Chapter 883: Legendary Creature, Dead Dream

The tide of Black Fairy Butterflies had retreated, now occupying an area ten kilometers away. They gradually calmed down, and it seemed like something was going to happen.

Chu Mu looked through the dense cluster of branches at the weirdly acting Black Fairy Butterflies.

Chu Mu was hesitating whether or not to appear in front of that woman.

He didn’t know if she would recognize him because the soul link between the two of them had already been severed. Even though there was a soul pact, there were still two strong layers of mental prohibition. 

The Empress Concubine didn’t want Chu Mu, who still hadn’t died, to be able to detect her. Chu Mu also didn’t want this woman to be able to chase him at any moment in time.

However, Chu Mu could not guarantee that this woman didn’t have some other acute sensing abilities that would be able to detect him.

Most importantly, Chu Mu looked very similar to how he did at the Battle of the Realm. The defector young woman was able to share visions with her puppet, so she had definitely seen what he looked like. If she felt there was something suspicious from the way he looked, not only would Chu Mu have trouble, but that woman would also tear off her fake-nice mask and combine with the Alliance Master to attack the three great palaces. 


“Your Majesty, Chu Fangchen seems to have left. This old man wasn’t able to find him.” Duan Qiming 

“Oh, then forget it.” the Empress Concubine didn’t care.

As the Hero Chief had said, Chu Fangchen indeed had strength, but there wasn’t a need to be afraid of him yet. If they got rid of him right now, this would arouse the suspicion of the three great palaces and destroy the image of her faction. 

There was nothing better than when the enemy didn’t even know who their enemies were.

When Duan Qiming saw that the Empress Concubine didn’t care, he cursed Chu Fangchen, that brat, a few times.

That brat was so arrogant. So many people would sharpen their brains just to see this fairy once. Even if they could only say a single sentence, to any young soul pet trainer, that would make their life without regrets. 

Since Duan Qiming lived in Xiang Rong City, he zealously admired this woman. He never expected that Chu Fangchen wouldn’t put this goddess in many other men’s hearts in his own eyes. If those admirers were to find out, they would arrest and parade him around the streets while hurling insults at him! 

Li Guang glanced at Duan Qiming before hesitating and saying: “If Your Majesty doesn’t have anything else, we’ll leave first.” 

“Sure.” the Empress Concubine nodded her head.

After Li Guang and Duan Qiming left, the Flower Empress Master grabbed a spoiled flower that had grown into the room from outside the window. She crushed it with her hand and placed it into the tea before elegantly drinking it.

“Can you deal with it?” calmly asked the Empress Concubine. 

“Probably.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian put the teacup down. Her beautiful eyes displayed a bit of wisdom as she said: “Chu Fangchen’s vigilance is rather high, eh?” 

“Don’t let them enter the city. The moment all of the plants wither, it will be very hard to find the item left by Cheng Mo.” said the Empress Concubine.

Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian nodded her head. 

The reason why Xiang Rong City was so thriving was because the structure of the city had all been grown by the Flower Empress Master herself. However, no one knew that while countless plants covered the entire city, these plants had dug three meters into the ground in search of the item left behind by Cheng Mo, the expert from two hundred years ago. The highest probability was that this item was hidden underground Xiang Rong City! 

Xiang Rong City was enormous. Finding it underground was like finding a needle in a haystack. After spending these few years searching, Xia Zhixian was still unable to find it. 

However, most of the regions in Xiang Rong City had now been searched through. If this item was really in Xiang Rong City, the area left to be searched was gradually growing small and would inevitably appear.

However, they never expected that the Black Fairy Butterfly Army would appear! 

At the beginning, she didn’t know what intentions the Black Fairy Butterflies had. However, when she discovered that they were only withering plants, she realized that these Fairy Butterflies wanted to invade the city and destroy all of the searching plants. This would stop her from continuing to search for Cheng Mo’s item. 

Therefore, no matter what, the Empress Concubine and Xia Zhixian could not allow these Fairy Butterfly to invade the city. Otherwise, they would have to spend many more years cultivating the required natural underground searchers. 

“That’s strange. Why do I feel an uneasy aura?” the Empress Concubine suddenly creased her brows. 

Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian didn’t understand the meaning in the Empress Concubine’s words. 

“Se… Senior!! Something big happened!!” a moment later, the Land Scar entered the city tower in a slight panic.  

“Speak.” said Xia Zhixian. 

“It… It’s best if you personally go up and see.” said the Land Scar. 

“Ok, head up first.” said Xia Zhixian. 

After XIa Zhixian had the Land Scar retreat, an investigation flower girl respectfully walked over. She gave a bow fitting of her lower status and used soul remembrance to speak to the Empress Concubine: “We have a general idea of it now, but we’ve encountered a few obstacles.” 

The Empress Concubine’s limpid eyes circulated with a trace of confident happiness. 

“I’ll leave this place to you. Don’t let them disturb me.” said the Empress Concubine. 

“Don’t worry.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian revealed a smile. It seemed that their years of hardship here finally going to pay off. All she had to do now was to stop that pesky Black Fairy Butterfly army… 

The Empress Concubine stood up. She called over Eight Desolation’s Bin Liao and with the investigation flower girl leading the way, she flew over to some place in Xiang Rong City. 


Xia Zhixian steadily made her way up the slightly intertwining staircase of plants to the top of the aerial plant fortress. 

“Look, those… those Fairy Butterfly seem to be merging together.” the Land Scar pointed at the Black Fairy Butterfly gathering at a certain location.

Each Black Fairy Butterfly was small like a black speck. What made all of the Xiang Rong City guards stunned was that these black dots were combining together, like small black life elements. 

Chu Mu, dressed in white, was also standing at the top of the aerial fortress. He was looking at this incredible seen with shock.

There were at least a million Fairy Butterflies of different ranks and strengths. When Chu Mu first saw them, he had been stunned because he had never seen a species so big that they could densely cover a huge swathe of land like leaves in a forest. 

Each Fairy Butterfly body was melding together like ink with other Fairy Butterflies. Instead of melding into one another, it seemed like they were combining together to form another more dense object.  

This wasn’t just a hundred or ten thousand. Instead, it was a huge Fairy Butterfly empire over a hundred times more. 

Imagine the population of a tenth rank city jumping together into an abyss. How shocking of a scene would that be! 

Condensing, melding, assembling… 

The number of Black Fairy Butterflies that could originally cover the sky grew less and less. From the distance, a bit of the blue from the sky was returning. 

However, the entire tens of thousands of soul pet trainers and hundreds of thousands of soul pets on the plant fortress were staring at the same spot in the sky, so quiet that there weren’t even sounds of breathing. 

Duan Qiming and Li Guang were both the most qualified people here and had seen countless soul pets before. When they saw this scene, they were both stunned, unable to say anything. 

It was as if nothing existed in this short span of time. All of the Black Fairy Butterflies disappeared from everyone’s sight and the western side of the city, originally a darkness enveloped the world, returned to its original color. Bright and beautiful sunlight began to spill down. This made everything seem more real. No longer was everything enveloped in that nightmare-like darkness where nothing could be seen… 

However, no matter how much everything else returned to normal, people were still rendered speechless, and still fixated with disbelief and fear at the same spot. 

On that spot, a wing type creature shrouded in darkness was silently hovering there. It was hovering at the same height as the aerial plant fortress, but it gave people the feeling as if it was flying so high up in the heavens that even people’s sights couldn’t catch up to it. 

It wasn’t dashing, nor did it have any enormous aura. It was just silently beating its thin cloud-like black wings. Yet, the feeling it gave everyone was one of coldness and darkness that penetrated deep into the soul. 

Looking at it was like staring at the god of death brandishing its scythe, with all its elegance and calm. It was the feeling of inescapable death that they, these weak and lowly people, could not avoid. 

“What… what on earth… is this creature…” Dragon Absolute Wen Luo’s eyes were dispirited. 

The Dragon Absolute was the head of the sixteen absolutes and his strength was even stronger than a few in the Eight Desolations. He was an expert who truly stood among the ranks of the human pinnacle. Any one of his soul pets’ techniques could annihilate an army of over a thousand. 

There shouldn’t have been an existence that he couldn’t defeat. 

However, right now his mind was no different than anyone else who was scared and in shock. Even after stepping into his realm and understanding so much that rarely anything surprised him, there ultimately was such a creature in this world!!! 

Li Guang and Sun Qiming both believed that the king of this Black Fairy Butterfly army was the legendary “Dead Dream” - an ultra strong creature. It was the soul pet of the strongest human from 200 years ago, Cheng Mo! 

They had been searching for the “Dead Dream” for decades. They had utilized different methods to search for records and evidence of this creature’s existence. They had researched different species, abilities and forms...

However, they never expected that “Dead Dream” was actually a million Black Fairy Butterflies!! 

"Each Black Fairy a part of its body!!!”

It was so shocking that it was almost inconceivable in Li Guang and Sun Qiming’s hearts! 

A million Fairy Butterflies condensing into one creature. This was the legendary ultra powerful existence - Dead Dream! 

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