Chapter 882: Pouring In, Black Butterfly Wave

The black muslin of death came, immediately covering the western city in a dense shadow. An unknown smell onslaughted noses, making breathing even hard.

The Black Fairy Butterflies didn’t make any noise. Even their wing beats were silent. Thus, they were a silent black ocean hanging in the sky.

Suddenly, an enormous black ripple expanded like a black ocean wave!!

The soul pet trainers’ soul pets immediately were angered. A series of roars rang out outside the wall as demon beasts began to charge at the low flying Black Fairy Butterflies!!

The fight was about to break out. Countless Black Fairy Butterflies were rushing at the city. Their wings were like spears. When they were in groups, they formed a palpitating blade storm that could rip everything apart.

In the face of this black wave, Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian calmly waved her hands. All of the elemental world soul pets on the city wall chanted different colored incantations, creating dazzling lights that surged at the black army.

All of the elemental techniques had large areas of effect. Having been layered a number of times and covering a huge amount of area, hundreds or thousands of Fairy Butterflies were instantly annihilated! 

However, there simply were too many Fairy Butterflies. Even if the skies were filled with torrential flames, roaring waves and violently dancing thunder, there were still many Black Fairy Butterflies that passed through the techniques, appearing on the city wall.  

At this moment, the aerial death forest created by the plant world soul pets formed an absolute defense.

Above the western city, thousands if not tens of thousands of branches, vines and flowers intersected to create the absolute defense forest.

This forest not only covered all of the streets and houses in the outer city, but even extended to the air, practically touching the clouds!

“How terrifying!” Ye Qingzi stared at the vines that extended to the clouds and subconsciously moved closer to Chu Mu. This was the first time she had witnessed a war of this scale!  

Ning Maner knit her brows due to the countless dying Black Fairy Butterflies. As she saw the soul pets which flesh were ripped apart by the Black Fairy Butterflies, she softly muttered: “I can’t feel any evil intentions. Why are they attacking this city?” 

Chu Mu was also wondering this. These Fairy Butterflies were capable of forming a large empire. They could occupy another piece of land and continue to develop there. There was no reason for them to attack a human city.

“Pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~~~”

A lucky Black Fairy Butterfly that had managed to pass through the defensive siege flew past Chu Mu and the two others. 

Chu Mu glanced at it, preparing to have Mo Xie attack it. 

However, what shocked him was that this Black Fairy Butterfly didn’t attack Chu Mu or the two others. Instead, it ignored him and flew past, before passing through the intersecting vines and branches as if it was searching for something… 

“Maner, can you communicate with them?” Chu Mu felt this was strange. 

“Mm, they’re all ignoring me. They clearly have souls, but their souls are strange. They seem to be different than normal life forms.” said Ning Maner. 

“I’ll go and take a look. You guys don’t run around. Second White, Fourth White, protect them.” Chu Mu said to the two girls. 

Second and Fourth White stood behind Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner with grins. They then adapted the bodyguard posture Ning Maner had taught them, fitting their evil exterior. Nonetheless, it was a bit comical and strange. 

Chu Mu ignored the two White Nightmares’ amusing show. He jumped onto Mo Xie’s back and they passed through the interweaving path of vines in the air towards the chaotic battlefield. 

With her long bright red tails dancing in the air, Mo Xie nimbly passed through the dense forest, quickly nearing the elevated city tower. 

There were tens of thousands of soul pets on the battlefield, so naturally nobody would pay attention to Chu Mu.

As he neared, Chu Mu discovered that the Black Fairy Butterfly were not attacking the defending soul pet trainers or soul pets. Instead, they were all rushing at the city! 

“There are too many! We can’t hold them all back!” a city general’s voice rang out from nearby.

“You guys take action.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian calmly said to the people next to her.

Standing next to her were the Bin Liao from the Eight Desolations, the Dragon Absolute - Wen Luo and two Scar experts. 

Eight Desolations Bin Liao continued to stand next to Xia Zhixian. The surroundings of the plant tower which had been wrapped with various branches began to splinter as Dragon Absolute Wen Luo, Zhuang Scar and Mei Scar summoned their soul pets. Immediately after, a few mighty beasts flew to the very top of the aerial death forest! 

Dragon Absolute Luo Wen had summoned a peak emperor with shocking destructive force. Merely its roar was capable of stunning several Black Fairy Butterfly! 

The two other high class emperors summoned were also incomparably ruthless. A single claw through the air and a group of Black Fairy Butterfly were ripped to shreds!! 

With the single peak emperor Blood Beast and two high class emperor rank demon beast overseeing the battle, the Black Fairy Butterfly army was visibly pressed back. Even more Black Fairy Butterfly were ripped to shreds, resembling black snowflakes falling to the ground. 

These Black Fairy Butterfly, upon death, didn’t leave a corpse. Instead, the moment they touched an object, they would melt like snow... 

Dragon Absolute Luo Wen’s Blood Beast became an extreme killer on this battlefield. Streaks of bloody light passed through countless Fairy Butterfly. No matter the rank, they exploded to death! 

“Hong Hong!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a loud sound rang out in the aerial forest. A thick bloody light exploded in the darkness. Instantly, a blood colored energy enveloped all of the Black Fairy Butterfly in the nearby radius of a few kilometers!! 

The bloody energy had appeared so suddenly and disappeared equally quickly. However, this technique had opened an enormous hole in the originally dark air above the plant fortress. Through this hole could be seen a blue sky where there were no Black Fairy Butterfly.

The defending army was stunned. The attacks of hundreds if not thousands of elemental soul pets had merely annihilated over a thousand Black Fairy Butterflies. Yet, a single technique from a peak emperor had instantly annihilated a huge wave of Fairy Butterflies. The difference in strength was too evident! 

The Dragon Absolute’s attack caused the Black Fairy Butterfly army to temporarily stop. As they were stopped, the defending army quickly, annihilated any Fairy Butterfly attempting to enter Xiang Rong City.


Inside the city tower, a dark red light dimly lit the conference room. 

The city tower was being supported a high level, becoming the central point for the plant fortress. The conference room originally had windows, but now these were covered by countless interweaving branches, preventing any light from getting through.

In the dimly lit room, the Empress Concubine sat like an unmoving statue on a chair.

Next to her were the white haired Li Guang and Duan Qiming. 

The two old men were clearly worried about this war that had mysteriously broken out. With deep worry, they really wanted to see the situation outside the city tower. 

“Was it you who first discovered these Black Fairy Butterflies? When you did, did those Fairy Butterflies have a disposition to attack?” finally, the Empress Concubine spoke. 

“Your Majesty, the first one to discover them was a young man called Chu Fangchen. He had gone to Yang Feng Ridge to train and because he disturbed a Fairy Butterfly habitat, he was attacked by a group. However, he didn’t fight with them.” responded Duan Qiming. 

“Oh? Chu Fangchen?” the Empress Concubine’s tone faintly changed. 

She merely felt that these Black Fairy Butterfly were a bit abnormal and wanted to trace them back to their origin. She never expected that the young expert from the three great palaces that had most recently swept through the world out of nowhere and was worth paying attention to was in Xiang Rong City. 

“Just now this old man saw him nearby. Should I bring him over?” asked Duan Qiming. 

“Sure.” the Empress Concubine nodded her head. 

The Empress Concubine wanted to see what kind of a monster this young man that had made a big name for himself in Snow City then defeated Zhu Chao’s body double, allowing the three great palaces to take away Soul City, was. 

“Da da da~~~”

Soft footsteps made their way over as Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian stepped into the conference room. She glanced at Duan Qiming who gave a bow and left before walking up to the Empress Concubine. 

“You want to get rid of Chu Fangchen?” Xia Zhixian had heard the conversation just now and used soul remembrance to ask the Empress Concubine. 

“What’s the situation outside like?” the Empress Concubine didn’t respond. Instead, she asked another question. 

“It’s being suppressed for the time being. However, they currently occupy ten kilometers of space and could launch a second wave of attacks at any moment.” said Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian. 

“They don’t seem to be attacking us, right?” asked the Empress Concubine. 

“Yes.” the Flower Empress Master nodded her head.

At this moment, Li Guang’s expression slightly changed as he said in a low voice: “If they don’t have any intentions of attacking them and we wantonly slaughter them, this could truly anger the king of these Black Fairy Butterfly…” 

“Even if their goal is not to attack, we can’t let them enter our city or all of the life in the city will instantly wither away.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian interrupted him. 


Chu Mu never expected Duan Qiming, this old fellow, to pay attention to him. In truth, when Chu Mu had neared the city tower, he had intended to get nearer to that woman. 

However, when Old Duan appeared in front of him and told him that this woman wanted to see him, Chu Mu was incredibly shocked!!

“What are you so stunned for. Her Majesty Empress Concubine wishes to see you. This is your good fortune. You don’t need to be worried about your Nightmare Palace identity. She is part of a neutral faction.” Duan Qiming glared at Chu Mu.

“Neutral faction?” Chu Mu thought it was a joke. In terms of creating appearances, this woman was exceptional. 

Although he was stunned, Chu Mu was certain the defector young woman hadn’t recognized him. The reason she wanted to see him was for another reason!! 

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