Chapter 888: Blossom, Death Rose


The gale beside his ears whistled. The Barbarian Wing Emperor was more than three times faster than before. This feeling of speeding through the skies caused Bing Liao to become incredibly excited.

Facing the legendary Dead Dream, nothing seemed scary anymore, and he actually went head-on against it!

The golden sun slashed through the gray sky. The shining sky was split into a few beautiful arcs, as if it was splitting the dark sky in half!

After the withering of the Dead Dream was stopped, its cold crescent eyes stared at the Barbarian Wing Emperor that flew forwards.

This colorful energy had a sacred aura. It was probably an imbued light effect, wanting to use light type to counter the darkness that flowed within its body.

Dead Dream’s eight wings lightly flapped. A black glow fell down from the skies, and fell onto Dead Dream’s body.

Suddenly, Dead Dream’s black body disappeared in place as if it was completely merging with the shadows of the clouds, disappearing without a trace.

Barbarian Wing Emperor golden wings were as sharp as knives, cleanly darting into where Dead Dream was. Yet, because the Dead Dream disappeared suddenly, the attack became meaningless.

“Where did it go?” Bing Liao released his soul remembrance, and looked for the Dead Dream’s whereabouts.

Sadly, Bing Liao’s soul emperor remembrance couldn’t possibly capture the dream-like Dead Dream that moved through the shadows.

Suddenly, a pair of completely black fairy butterflies appeared behind them, and in front of the Barbarian Wing Emperor.

The next moment, a pair of similar wings appeared to the left and right of it…...

A total of eight wings became black restrictive doors which appeared in eight directions of the Barbarian Wing Emperor!

The Barbarian Wing Emperor was originally flying through the air, dominating and unstoppable. However, when the eight black restricting doors appeared with these runes, all of the Barbarian Wing Emperor’s actions seemed to be like light falling into a dark abyss. It was pressured and locked down, unable to even open its wings easily!

Bing Liao’s expression changed. The eight directions represented every possible direction to move in. However, this region was completely locked down by the eight death gates. This meant that no matter which direction Bing Liao tried to go in, he would enter the gates of death!

Dark type restriction and sealing powers were even more powerful than a demon’s mental restriction! Dead Dream’s dark seal was at a completely overwhelming level. No matter how powerful the supporting techniques were on Barbarian Wing Emperor, a dark type seal would kill it all!!

“Brash!!!” Xia Zhixian’s face was incredibly solemn.

Dead Dream definitely couldn’t be defeated with just a few extra support type abilities. Bing Liao charging forward without a brain was completely stupid!

Xia Zhixian quickly casted an incantation and finished her summon!

A bright glow appeared around Xia Zhixian’s body, and became a lively dawn fairy!

“Seal Break!” Xia Zhixian gave the command to her dawn fairy!

The dawn fairy was also clearly invincible emperor rank. Its glow came ring after ring, both sacred and holy, gathering around the fairy’s body.

As the dawn fairy’s incantation sounded, the dazzling seal appeared in the skies like a corona, continuously slamming into one of the death wing gates.

Even though their types were counters, the dominator rank dark technique wasn’t that easily broken through. Though the dawn fairy continuously casted two long incantations to attack one death gate, they only caused it to become slightly darker.

Bing Liao wasn’t utterly stupid. Seeing that one death gate was growing dimmer, he quickly commanded his strengthened Barbarian Wing towards that position.


Finally, the dark seal gate became countless black pieces and was destroyed!

Bing Liao was overjoyed, and quickly rode his Barbarian Wing Emperor towards this direction.

This moment, higher in the skies, two cold moon-like cold glints fell down and hit this death gate like a command.

The other remaining seven death gates suddenly solidified and became black stones that suddenly fell!!

Seven death gates fell along with the space within it forcefully. The Barbarian Wing Emperor was just about to escape from the opening before it felt massive pressure. It was as if its body were suddenly locked down with seven incredibly heavy lead balls. Not only did the Barbarian Wing Emperor lose the ability to even lift its wings, even Bing Liao felt so heavy that his body was about to break!


The seven death gates fell heavily onto the city’s industrial streets. The sturdy houses were like paper under the power, easily shattering. The Barbarian Wing Emperor’s body fell heavily into the ground, which caused its flower armor to shatter into pieces. Tendrils of black energy seeped into its body, and quickly destroyed all the added effects on it!!

Barbarian Wing Emperor couldn’t even lift its wings. Without its supporting techniques, this Barbarian Wing Emperor was just a weak baby eagle that could get crushed with any technique!

“Save him!” Xia Zhixian immediately gave her Sky Butterfly Queen a command.

The Sky Butterfly Queen, of course, couldn’t let Dead Dream cast another technique. If another technique fell, the Barbarian Wing Emperor and Bing Liao will definitely be killed.

Sky Butterfly Queen let out a light sigh, as its soft body became ten flower shadows that surrounded the Dead Dream’s body, falling like a thin veil onto Dead Dream’s black body!

These thin veils became tens of thousands of butterfly silk that gathered together. Even a single strand was hard to break with a sharp weapon. With tens of thousands of strands braided together, however, when it grabbed onto an enemy, even the strongest abyss beast couldn’t possibly struggle free!

When the Sky Butterfly Queen slightly restricted the Dead Dream, Xia Zhixian immediately commanded her dawn fairy to help the brash Bing Liao dodge the black binding!

At the same time, Bing Liao’s other four soul pets were all completely weaponized, and had appeared. With the Cloud Stepping Abyss Beast leading, they ran through the clouds and slammed towards the Dead Dream.

Bing Liao’s Cloud Stepping Abyss Beast was supposed to be a normal emperor rank. Under the full support of ten flower girls, its strength raised a rank.

A rank wasn’t nearly enough. Right before the Cloud Stepping Beast could collide with the restricted Dead Dream, Xia Zhixian’s sky Butterfly Emperor also casted a flower armor that caused Dead Dream to be unable to get killed in a single technique!

After the Cloud Stepping Abyss Beast appeared, Bing Liao’s demon closely followed. After Bing Liao’s demon was imbued with wind type effects, its speed became incredibly fast and the skies seemed to be flat ground for it!

The Cloud Stepping Abyss beast let out a thunderous roar, its eyes bright red and not knowing what fear was!

Bing Liao didn’t know that his emperor concubine had secretly cast a mind heartening technique on him. Because he was connected to all his soul pets by soul, he no longer cared about how powerful or aura intensive their enemies were. They only had a vigorous battling mentality and enemies in front of them!

This technique, in similarly matched battles, could bring out all the potential in an excited soul pet. Because they had no fear of anything, it could cause its enemies to instantly lose their courage. However, if there was a large difference in strength, casting it on an enemy would cause one to lose their life.

At this moment, the cloud stepping abyss beast didn’t know what its strength distance from Dead Dream was. It could only think of how it was going to step the Dead Dream into pieces.

The Cloud Stepping Abyss Beast had amazing power, and was able to shatter mountains with a single stamp!

When all of the Cloud Stepping Abyss Beast gathered its power into its four hooves, it instantly stamped towards the Dead Dream’s back in one explosive move, causing even the space nearby to shatter!!

Dead Dream’s body was caught. Facing Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s attack, it didn’t even seem to want to dodge.

Suddenly, Dead Dream became a night fog that suddenly dissipated too!


Immediately, countless wing type glints appeared around the black fairy butterfly-like dust spreading out. The Sky Butterfly Queen’s butterfly silk became threads of broken string that fell layer by layer from the skies!

Though the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast caused a hard sound, it only shook off a layer of black fairy emperors. Other black fairy butterflies were already becoming a black sand storm that swept across the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast!!

The Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s body stopped in the sky. Suddenly, the outer layers of its scaly flower armor became strings. Countless red slits appeared on the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast.  Its skin, its flesh, its bones- they all started falling from its body!!!

Cut through with thousands of knives. This phrase was perfect to describe Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast’s body. Black Fairy butterfly army flew by violently, causing the massive Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast to become white bones in its lower half!!!

This top tier emperor beast type soul pet had an amazing defense. Dead Dream’s blade form had not only broken through Sky Butterfly Queen’s flower armor, it even caused a top tier emperor rank to have nothing but bone in its lower half now!!!

Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast let out a painful roar. Losing its lower body, the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast only had a breath left. When it was falling from the skies, everyone was shocked to say anything else!

On the ground, finally breaking through the seal, Bing Liao stared lost at his stepping cloud beast. The feeling of his soul pact nearly breaking caused his heart to feel as if were being shredded too!!

Scary, too scary!!

Having been imbued with a dominator rank flower armor protection, it still couldn’t avoid getting instantly killed!!

Far away, Chu Mu in all white gazed at the fight in the skies. The moment the Dead Dream instantly killed the Stepping Cloud Abyss Beast, Chu Mu lifted his head. The explosive strength in the technique was like a death rose blossoming in the sky, reaping lives in the name of death. This cold killing intent wasn’t anything a soft Sky Butterfly Queen could match!!!

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