Chapter 889: Rising from the Dead, Revival Cocoon

“Flower Master Xia, quickly… quickly save my soul pet!” Bing Liao’s face went pale.

Bing Liao viewed each and any one of these five soul pets as his life. If any of them died, this was a fatal strike to him.

After being struck by the mental blow of potential death, Bing Liao’s mind calmed down, and he truly realized that the Dead Dream in the sky was not a normal dominator rank creature!

Xia Zhixian wasn’t flustered. She calmly gave her Sky Butterfly Queen an order!

The Sky Butterfly Queen swooped down from the grey sky, and appeared next to the white boned Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast. he Sky Butterfly Queen’s wings faintly moved and immediately, countless colors began to fly around like ribbons. They quickly covered the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast inside. 

The Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast was large and after it was wrapped by the colorful ribbons, it transformed into a colorful insect cocoon. It fell onto the ground cushioned by interweaving vines where the ten flower girls were.

The colorful insect cocoon was half translucent, and it was possible to see that the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s dropping life force aura had come to a sudden halt. Instead, the weak life force began to grow more vigorous! 

Shockingly, inside the colorful insect cocoon, countless streams of blood began to appear on the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s white bones. These bloodstreams began to interweave, transforming into complete veins and arteries. 

Immediately after, around the circulatory system, innards and flesh began to grow. This caused the remaining white bones in the lower half of its body to rapidly heal!! 

Seeing this, Bing Liao was able to barely put on an expression of relief. Just now he had felt his soul pact nearly about to rupture. If Xia Zhixian was only a little bit later, his Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast probably would have been unsavable!! 

Bing Liao had never interacted with Flower Hero Xia Zhixian before. Seeing this woman’s ability to raise a soul pet from the dead, he was in incredible admiration of her! 

Not far away, Chu Mu was also very shocked.

Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi who was now next to him after secretly making her way over not long ago. He asked: “That Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast should have been dead. That woman was still able to save her?” 

Ye Qingzi had just come, so she hadn’t seen the Dead Dream’s technique. She had only seen the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s corpse fall from the sky. However, she never expected that the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast which had practically become a corpse was brought back to life by Flower Hero Xia Zhixian!! 

“This healing ability is very close to resurrection abilities. Moreover, it’s such a huge creature…” said Ye Qingzi. 

The limit of Ye Qingzi’s healing abilities was being able to keep a soul pet that was on the edge of death alive. For her, being able to bring a creature like the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast back to life which had half of its flesh torn off was impossible. 

Not only had Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian brought it back to life, but she had also increased its recovery speed. This healing ability could only described by terrifying! 

“This is one of the butterfly species’ strongest support techniques. Revival Cocoon. It’s said that after it reached the dominator rank, even if another creature’s organs have been damaged, as long as this technique is used in time, there’s a chance of saving it. Furthermore, its effect isn’t just simply bringing back to life. Take a closer look…” the old blind man was able to understand the state of the battle through Chu Mu’s descriptions.  

After the old blind man spoke with Chu Mu, he had gone with Chu Mu to chase after the Dead Dream. He seemed to have already known that the Dead Dream would fight with Xia Zhixian and the Empress Concubine.

Chu Mu nodded his head and stared at the colorful butterfly cocoon.

The Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast recovered very quickly. From its state of near death, new flesh had now appeared. This had happened merely in the span of a few techniques being released. 

Even now, skin was beginning to grow!

For some reason, when Chu Mu saw skin grow on the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast, there seemed to be something more on its skin… 

"Hou hou hou!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast let out a pained and angry roar!!!

Its strong four hooves had recovered, but now they seemed to be covered in sharp protruding armor, seemingly even more mighty!! 

The cocoon began to split open, and the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast savagely used its claws to rip the remainder of the cocoon open. Like a drawn bow, it crawled out onto the ground!! 


The ground seemed to fracture as several hundred streets began to sink. The Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast leaped into the air once more at the Dead Dream!!!

Watching the violent and tyrannical Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast surge into the air, Bing Liao was stunned!

The near dead Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast was able to perfectly recover in such a short period of time. This was a feeling of disbelief for Bing Liao. Moreover, it was even more unexpected that its fighting strength had more than doubled!!!

“Senior Flower Hero, this…” Bing Liao had already forgotten to command his soul pet.

A beautiful smile rose on Xia Zhixian’s face. She didn’t respond to him, but instead gave an order to the Wood Tray Immortal next to her!

Wood Tray Immortal was the same species as Ye Qingzi’s Wood Tray Spirit, but its rank was higher than the Wood Tray Spirit by two ranks. It was a bonafide emperor rank creature.

Xia Zhixian’s Wood Tray Immortal had even been strengthened to the peak emperor rank. Its thick life force aura managed to reignite life in the withered plants around it. 

“Wood Spirit Dew!” Xia Zhixian gave the Wood Tray Immortal an order!

A cyan light transformed into a soft silk that curled around the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast as it flew into the air!

The thick life force aura permeated its body, increasing the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s life force instantly!!

“This Wood Spirit Dew causes the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s life force to triple by its original amount!” said Ye Qingzi in shock! 

Three times the usual life force and its doubled fighting strength. Adding on the flower armor, water shield and the healing effects, it was impossible for Dead Dream to instakill the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast!

Although Chu Mu had fought with Ye Qingzi in the past, that was only at the monarch rank. Chu Mu had since not been in contact with another support soul pet trainer. 

Today seeing Flower Hero Xia Zhixian use her powerful support soul pet trainer techniques, he was extremely surprised. With the existence of such a support soul pet trainer, there would probably be an overwhelming victory where not even light scratches were incurred!!

Bing Liao had four peak emperors and a paragon emperor. If Chu Mu were to take action, he would probably be able to annihilate all of them with one hand. 

The Dead Dream’s strength was no inferior to the half devil Chu Mu. However, once Bing Liao’s five soul pets were completely supported and strengthened by Xia Zhixian’s five soul pets, his five soul pets were able to lock up the dominator rank Dead Dream in the skies. This was too unbelievable!! 

“The most terrifying aspect of Soul Alliance isn’t the unparalleled strength of the other three Heroes within human territory. What’s terrifying is if Flower Hero Xia Zhixian, the most powerful support soul pet trainer, is to fight with the other three Heroes as a team… the minute the Four Heroes all take action, the three palaces won’t be able to stop them.” the old blind man sighed. 

Chu Mu’s initial estimates of Xia Zhixian’s strength only had her slightly above the Fourth Hero, Mo Ling. And if she were to fight alone, her fighting strength would be under Mo Ling’s. 

However, right now, he had no choice but to reevaluate her strength. The moment this woman was to support anyone in a fight, that person would practically become an unrivaled existence! 

Moreover, Xia Zhixian was only supporting Eight Desolation Bing Liao, whose strength was limited. If she was standing behind the strongest Hero Chief, how strong would he become? If she stood behind all three of the other heroes, even if the three great palaces came out in full force, they would still have difficulty stopping them! 

“Senior, the Dead Dream shouldn’t be this simple, right?” Chu Mu looked at the Dead Dream which was being locked up by five strengthened soul pets in the air. 

The blind old man shook his head and said: “I feel that it doesn’t really want to fight.” 

“Mhm.” Chu Mu nodded his head. He could also see that the Dead Dream wasn’t using many offensive techniques. Further, it wouldn’t use any techniques that hit the ground. 

“It seems to be worried that its techniques will hit the city.” said Ye Qingzi. Her perceptive abilities were very sharp.

Even if a dominator rank creature was flying in the air, the area of effect of its techniques was vast. If it was afraid of hitting the city, the Dead Dream indeed would have difficulty using its full strength. 


On the ground, the Empress Concubine stared at the deadlocked aerial fight. 

“You guys, do I said before…” the Empress Concubine swept her gaze over the lower ranked flower girls. 

The flower girls behind her gave a bow and immediately summoned their soul pets. They began rushing off at different directions into the city.

These flower girls had all reached the spirit emperor rank. Chu Mu remembered that the defector young woman had at least a hundred of these emperor rank flower girl subordinates.

However, her subordinates hadn’t all appeared here. If all of these spirit emperors were to gather here, the destructive force that could be generated couldn’t be neglected! 

As Chu Mu silently watched from the city, he naturally was observing the defector young woman’s movements. 

When he discovered one of the flower girls rushing towards his direction, a strange change occurred in Chu Mu’s eyes. One of his hands began to lightly clench! 

That flower girl, aged about thirty, was riding a Star Wilderness Devil Colt. As she was riding on it, she didn’t notice that the path in front of her was gradually growing dimmer… 

“What’s going on?” suddenly, this flower girl realized something was wrong because no matter how much she ran, she kept running in the same place. 


The Star Wilderness Devil Colt passed through the dense darkness and suddenly appeared in another shadowy alley. 

If this flower girl had looked behind her, she would have surprisingly discovered that this place was very far away from where she just was. In fact, given the direction she was originally going in, it should have been impossible to arrive here!

The flower girl was stunned. With a face full of confusion, she looked at the young man and woman, and an ostensibly blind old man in front of her. 

At this moment, the young man took a few steps forward. His abnormally evil eyes caused the flower girl to tremble. The feeling this man gave her was akin to the Empress Concubine. He was both mysterious and extremely dangerous!!! 

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