian gem that seemed to cover the entire city in a starry sky.

“You can attack.” said the Empress Concubine. 

After giving the order, the army of over ten thousand elementals began chanting incantations!! 

The mighty energy generated by this many high ranking elemental soul pets was capable of reaching the dominator rank. As the first pillar of flames blossomed around the Dead Dream’s body, multi colored techniques suddenly began covering the sky, splitting open the heavens!!!

Xiang Rong City was covered in silence, but if one looked up, it was possible to see various dazzling elemental techniques blowing up. Amidst the deathly colors, countless astonishing cracks had appeared in the blue sky. They started from the city, expanding in all directions. These cracks were like enormous bolts of lightning, snaking from the sky to the ground. Every place, including houses, streets and statues were all blown to pieces!!!

“Hong Long Long Long!!!!!!!”

The explosions finally stopped after a long while. The enormous destructive force had razed the city to the ground.Even the underground cellars several tens of meters underground were terrifyingly caved in! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

The energy also swept over where Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and the blind old man were standing. Mo Xie jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder in time and created a fan-shape with her tails, protecting the three of them. 

“What terrifying power.” Ye Qingzi grabbed onto Chu Mu’s neck. The energy had caused the ground and space to violently tremble. They were about ten kilometers away from the area in which the energy had been concentrated. There, the power of the energy that entered the ground had been even more terrifying, and how shocking the destructive force had been in the central explosion could be seen. 

Water, fire, stone, and lightning had created the cracks in the sky. The black Dead Dream’s body slightly wavered and several feathers created by Black Fairy Butterflies fell off! 

With one attack, several tens of thousands of Black Fairy Butterflies had been instakilled. These dead Black Fairy Butterflies were like rain that melded into the pond as they completely dissolved. 


Suddenly, the Dead Dream gave a long sharp cry towards the ground. The noise was like lightning that clapped next to one’s ears. It was stunning and ear-piercing. Eardrums seemed like they were going to explode. 

A pair of eyes, as cold as the moon, looked down at the humans in the city attacking it. The wounded Dead Dream seemed to have been angered!!

“This seems to be the first time it has let out a shout!” Bin Liao’s face became much more serious. 

For some reason, Bin Liao felt very very terrified when the Dead Dream got angry. It was as if the death god himself had lifted its scythe. Although he hadn’t been killed yet, it would be very difficult to escape his fate!!

“Ai, many people are going to sacrifice their lives.” the blind old man sighed.

The moment the blind old man’s voice faded, the Dead Dream’s elegant body slowly transformed into a cloak that could cover the whole city as it quietly descended!!

The colorful sun lost its color and the horizon that had been destroyed by elements began to sink!!

The color black rapidly covered the heaven and earth and a dense aura of death caused the people on the ground to feel more nervous than the plagued air. For a moment, all soul pet trainers descended into the thick darkness where one’s fingers couldn’t even be seen!! 

Not only was the soul pet trainer army covered in darkness. Even the world around Chu Mu and the two others turned dark. Chu Mu, even though he had the darkness attribute, could only see up to a kilometer away!

Nightmare Death Blade! 

The Dead Dream beat its wings very fast, and its body completely assimilated into the darkness!! 

Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!! Shua!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cold blades of death flashed in the darkness. With each slash, a string of red would splurt out. Then, in a flash, it would return to darkness!

There were more and more cold blades criss-crossing through the air. As far as one could see, it was like the god of death was brandishing the proud and aloof scythe in its hands. With each flash, a life was taken!!

The frequency grew increasingly quick, making the flashes dazzle. Unknowingly, a thick stench of blood began to pervade the air!!  


A holy blue light and golden dawn blossomed in the darkness, slowly dispersing the black energy.

The Dead Dream’s technique had ostensibly ended. The two rays of light simultaneously dispersed the darkness, slowly revealing a broken city.

Suddenly, Xia Zhixian creased her brows. Where the rays of light had dispersed the darkness, blood was running like rivers!!! 

Corpses of soul pets and humans were submerged in the blood, and none of their bodies were intact! 

Blood was still quietly flowing. When their eyesight recovered, the army members who had managed to luckily escape the god of death’s scythe began to tremble all over upon seeing that they were the only ones left standing there.  They had no idea what had happened and they had collapsed into the blood, unable to stand. 

As for those who had died, they were lying on the ground. Their eyes were still wide open, filled with shock and disbelief! 

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