Chapter 885: Must Obtain!

The enormous shadow flew across the withered plant fortress. The Dragon Absolute’s peak emperor rank blood beast was originally in the air, but now had no choice but to scurry back to the ground in fear like a wounded kitten, hiding beside its master. 

Even peak emperors, the strongest in human territory, had lost the courage to fight!!!

This caused a feeling of disbelief that destroyed the spirits of innumerable soul pet trainers that pursued the soul pet dao. It was a feeling akin to the godly thing one chased after turning out to be useless!

Sixteen wings waving in the air. The thin feathers on its butterfly wings were a pure black. It coldly stared at the continuously withering plant fortress like a solitary death goddess that took elegant and calm steps forward, passing through the weak enemies. 

Right now, there was no soul pet trainer that dared to attack it.

It was possible to imagine that despite trying one’s best efforts to launch attacks, the only damage that was caused was one feather of a million to be lost. If this creature even had fast recovery abilities a combined full army’s attack probably wouldn’t even be able to damage it faster than its own feathers grew!

Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian stood stunned on the ground. She didn’t even dare to issue any orders at this point. 

She knew that if the soul pet trainer army attacked this kind of existence, there was no meaning in doing so. Furthermore, she even thought that if the Hero Chief was here, he wouldn’t be able to stop it! 

If it wanted to destroy this city, nobody could stop it. Xia Zhixian thus stood there quietly, but unsettled, gnawing on her red lips. 

The Darkness Withering could wither all plants.

The Dead Dream merely used this single attack, meaning that its only goal in coming here was to destroy all the plants underneath Xiang Rong City as if it were searching for that something. 

If it was stopped, Dead Dream’s techniques could likely fall onto the citizens of the city.

Xia Zhixian didn’t dare make any rash movements. This was her city, and she couldn’t pay such a painful price.

Right now, her only worry was that the female master would make a move.

The female master definitely would not expose her strength in front of the world, but the question was whether she would just watch Dead Dream fly above Xiang Rong City as it used Darkness Withering below it… 


A black shadow that resembled a floating mountain elegantly flew above Chu Mu’s head. Chu Mu was one of the few people who dared to look up.

Merely its aura was capable of causing the entire soul pet trainer army to lose its fighting spirit!

This creature was so powerful Chu Mu couldn’t stop trembling. 

How strong did one need to be to be a master of a soul pet like this!!

Absent minded and shock. When what he was chasing after was so close yet still so untouchable, the feeling was hard to describe.

“Dead Dream!!” from Old Duan’s shout of shock, Chu Mu learned of this creature’s name!

A long time ago, Chu Tianmang had described countless creatures in legends to Chu Mu. These became distant dreams in his heart.

Right now, a gorgeous black figure was calmly flying across the blue sky, and it happened to match the one in his dream.

It was so strong that he didn’t have the confidence that he could defeat it even in half devil form. Its aloofness and solitariness made it difficult to actually communicate with it. 

It repelled people thousands of kilometers away. It didn’t need to institute its greatness. Instead, it merely calmly flew across, and all life forms would feel ashamed, not daring to look at it.

This completely corresponded with the wing type soul pet Chu Mu was striving for. However, just like its name “Dead Dream”, it caused all fantasies to die. 

“Thirty years! A whole thirty years!!!” Duan Qiming’s white hair danced in the wind. He was clearly abnormally excited. 

“That’s right. We… we’ve finally seen it!!!” Li Guang looked up at the holy black figure. 

These two old men had lived in Xiang Rong City in seclusion for forty years. When they were young and were full of vigour, they were soul pet trainers themselves. Even now in old age, they didn’t forget the pursuits they had on the soul pet trainer path.

When they had accidentally discovered the tracks of a legendary soul pet, they were as impassioned as they were when they were twenty. 

In order to obtain a soul pet, the first thing to do was to understand it. 

These two old men began to search for various ancient texts, and managed to find among them a few depictions of its gorgeous black butterfly tail.

As they gained more understanding of it, they reached the pinnacle of humanity in strength and thought that they had enough strength to capture and subdue it. However, they came to understand that this creature that had never appeared in front of humans before and was unknown by humans was actually extremely strong. It was most likely an ultra strong existence that surpassed the emperor rank!

Surpassing the emperor rank. Many experts who had stepped into the pinnacle of humanity thought they could step over this barrier...

Only those who had experienced countless hardships and defeats would truly understand that those that surpassed the emperor rank were the true gods of humanity. 

Zhu Chao never managed to enter the dominator rank, nor did Mo Ling. Li Guang and Duan Qiming also never managed to… 

Li Guang and Duan Qiming were both already old. They understood that it was impossible for them to step into the dominator rank. 

However, this legendary creature was a dominator rank, meaning that they could never obtain it. 

They had been dispirited for a long period of time. But as they aged, they eventually got over it and continued to search. And helplessly, they discovered that even less than obtaining it, it was extremely difficult to see this creature. 

Thus, their goal changed from obtaining it to seeing it. It had been thirty years since then, and they no longer had any hopes of seeing it. 

This change in mental state undoubtedly revealed the cruelty of being a rank too weak.

Li Guang and Duan Qiming, who both had deep regrets had, to a certain extent, placed their dreams of the dominator rank onto this mysterious legendary creature. 

As long as they could see it, they would have no more regrets in life. 

And finally they saw it! Seeing it in person was much more shocking than they imagined. The powerfulness of Dead Dream caused them to realize how much of a childish joke their idea of capturing it was!!


“I absolutely cannot let it go!!!”

Suddenly, a young man’s stubborn voice rang out from beside them!

The two old men turned around as if they had awoken from a dream, and stared at the young man beside them in shock!

“Brat Chu…” Duan Qiming was stunned. He stared at this young soul pet trainer whose eyes were filled with unwillingness and anger. 

“Chu Fangchen, could it be you have intentions towards it?” Li Guang was also staring at Chu Mu. His eyes were extremely familiar to Li Guang as they represented a soul pet trainer’s most pure desire!! 

“Yes, two seniors, could you please tell me all the information you have about it to me?!” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

After talking with the blind old man, Chu Mu came to learn that Duan Qiming and Li Guang were searching for this soul pet. When he had first seen them, the thing they had been arguing over had been this creature!

“Resoluteness and passion. Every soul pet trainer who has desires and ambitions will have these emotions in his eyes… I always thought that I was different, but ultimately I would always follow everyone else…” when Li Guang saw Chu Mu’s eyes, he sighed. 

Only having reached this rank would one understand how difficult it was to through to that level. 

Most importantly, even if one did manage to break through, it was necessarily the case that the solitary and aloof Dead Dream would submit to a human.

“Brat, don’t get carried away in your dreams. Didn’t you just see the technique it used?!” Duan Qiming’s tone was distasteful, but it was also realistic. 

“I saw it, which is why I want it even more now.” said Chu Mu.

There had been pain, hardships, misery and even transforming into a devil and losing his memories. The bumpiness of the soul pet trainer’s path had far surpassed Chu Mu’s imagination. Yet, there hadn’t been a day when he had given up. 

Perhaps the monument tears had given Chu Mu eternal dominator rank strength, but this wasn’t what he truly wanted, nor could he rely on it. Chu Mu was an obstinate soul pet trainer and what he strived for was more and more powerful soul pets, meaning he required even more powerful strength.

Now that a soul pet of his dreams was in front of him, why would he give up on it?

Even if there was a huge obstacle in front of him, there would be a day when he would be its master!!

This was a creature Chu Mu may not even be able to defeat even in half devil mode. But what did that matter? In the past, there were countless creatures that he was unable to defeat that today were like ants that crawled between his feet!! 

Therefore, Chu Mu was certain that he had to obtain this creature!!

Since he had made his decision, he had to advance bravely and begin from the first step of understanding it! 

“Ai, go and ask Old Chen. Of what we understand of it, a portion is what we’ve found ourselves and another portion is from what he’s told us…” said Li Guang.

“The blind senior?” Chu Mu was stunned. 

“Yes, it was him who told us about Cheng Mo, and it was also him that told us that Dead Dream was likely Cheng Mo’s soul pet.” Li Guang nodded his head. 

“Many thanks.” Chu Mu immediately gave a bow. 

Dead Dream had already flown far into Xiang Rong City, leaving a black gorgeous figure engraved in everyone’s minds… 

Yet, there was a young man, riding a nine tailed flaming Seven Sins Fox, who was rapidly chasing after it, flying over the ground. 


“What’s the point? Do you actually believe that he will succeed?” Duan Qiming asked Li Guang.

Li Guang shook his head and said: “Although we know that what he’s doing is futile, there is no harm in a young man striving for something.” 


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