Chapter 887: Dominator, Strongest Support!

Central City South Residential Area

“Your majesty, be at ease. With me, Bing Liao here, you don’t need to worry at all.” Bing Liao glanced at the average strengthened flower girls and said arrogantly and confidently.

City master already gave the command to evacuate. Now, on the complicated granite roads, there were barely any pedestrians, so quiet it was like midnight.

“Then thank you, Mister Bing Liao.” Emperor Concubine smiled elegantly, and said politely to the eight desolation Bing Liao.

Seeing this beautiful woman, eight desolation Bing Liao’s gaze showed a brief moment of loss before quickly moving his gaze away.

Bing Liao didn’t want Emperor Concubine to see through his thoughts. He already stood amongst the top, so he couldn’t possibly be like Dragon Absolute Wen Luo, acting like an obedient dog and listening to everything her majesty said.

Bing Liao believed that no woman liked a man who listened to everything and was obedient, because such a man was petty and funny.

Bing Liao already had many servants around her, so, trying to be unique, he couldn’t possibly be the same as those people without any backbone. In fact, he even tried to not be attracted to her angel-like qualities…...

Sadly, Bing Liao still couldn’t help but want to attract this beauty’s attention.

Standing aside Emperor Concubine, the main flower girl Qing Yin laughed quietly.

Seeing Bing Liao act fake as if he didn’t care about Emperor Concubine, Qin Yin secretly muttered, “This world only has two types of men: men whose soul and body both succumbed to her majesty’s beauty, or men who stand proudly yet their hearts are already lost. In reality, they are both the same- both trying to gain the favor of Emperor Concubine. No man can stop themselves from falling in love.

“Your majesty, the west fourth of our city’s plants all withered away. It… seems to be flying towards us.” The messenger flower girl rode her wing type soul pet and gently floated down, falling onto her knees.

Emperor Concubine nodded and looked up to gaze at the skies on the other side of the city.

An elegant black figure was swiftly flying over. A black shadow shrouded it and devoured all the colors of life.

The flower girl quickly cast an incantation and summoned the soul pet by Emperor Concubine and protected it before glancing warily at the organism in the sky that swiftly approached.

“It dares to come and obstruct things!” Emperor Concubine stared coldly at the black figure in the sky and thought darkly.

She had already heard the rumors of Dead Dream. She originally thought she could get Chen Mo’s item successfully, but she didn’t think that dead dream would be completely obstinate and even ran into the human realm to cause the entire city’s plants to wither!

“Your majesty…...this…….this organism is already beyond emperor rank!” Eight desolation Bing Liao’s face turned pale!

Dominator rank organism didn’t appear in human realm!!

Bing Liao’s arrogance and confidence disappeared. His eyes were full of alarm and incredible!!

Eight desolation was indeed at the top of the human pyramid, and not many could beat them.

But, people who reached this realm all knew very clearly that above their realm, there was another level that was terrifying enough to cause them to feel feeble. That was dominator rank!!!

“Mister Bing Liao, make a move.” Emperor Concubine looked at the suddenly pale Bing Liao and said calmly.

“Your majesty, this…...this is dominator rank……” Bing Liao’s face was full of shock.

Dominator rank organism, that meant any single technique of its could instantly kill a soul pet that he spent countless years training. How would Bing Liao dare to attack!!

“Xia flower master will support you. Do you wish to see all the life in this city get destroyed? This is my city.” Emperor Concubine asked with a slight plea.

This saddening plea caused Bing Liao to momentarily lose his focus, even through the mask. Such a plea for help and gaze caused him to find incredible courage from nowhere!

“Your majesty, don’t worry, Bing Liao won’t allow it to harm you.” Bing Liao said seriously.

After speaking, Bing Liao immediately casted an incantation.

He very clearly knew that dealing with a dominator rank organism required more than just one soul pet. Before Dead Dream flew over, Bing Liao summoned his five strongest soul pets in front of him.

Five soul pets all top tier emperor rank!

Crafty Rock Giant, Cloud Stepping Beast, Heavenly Vine Bramble Demon, Dual Pupil Strange Spirit, Barbarian Wing Emperor. Five top tier emperor ranks all appeared, causing the flower girls that previously looked down upon Bing Liao to show shock.

This Eight desolation Bing Liao’s strength indeed was powerful. One top tier emperor rank was enough to reach the peak of humanity. Yet, Bing Liao summoned five top tier emperor ranks. Though one Barbarian Wing Emperor was the only one near invincible emperor rank, this formation truly was nearly unmatched in the human territory!!

Bing Liao glanced into the sky. He didn't know that the Emperor Concubine secretly casted mental heartening on him. Normally, he definitely wouldn’t summon all five of his main pets at once. After all, dominator ranks could easily instantly kill top tier emperor rank organisms!

Bing Liao didn’t rush right in. he waited for the arrival of flower emperor master Xia Zhixian.

With Xia Zhixian, his soul pets would truly have the chance to fight against the dominator rank soul pet!

“Xia flower master is already in the sky.” Emperor Concubine said to Bing Liao.

Bing Liao lifted his head and noticed that not far away, at the top of the building, the beautiful flower emperor master Xia Zhixian stood silently.

Beside her, a blue and white wing type organism stood. This was the most powerful flower type soul pet in the human realm - Sky Butterfly Queen.

The strongest bug type soul pet in human realm was the second hero’s dominator rank beetle. Sky Butterfly Queen was flower and bug duo main type. If one counted it as bug type, then this Sky Butterfly Queen would also be the second strongest bug type soul pet!

Sky Butterfly Queen’s own fighting strength was only slightly stronger than invincible emperor rank, but its flower type supporting abilities and bug cocoon healing abilities were nearly powerful enough to bring the dead back to life, able to let an invincible emperor rank fight an entry level dominator rank organism!!

At this moment, the Sky Butterfly Queen silently floated near Xia Zhixian. Its aura was similar to the Dead Dream in the sky, similarly elegant, noble, yet proud.

“Bing Liao.” Xia Zhixian glanced at eight desolation Bing Liao, and said commandingly!

Seeing Xia Zhixian already appear, he naturally had nothing to fear. He leaped onto the Barbarian Wing Emperor and flew towards the Dead Dream.

Seeing Bing Liao rise up, Emperor Concubine glanced at the ten flower girls nearby and said, “You all support his other four soul pets in battle.”

“Yes!!” The ten flower girls all replied.

The moment they spoke, the flower girls all gave commands to their soul pets!

Immediately, wooden type armor, vine type brambles, flower type continuous healing, water type shield cushions, and all sorts of support techniques fell onto Bing Liao’s other four main soul pets!

Bing Liao’s other four main soul pets were all around top tier emperor rank. However, after these ten flower girls all gave their supportive powers, putting offense aside, their defense and recovery speeds were definitely near that of an invincible emperor rank!

“Go, support his Barbarian Wing Emperor.” Xia Zhixian glanced at Sky Butterfly Queen aside her.

The Sky Butterfly Queen was light as the wind. A few flaps of its wings later, it seemed to teleport through space and lightly appeared by the Barbarian Wing Emperor.

“Flower Armor!” Xia Zhixian gave the command.

The Sky Butterfly Queen’s body was rather small and intricate, but after whirling around the massive Barbarian Wing Emperor a few times, it created countless flashing flower petals!

These petals were bright and vivid. They seemed easy to break, yet after all these petals adhered to the Barbarian Wing Emperor’s body, it seemed like a king’s battle coat had been draped over it!

The Barbarian Wing Emperor was invincible emperor rank, so its aura was very minuscule in front of Dead Dream. Its golden body also seemed to lose its color as darkness covered everything.

Yet, after the flower armor was imbued upon the Barbarian Wing Emperor, its body radiated gold and seemed to slowly even pierce through the greyness!

“Flower recovery!” Xia Zhixian gave another command to the Sky Butterfly Queen!

Within all the petals of the flower armor, a bright string of magical runes appeared. These runes wove together became special healing barrier!

Being in this barrier, once the Barbarian Wing Emperor was hurt, it could heal up in the shortest time. Even heavily wounded, it could return after a few breaths fully healed!

Xia Zhixian’s supportive techniques clearly weren’t done yet.

After the third command, the Sky Butterfly Queen lightly flapped its wings. It let down countless sacred flower pollen that all fell upon the Barbarian Wing Emperor, seeping into the Barbarian Wing Emperor’s skin, and into its blood!

The Sky Butterfly Queen's pollen entered its body and, after a brief pause, Barbarian Wing Emperor’s golden glow radiated even larger, becoming a raging golden sun. Hanging high in the skies, it burnt away the grey veil and shined half the city gold!!

“This…..” Bing Liao’s face turned happy. This was the first time he got the support of Xia Zhixian. This feeling of being imbued with power was amazing, and Bing Liao knew that these abilities raised his Barbarian Wing Emperor raised three whole ranks!!

At invincible emperor rank, raising a single rank was difficult, let alone three!

At this moment, Bing Liao felt that his Barbarian Wing Emperor’s strength was endless, even able to even fight a dominator rank!!!

At this moment, Bing Liao’s confidence expanded frenziedly. Thinking back to the dominator rank organism that he was about to ride into battle against, Bing Liao felt his blood boil with energy!!

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