Chapter 884: Dark and Wing Supreme

“Just what is that?” The always calm Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian finally lost her composure.

As one of the four heroes, Xia Zhixian was already at the top of humanity. She was similar to heavenly concubine Mu Qingyi in that going beyond emperor rank was extremely difficult. The entire human realm only has a few opportunities that fall into a limited few people.

So, no one knew the realm of dominator rank better than dominator rank experts!

Xia Zhixian already had some mental preparation. She knew extremely well that the organism that could lead a million fairy butterflies was probably dominator rank.

This was a dominator rank organism made with a million fairy butterflies, but they were completely different concepts. Seeing this process caused Xia Zhixian to truly be in disbelief!

“No wonder Ning Maner couldn’t talk with the fairy butterflies. They weren’t even completely life forms, and they were only a part of a larger whole. I didn’t expect there to be such a mysterious and powerful organism in this world……” Chu Mu gazed at the black dominator rank in the air and lifted up a thousand waves in his heart before continuing, “This probably is an organism that never before appeared in human history!”

This black dominator rank made of countless black fairy butterfly wasn’t in a butterfly shape. It was a black totemic organism with eight pairs of wings!

This organism has a head like a black phoenix. When it lifted up its feathers, it was like a king with an authoritative crown!

Its tail was like a butterfly’s, forming black star patterns at the tip portion. Lightly waving it around, one could see starlight slowly flow out of its tail and dissipate, becoming cold and proud arcs that seemed mysterious yet deadly.

The most shocking thing were the feathers of this Dead Dream.

Different from most wing type organisms’ feather, Dead Dream’s dense feathers were completely made of fairy butterfly black butterfly wings, velvety and thin.

This means that the million black fairy butterfly army was only the feathers of the organism!!!

A pair of eyes hung high in the skies in dark night.

They gazed at the people in the entire plant castle and told them with its apathetic eyes that all humans who obstruct its views will bring upon themselves the most terrifying disaster!!


Dead Dream’s flapping wings slowly accelerated. The eight pairs of wings stacked together and became a black wave that sent a grey flow towards the plant castle.

The plant castle extended towards the entire outer city wall. It looked like a castle heavily covered by roots, vines, branches covered, creating a massive mountain range that had no end.

The dark flow lifted up by Death Dream slowly became a thin black veil that fell upon the entire plant castle.

As this thin energy started to seep in, the entire dense plant world became grey. All the vines, flower shield, root walls, started to wither and die…...


Looking like they were frozen by black ice, the entire plant castle constantly snapped and bent. The plant towers that were in the air quickly were broken down by the soul pet armies on them.

The entire castle mountain started collapsing as all the blackened plants started shattering, shrivelled, or dead. The black withering instantly took away all the plants’ life force and made them dead!!

The entire castle mountain became chaotic as countless soul pets fell and landed on the original castle wall.

Scary screams, frantic roars, painful screeches from soul pet trainers, these sounds all blended into one mess that was drowned out by the defensive mountain’s fall!!

The entire city was shaking. Under this energy, even emperor rank experts couldn’t do much other than watch as the entire castle collapsed and their army of soul pet trainers scattered!!

Wing type supreme!!

This was a real wing type dominator rank organism!!

It was so powerful that the entire army, including the strongest people, couldn’t do anything!!


Far away, Chu Mu watched this legendary Dead Dream, and his heart roiled!!

All along, Chu Mu never found the right wing type soul pet for him because Chu Mu’s heart already had an image of the perfect wing type soul pet.

Travelling and training for so long and searching, he found nothing. However, when Chu Mu gazed at the dead dream, he suddenly felt that the image in his heart completely matched the scene he saw!

Cold, proud, and silent with an elegant outer appearance, yet it held a terrifying darkness, mystery, and death!

This was a deadly shadow that flew through people’s nightmares, the elegant spoiled pet of the reaper. The combination of dark and wing type caused it to be the best aerial killer in the world!!

In reality, the dark fairy butterfly to a certain degree matched Chu Mu’s standard for a wing type soul pet. However, fairy butterflies as a species was just too soft. They didn’t have the wild and sharpness of the devil hawks, nor the power and nobility of a phoenix. So, dark fairy butterfly was only matching Chu Mu in its type.

However, the organism before him matched Chu Mu’s standards completely. His eyes slowly became wild and excited, like a man who saw his dream lover appear in front of him.

Every soul pet trainer was like this. They have an ideal image of a soul pet in their minds, but often reality was too cruel and caused people to take on easier to obtain/train soul pets that replace the spot of the soul pet they had in their dreams.

Some soul pet trainers would rather have nothing and always leave a spot for the organism within their dreams.

Chu Mu had kept this spot in his heart for a long long time. He didn’t care about walking over mountains day and night, nor staying on the ground as he stared at the noble wing type organisms flew by.

Originally, the last page of the Pet Encyclopedia, the crown phoenix king, was the perfect wing type soul pet for Chu Mu. However, Chu Mu knew that Mu Qingyi had one already, and it was incredibly hard to find another one of them in this world.

Today, seeing the Dead Dream appear in Xiangrong City, Chu Mu’s heart started leaping wildly. However, Chu Mu was also utterly upset.

This was because the Dead Dream was definitely a dominator rank organism and, reaching that realm, it definitely had its own thought and its mind was definitely even more determined than humans. Its dignity wasn’t easily stepped upon by anyone.

Putting aside Chu Mu not having confidence in defeating it, even if he defeated it, Chu Mu would have nearly zero chance in trying to take in this legendary Dead Dream as a soul pet trainer.

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