Chapter 880: It hid aside

In the city master hall, everyone followed Xia Zhixian’s orders, and spread out to all sides of the city in case of a possible period of need.

Li Guang and Duan Kaiming continued to look for the source of this phenomenon. The appearance of this many black fairy butterflies definitely signified or hid something.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Xia Zhixian asked questioningly.

“I just felt like there’s an aura in this city that I hate.” This woman’s sixth sense is incredibly sharp. When dangerous auras appear, she always felt bothered.

The night of Nature’s day, she felt bothered as well.

“Is it because of it?” Xia Zhixian asked.

Emperor Concubine shook her head and said, “It’s someone. I don’t know who it is, but the person definitely displayed huge hostility towards me at some point.

Dislike, evil, anger, and vengeance, these negative emotions were all easily controlled by all types of mental techniques from Emperor Concubine. This wasn’t a misconception.

"Do I need to go find this person?” Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian asked.

“No need, this person hides very well. His resentment and vengeance are very thick, though, so I think he’ll appear sooner or later.” Emperor Concubine slowly stood up. Dragging along her expensive dress, she walked towards the outside hall. Before reaching the side door, she stopped and said lightly, “Chen Mo exists. He died around 150 years ago in this city. The thing I told you to look for in Xiangrong City, its his inheritance.”

Xia Zhixian stepped forward and followed up. Her bright pupils showed astonishment.

“Then all these black fairy butterflies……” Xia Zhixian, as the city master, had no clue Xiangrong City had once had an expert that may have exceeded soul alliance.

“I think it’s as Li Guang said. His soul pet is an organism that has always hid within Xiangrong City. Our actions probably startled it, who has always been protecting its master’s soul.” Emperor Concubine said.

“Then do we continue? We’ve looked for so long without any results……” Xia Zhixian asked.

“Its appearance means we’re very close to success.” Emperor Concubine’s red lips broke into a shrewd smile.


On an ancient yet intricate shaded path, a group of colorful fairy butterflies lifted up a gust of sharp air, cutting into a nearby tree like a dagger.

The falling leaves were split in two as they fell.

The fairy butterflies in the city were always flying around slowly. Such swift movement was rare to see.

However, if one looked closely, one could see that in front of the group of fairy butterflies, there was a cold black little nimble shadow.

This black shadow wobbled up and down through the alley, nimbly dodging all of the fairy butterflies attacks and swiftly darting into a courtyard teeming with the aroma of medicine.

The group of colored fairy butterflies seemed very angry, circling the courtyard, but none dared to enter.

Suddenly, a thick dark aura released from within the courtyard towards its surroundings.

To others, it was just a cold wind blowing through the courtyard. However, the sensitive fairy butterflies could feel the terrifying dark aura hidden within.


The scared fairy butterflies no longer dared to stay around the outside of the courtyard for long, scattering in all directions.

Inside the courtyard, a demonic man in white clothes retracted his aura and slowly walked over to the wounded black fairy butterfly.

“I know you aren’t the same as them, but these fairy butterflies don’t seem to be able to tell.” Chu Mu extended his hands and carefully picked up this black fairy butterfly that had followed him around for a while.

This black fairy butterfly’s pupils are black. When it looked at Chu Mu, its eyes showed defiance.

“Let my wife help you heal up.” Chu Mu walked to the medicine house and put the wounded fairy butterfly in front of Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi naturally heard Chu Mu talking to to the black fairy butterfly in the courtyard. She silently muttered something about how Chu Mu really was getting more and more shameless, taking advantage of her even when talking to a butterfly.

“Not too bad, it isn’t heavily wounded.” ye Qingzi was completely adept at healing such wounds. After summoning the Bell Noise Concubine that was also flower type, she cast a few techniques and gave it a medicine to eat and the little black fellow quickly recovered its strength.

After it recovered, this black little fairy butterfly laid on Chu Mu’s shoulder, its eyes coldly yet spiritedly surveying its surroundings.

“Chu Mu, it seems to like you a lot, you should just take it as a pet.” Ye Qingzi smiled and said.

“It’s not that it likes me, it’s just that it’s being crowded out and has nowhere to go.” Chu Mu said.

In the entire Xiangrong City, Chu Mu only saw this one black fairy butterfly. Its unique color and dark aura caused it to have difficulty even coming in contact with the other fairy butterflies.

Every fairy butterfly didn’t want to be lonely. So, when Chu Mu repelled all the other fairy butterflies, it chose to approach Chu Mu.

“Isn’t the psychic soul pet trainer’s special quality the ability to communicate with special organisms?” ye Qingzi asked curiously.

“In reality, if one looks at them carefully and observe, one can read anything that’s in a soul pet’s heart.” Chu Mu smiled and said.

This was something that Chu Tianmang told Chu Mu. though Chu Mu couldn’t do what Ning Maner could and make every soul pet approach him, organisms that really have souls will resonate with Chu Mu because he could stand at the perspective of soul pets to see everything.


Suddenly, Ning Maner’s crisp voice came from outside the medicine house, “the blind old man is here.”

“You continue concocting, I won’t bother you.” Chu Mu hugged Ye Qingzi and lightly kissed her by the lips.

“En, devil tree battle soldier’s soul item is almost done, and the quality should be higher this time.” Ye Qingzi said.

The second time he met the blind old man in the library, Chu Mu talked with him for a while.

Chu Mu saw that the blind old man truly knew a lot, and wasn’t much inferior to Old Li. Chu Mu just happened to have some questions about seventh remembrance cultivation as well as soul pet strength strengthening, so he consulted the old blind man about it.

The old blind man methodically answered all of Chu Mu’s questions.

The reason Chu Mu was stuck at seventh remembrance and couldn’t continue was mainly because of his strength.

Additionally, Blind old man told Chu Mu that a soul pet trainer’s soul can’t easily get powerful from just an increase in one or two soul pacts. The only steady way was to raise the strength of all the soul pact soul pets. This will push the soul pet trainer to become a lot stronger.

He couldn’t get help from the faraway and isolated soul pets. As for the soul pets near him, ghost monarch king, devil tree battle soldier, and binding wind spirit are all middle class emperor rank and had room to grow. Only improving them will improve his soul remembrance.

Reaching spirit emperor, souls were made up of five souls, and each three remembrances had a soul pact. Only the combination of all the soul pacts was a soul pet trainer’s full soul. If two or three soul pacts’ soul pets were weaker, it won’t affect a soul pet trainer’s training. However, when over a third of one’s soul pacts had soul pets weaker than the soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance, it will cause certain disturbances. Over two thirds and one’s cultivation will be unable to continue.

This was why soul pet trainers very rarely only trained a few soul pets. Every soul pet trainer’s cultivation was related to their soul pacts, so the best way was to develop all of one’s soul pets.

“Old mister Chen, you were looking for me?” Chu Mu walked into the hallway. Seeing the blind mister sitting in a chair, he asked strangely.

“I’m worried for it.” The old blind man pointed at the black fairy butterfly on Chu Mu’s shoulder.

“Because of the appearance of the black fairy butterfly army, I think it/s public enemy number one now.” Chu Mu looked at the little fellow on his shoulder and then looked back at the old man. “Old mister, it seems to have been born in the city. Why is it black, is it a species mutation?”

“The old man replied, “Are you interested in knowing?”

“Somewhat.” Chu Mu nodded. 

“I’m not sure if you’ve heard the saying before that black fairy butterflies are ghosts that linger in our world?” Old man said.

“En, Old Man Duan mentioned it before.” Chu Mu didn’t have a good impression of Old Duan, so he didn’t use any respectful title either.

“It’s a ghost.” Old man said.

“Ghost?” Chu Mu stared blankly.

Ghost type organism!!

“Its previous life was some soul pet trainer’s vine type emperor soul pet but it was forced to remove its soul pact with its master. When it died, I buried it in Xiangrong City. However, some fairy butterfly accidentally lost its egg within the dirt I buried it. If a butterfly egg falls into dirt, it usually dies. However, miraculously, it lived under the nurturing of the vine type emperor’s corpse and gave birth to this creature…… it’s a new being, but it retained some broken memories of the vine type emperor.” Old man’s words became ordinary, as if recounting a normal story.

“Then it should be flower type, bug type, and ghost type, right?” Chu mu asked.

“More or less. However, the fairy butterfly’s egg was too low rank. Though it is reborn this way, it’s too too weak. Ai, a few years go, its old master once walked by this Xiangrong City too……” Old man said.

“Why didn’t its original master bring it back? Since it still had memories.” In Chu Mu’s eyes, there weren’t weak soul pets, only weak soul pet trainers. Any soul pet can be strengthened to higher levels.

The old man suddenly went silent as he “stared” at Chu Mu’s face.

“He was also named Chu, and you give off a very similar feeling. Similarly outstanding, similar words……” Old blind man showed a slightly pained look of benevolence.

“Called Chu, what was his name?” Chu Mu paused and quickly asked.

“You probably don’t know him…..” Old mister Chen slowly stood up and walked out of the hallway with his cane. He didn’t stop walking but continued, “help me take care of it, the little buy with a strong ego.”

Chu Mu looked at the blind old man leave and felt a strange feeling rise in his heart.


“Oh, it wasn’t that he didn’t bring it away; it simply hid aside when he came.”

Old blind man seemed to remember something and turned around to add calmly.

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