Chapter 879: An expert from 200 years ago

From all sides, more and more black fairy butterflies appeared outside xiangrong city, devouring all the nearby forests of Xiangrong City.

What was scarier was Xiangrong Forest used to be dense and full of leaves as if fall was just coming. As the black fairy butterflies slowly came forth, all the plants’ green leaves withered away and the sea of green became a spreading darkness that caused the world to fall into sunset even in broad daylight.

Once it was night, the entire hundred kilometers around Xiangrong City became pitch black.

In the city, most of the fairy butterflies are colorful. Originally, these fairy butterflies should have taken over most of xiangrong city. However, these butterflies only made up a small portion now, shakily hiding in the city and daring not to go get pollen outside.

The city seemed like it was slowly taken over by black sea water.

People couldn’t leave the city even if they wanted to. Whenever soul pet trainers gathered in teams and left a hundred kilometers out, seeing the endless black army, they always lost their courage to continue.

“They have high aggression, but if one doesn’t directly aggravate them, they won’t cast techniques. I’ve tried walking through the densely packed the forest and they had no reaction.” Within the city, countless news about the black fairy butterflies spread.

“I heard that black fairy butterflies were made of ghosts. With this many outside, does this mean…..”

“Black fairy butterflies are a plague. The dust they spread can easily ruin a living organism’s life force and render all of us skeletons.

The entire city fell into unease. After all, these black fairy butterflies were getting closer and closer.

The entire world went scarily silent. They laid silently around the human city, elegant, composed, cold, covering every inch of sight, reeking with death…...


In the flower garden like city master fort, colorful spirit butterflies flew around gloomily to maintain this colorful land.

The vice city master flower emperor master Xia Zhixian sat at the main seat of the hall. On either side were eight desolation Bin Liao and sixteen absolute Dragon Absolute Wen Luo, thirty two scar Zhuang Scar and Mei Scar, as well as six high class emperor rank soul alliance experts with the title of examiner.

Examiner was a special title set for high class emperor rank members in soul alliance. Every soul alliance member with high class emperor rank strength was eligible for this title and had power just as strong as any seventh rank kingdom master. There are more examiners than three palace elders, sacred guard leader, and other titles with high class emperor rank strength.

However, examiners were mostly spread out, some even also having loyalty with three palace people. Others may train in the wild and pursue only strength, while even more chose to live in seclusion and not participate in fights.

So, though examiners represent the most powerful high class group, not many of them really wanted to participate in the battle between three palace and soul alliance. After all, the three palace had very deep roots and even when weakened, they had ties with many experts, families, and clans.

At this time, the six experts that were in the city master fort were famous experts in the past few decades. Now that they were old and lost their fighting spirit, they all stayed silently in Xiangrong City.

Once they reached a certain age, many people naturally come to the realization that they will no longer increase in strength and so choosing to settle was a very wise choice.

Of the six people, Li Guang and Duan Kaiming were two people that Chu Mu have seen before. These two people had great position in xiangrong city, and even the city master flower emperor master had to be polite to them.

The other four examiner experts were also white haired experts. They were once so powerful all of wanxiang realm shook underneath their strength. However, today, their age and their soul pet’s age caused them to be weaker than they were before.

“Old mister Li, by your words, we can only wait here?” Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian watched Li Guang and asked.

"En, because we don't know what they came from.” Li Guang nodded.

“Old Li, if these fairy butterfly armies launch an attack on us, won’t we be dead? Black fairy butterflies have much higher aggression than other butterflies.” Old Pang De Ren said worriedly.

“Then you can bring a group of people and clean them off!” Duan Kaiming glanced at Pang Deren and said.

Cleaning was impossible. According to their analysis, there were a million black fairy butterflies. Even with a dominator rank, they may need a long while before all of them were cleaned up.

“It’s been this many years, yet you still haven’t found the reason?” Flower Emperor Master asked.

In reality, Flower Emperor Master had warned of the appearance of black fairy butterflies. However, Xia Zhixian was very confused why these butterflies didn’t choose to go southwards into the forbidden realm and instead stayed in human realm and even going towards Xiangrong City.

Though they didn’t show any hostility or signs of attacking humans, slowly eating away at their territory still caused a lot of fear.

“This…..” Li Guang showed hesitation.

In reality, Li Guang and Duan Kaiming knew what the appearance of black fairy butterflies meant, but they didn't dare speak because it related to an event that soul alliance didn't wish to speak about.

“Two old misters, just say it.” Suddenly, a pleasant voice came from aside.

Everyone’s gazes fell upon the woman. One could see a lightly veiled young woman walk in, noble and elegant, adding a beautiful scene to the hall.

Everyone standing there were high level soul alliance and saw a lot. They had seen countless women as well, but when such a woman stood so close to them, they were still nearly suffocated by the beauty. Probably no one in the world could stand before her and be completely unaffected by her beauty.

“Emperor concubine, your majesty.”

“Your majesty.”

The large hall all saluted, either half kneeling or lowering their heads, as no one dared to watch.

Flower emperor master Xia Zhixian gave the main seat to her and stood aside, looking slightly curiously at Emperor Concubine because she wasn't sure why he was suddenly so interested in this event.

“Your majesty, this is from two hundred years ago.” Li Guang lowered his head and said slowly.

“En, speak.” Emperor concubine said calmly.

Li Guang hesitated and glanced at old Duan.

Old Duan rolled his eyes and said with soul remembrance, “Just say it, some people probably know of his existence anyways.”

Li Guang nodded.

“Two hundred years ago, a fameless expert appeared in xiangrong city called Cheng Mo.” Li Guang said this and glanced around, seeing who would react to this message.

However, the only person that was shaken was flower emperor master Xia Zhixian.

“In the fifty years when Chen Mo reached top tier emperor rank, he almost never appeared in human realm. He was a man who truly seeked the top of soul pet path. In these fifty years, he walked through north, south, east, and west all forbidden realms and even reached the world outside…..” Li Guang said slowly.

After saying that, they immediately lifted a disturbance.

Going through forbidden realm and reaching the world outside needed a rank of dominator rank at least.

However, how many have ever reached that level in human realm?

Even those that reach dominator rank couldn’t always succeed in crossing. At least four heroes, heavenly concubine Mu Qingyi, and some retired experts, none of them have seen the world outside the forbidden realms.

Even the most powerful soul alliance master had only passed through north and east forbidden realm!

A man who passed through all four directions of forbidden realm, does this mean this person was stronger than soul alliance master??

“No one needs to be suspicious of my news. According to an older generation, two hundred years ago, Chen Mo indeed may have been stronger than alliance master.” Old Duan said straightforwardly.

“Stronger…….than alliance master?” Dragon Absolute paused and looked at Duan Kaiming surprised.

“Impossible, alliance master is the strongest human in human history, no one can be stronger. If this Chen Mo truly reached such a level, he should be able to live longer, why did he disappear?”

“Yeah, I’ve never heard of this Shen Mo either.” Zhuang Hen looked like he didn't completely believe it still.

Old Duan humphed and said, “You fellows have only lived for a couple of years. How would you understand things from two hundred years back.”

“Old Duan, this isn’t something you can say. You’ve only lived for a hundred years, how would you know either? And, if this person truly was this strong, why are there no monuments or cultural records? His name should be immortal by now.” Eight desolation Bing Liao seemed calm but said this arrogantly, clearly not believing either.

Emperor concubine didn’t comment but glanced at flower emperor master Xia Zhixian.

Xia Zhixian nodded slightly and said lowly, “I heard of this man from my ancestors, but the truth I can’t verify.”

Emperor concubine lightly nodded and signaled for Li Guang to continue.

“This appearance of black fairy butterfly very likely has something to do with a masterless soul pet of that expert. I think once it truly reveals itself, it can prove whether Chen Mo existed.” Li Guang said with some hope, his eyes rarely showing some glow!

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