Chapter 878: Flower Empress Master of the Four Heroes, Xia Zhixian

“Pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~~”

The sounds of wings flapping could be heard in the distance. It was growing nearer and nearer.

The blue healing light had transformed the horizon into a blue color, but now in the blue horizon, it was now possible to see a large dense black cloud flying over!

This black cloud resembled an enormous wing of a wing type soul pet that covered everything.

“Chu Mu, those are…” Ye Qingzi pointed at the horizon with a face full of shock.

Chu Mu looked in the distance. As the black cloud grew increasingly close, he was able to smell an aura of death approaching.

“It seems that the day of our marriage should be chosen first by a Fenshui Master.” bitterly laughed Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu’s range of view was very far. In the eyes of others, that could merely be a black cloud floating over rather quickly. But Chu Mu could see that it was a Fairy Butterfly legion that covered the sky!! 

“Wasn’t it you who said today…” Ye Qingzi quietly grumbled.

How would Ye Qingzi realize that on such a day, first Chu Mu would find the defector young woman who he had been searching for over ten years for and hated; then, an abnormal legion of Black Fairy Butterflies was approaching the city. These were not good omens and even Ye Qingzi questioned whether the heavens didn’t want her and Chu Mu to become husband and wife. 

“In any case, you’re part of my Chu Family now. You can’t run away.” said Chu Mu.

The appearance of the Black Fairy Butterflies was abnormal, and the only reason why Chu Mu could still tease Ye Qingzi was because he didn’t plan on getting involved this time. If he were to put himself in the limelight, he would definitely be recognized by the defector young woman. Chu Mu didn’t want to expose himself this early.

Moreover, as the Empress Concubine, the defector young woman already had the entirety of Soul Alliance in the palm of her hand to a certain extent. An all out war between Soul Alliance and the three great palaces could even break out just because she wanted it to.

Yet, she pretended to be like Mu Qingqi - part of a centrist faction. She intentionally gave the three great palaces a few benefits so that they would be unprepared against her. 

If Chu Mu hadn’t known that she was actually evil, her trick probably would have lead to the destruction of the three great palaces in her hands.

Therefore, to deal with this woman, Chu Mu didn’t dare be careless in the slightest sense. Moreover, unless he absolutely had to, he felt that he should stay in the dark to be safe. 

The defector young woman had put on a mental restriction, preventing Chu Mu from sensing her even if they were face to face. 

Additionally, Chu Mu was a half devil now with mental strength at the dominator rank. Thus, he could also prevent the defector young woman from sensing him if they were face to face. 

“Chu Mu, could this be the same Black Fairy Butterfly Legion that you saw at Yang Feng Ridge?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“It should be. However, their flying speed seems to be a bit too quick.” said Chu Mu.

It took a few days to return to Xiang Rong City and he had flown back with his dominator rank speed. Logic told him that even if the Black Fairy Butterfly legion wanted to invade human territory, they would need one or two months.


Standing on the towering Xiang Rong Altar, the veiled Empress Concubine looked at the horizon.

Next to her was the Flower Empress Master of the Four Heroes. 

The Flower Empress Master was mature and composed. Reason dictated that any woman who stood next to the Empress Concubine would pale in comparison. However, the Flower Empress Master’s unique charm and elegance was like a proud self-loving lotus. 

Her eyes were warm and dignified. She seemed composed and generous. Each action of hers radiated with a mature woman’s grace and while she stood still, there seemed to be nothing about her that was acute. Instead, she was purely a warm and refined mature woman. 

It was so hard to believe that such a perfect and mature woman would control a quarter of Wanxiang Realm and was an absolute expert that stood with the Heroes at the top of humanity!

“They really are untimely.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian stood a few steps behind the Empress Concubine and spoke in a calm tone. 

It seemed that she had expected these creatures to arrive. 

“Yes. You deal with them.” The veiled woman took a few steps forward, holding her blue colored holy robe as she took steps down the spiraling staircase.

Xia Zhixian looked at the Empress Concubine whose demeanor had instantly changed. The lips of her mouth curved into a slight smile as she looked down at the hundreds of thousands of people below. 

The black expanse of people below her were like ants. They had gathered and were kneeling on the streets and in the plaza. Each one of them were staring confusedly at the tall altar, not understanding why the fairy in their hearts and who they revered would suddenly turn and leave.

Most of these people didn’t have high strengths and were unable to detect the black colored danger a few hundred kilometers away.

“Xiang Rong City’s citizens, please return to your homes. Tonight you have already obtained Her Majesty Empress Concubine’s blessing rain…” the Flower Empress Concubine’s mental voice rang down from high above. Her tone was calm and warm, making people feel as it they had been bathed in a spring breeze.  

People were already used to treating the Empress Concubine who could heal their allies with her nature powers as an icon of faith while they treated the Flower Empress Master, Xia Zhixian, as a female city lord who they revered and respected. Although her position was only vice city lord, the Flower Empress Master was still the most powerful, respected and deserving of reverence in this tenth rank kingdom city.

Her words were not like the city lord’s orders, but more like a discussion with the citizens and requests. Nobody would violate her requests. 

There were nearly a million people in the plaza and outside the plaza on the intersecting main streets and other districts outside the center city which could only see a corner of XIang Rong Altar. They all respectfully gave a bow before standing up and orderly returning to their homes. 

As the enormous amount of people began to disperse, Chu Mu felt astonished in his heart, as he watched these orderly citizens. 

Chu Mu had been to countless cities, but this was the first time he had seen people like the Empress Concubine and Flower Emperor Master rope the hearts of people so that nearly a million of them treated their words like gospel. 

As for what intentions the Flower Empress Master had, Chu Mu was unclear. At the very least, those two women had used their appearance and temperament that could derange millions to very successfully cause countless people in Wanxiang City to protect them. However, how many people knew that these small blessings which were just cheap tricks and insignificant compared to their countless plots that had involved the lives of billions of people. 

“You guys can leave.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian calmly glanced at the new grooms and brides waiting to be witnessed. 

Most of the new couples here were like Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu in that they didn’t want their weddings to be mysteriously interrupted. Therefore, they lingered on the plaza, unwilling to leave. 

“Your Majesty City Lord, what happened?” a new groom whose status didn’t seem to be low gave a slight bow, unexpectedly asking the Flower Empress Master a question. 

“City General Sun, I’m very sorry to tell you that you must return to your post because an unknown army is currently approaching our Xiang Rong City.” refinedly and courteously said the Flower Empress Master. 

“A soul pet army? How is that possible? Why would it appear in our Xiang Rong City?” City General Sun’s expression was of shock.

“Could it be the three great palaces?! Their rapacious designs with to destroy our Xiang Rong City!!” 

“That’s impossible, the three great palaces wouldn’t dare attack Xiang Rong City. It’s very likely an extension of the southern forbidden region’s desolation.” 

The expressions of the new brides and grooms changed as they looked at the horizon.

Indeed, the black cloud on the horizon was growing ever closer. The light from the stars and the moon had been completely covered. It was as if a black hand had covered the night sky and was reaching for this city. It was enormous and terrifying!! 

“Everyone please relax. Xiang Rong City is heavily guarded. The nature walls inside and outside the city are capable of stopping ground and aerial army attacks. Everyone please stay in your homes and there will be no danger.” Flower Empress Master Xia Zhixian’s tone was still warm. 

Her calmness freed the minds of everyone significantly. It was unfortunate that their weddings could not continue and these few thousands of people could probably only postpone their special day.

As the new brides and grooms gradually dispersed, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi left with them.

“Chu Mu, what should we do now?” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu had calmed down and asked him a question.

She was most afraid that he would be unable to control his emotions. Indeed, after knowing him for so long, she had rarely seem him as mad as just now that his entire body seemed like it was going to ignite. 

This anger had lost all reason and was a bad thing for Chu Mu who had always been able to maintain a level head. 

Therefore, since Chu Mu had completely suppressed it, Ye Qingzi was much more relieved. 

“Let’s enter the bridal chamber.” a flirtatious smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. He completely ignored the arrival of the army. 

Ye Qingzi gave Chu Mu a charming roll of her eyes. She muttered silently: “Was this fellow truly angry? His stomach is full of evil tricks and his mind is full of other desires.” 

“I think that tonight you should breathe in the cold air tonight so you can organize your thoughts.” Ye Qingzi ignored Chu Mu’s flirting and seriously replied. 

Ye Qingzi was certain that that woman was still in Chu Mu’s mind. If it was her, she would be unable to forget so quickly. Indeed, that was over ten long years of humiliation and anger. His feigning of carefreeness probably stemmed from the remorse of not completing their wedding. 

Seeing Ye Qingzi speak serious, Chu Mu felt more remorseful.

When Chu Mu saw Ye Qingzi walked towards him dressed in her holy blue wedding dress, Chu Mu felt that his heart was completely occupied by this woman. That long kiss where he forgot himself caused his love for her to rise to a level where there was only her. 

 The soul pet trainer’s path was truly arduous. It had been over ten long years of trials and tribulations. Chu Mu had gotten exhausted already. Today was the first time in over ten years that he had truly placed down all of the burdens in his heart and placed his full attention on feeling the happiness that stemmed from his heart… 

However, the appearance of the defector young woman had ruined the intimate atmosphere he and Ye Qingzi had created with great difficulty. Originally only Ye Qingzi should have been in his mind, but now a woman who made Chu Mu feel disgusted was floating around in front of him. 

Indeed, Chu Mu needed to calm his heart. 

Ye Qingzi looked at the silent Chu Mu and said: “I’ll help you think of how to deal with her. Even if you can’t take action now, we can’t just let off the woman who ruined our happy occasion.”

Ye Qingzi also hated this woman whose appearance had been very untimely! 

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