Chapter 877: Defector Young Woman

A hundred million people were kneeling with sincerity on the ground, feeling the blue light wash over them.

This was a technique; a group healing technique. It healed nature and life forces, imbuing them with fresh vigor. 

Many of the ailments of older people disappeared with the light. 

This was also a mental technique that could remove the anger, grievances and annoyances in one’s heart, returning one’s mind to a calm and awake state… 

The reason she was called a goddess wasn’t because of her unparalleled appearance and temperament. Instead, it was because she wielded godly light that healed people! 

The brides and grooms closest to the Xiang Rong Godly Altar probably felt the light the most. As the blue screen of light continued onwards, the brides gradually put away any disrespectful thoughts towards this woman of unparalleled beauty. They respectfully lowered their heads and clutched onto their fiance’s hands, becoming more revering. 

Ye Qingzi understood that the light enshrouding Xiang Rong City was probably a support technique that surpassed the emperor rank. It could be imagined how strong the woman who created this force was!

At this moment, pairs of new couples walked across the godly altar to receive baptism from the female city lord using underground flower petal dewdrops. 

After the dewdrops washed over them, they became husband and wife.

Ye Qingzi had been waiting for this moment to arrive. However, the man next to her had an abnormal expression, leaving her at a complete loss as to what to do!

Just a second ago, Chu Mu had been warm and happy, telling her a few candid but pleasing things. But now, Ye QIngzi found that a thick layer of anger had arisen in his heart. This anger was gradually transforming into a layer of white devil flames that seemed like it was going to suppress everything to the end of this world. At any moment, it could explode from his body.

Even more terrifying was Chu Mu’s eyes. They were a pair of eyes that were burning and filled with a dominator expert’s anger. This flaming anger transformed into an incorporeal energy that covered the entire plaza. Those who were true experts were able to feel the suppression! 

The present Chu Mu made Ye Qingzi feel unfamiliar. This was the first time he had seen him truly mad. So mad in fact that it had destroyed his normally consistent calm and cool heart! 

“Chu Mu, what’s wrong with you?” Ye QIngzi’s hands were flushed red from holding his hand; however, she was even more worried about this man’s emotions. 

If Chu Mu couldn’t control his emotions, they would probably transform into a torrential silver devil flame ocean that instantly swallowed the several thousand brides and grooms as well as the tens of thousands of people watching outside the plaza!!

Why did his mood suddenly change?

The answer to this question laid in the woman standing on the holy altar being consecrated and revered by people around the world. It was the woman who had trampled on Chu Mu’s dignity over ten years ago - the defector young woman!! 

The defector young woman was situated high above and viewed everything with contempt. What she arranged in Tianxia City was a sinister, selfish, cruel and crafty plot that had nearly destroyed the city.

 And right now, this woman whose entire being and even heart was as black as poison was wearing holy, refined and saintly clothing like a fairy that stood above the common people. In the eyes of the people, she was a peaceful and auspicious goddess…  

One was a human-eating demoness that didn’t even gnaw the bones, while the other was a picturesque holy fairy. Yet, they both appeared on the same woman. How complicated did one’s heart need to be to succeed in perfectly switching between two identities! 

Unfortunately, Chu Mu, who knew her from over ten years ago and had signed a soul pact with her, understood that all of this was a facade that she used to bewitch others!

Chu Mu was angry at this poisonous woman’s pretense. This pretense had nearly tricked Chu Mu again. He was angry that that this woman was able to put on a facade of a fairy that could derange myriads of people and was popular everywhere despite being a devil whose hands were stained with blood. Just like she had tricked him, she had tricked everyone else!

Right now, Chu Mu only wanted to rip off her fake but realistic mask with his own hands and expose her ugly side to everyone. This way, everyone would understand what kind of an ugly devil she was that enjoyed tasting blood and twisting hearts. 

An accumulation of over tens years of anger and hatred had formed a volcano about to erupt. Chu Mu even had a bit of trouble controlling himself from transforming into a half devil.

However, after bearing patiently for over ten years, the calmness and reason that was hard to remove told Chu Mu that he had to control himself!

“Chu Mu, don’t be like this… speak to me…”

“Chu Mu…”

Ye Qingzi’s worried voice rang out in Chu Mu’s ear. 

Chu Mu heard Ye Qingzi’s voice. It pulled his mind out from the frustrating and angry flames. 

Looking at Ye Qingzi’s face was pale and looking at her worried eyes as well as the blood running from her lips, Chu Mu instantly awakened considerably! 

“Qingzi, I…” Chu Mu extended his hand and apologetically rubbed her cheek.

Chu Mu felt annoyed and ashamed. This was his wife yet he didn’t take her into account at all when he released his stifling aura. How could he get so angry on their wedding day that he couldn’t even control it. 

Ye Qingzi’s face returned to its normal color. She went up and hugged Chu Mu. In a warm voice she asked: “Why do you hate her? You hate her so much that you forgot yourself.” 

Chu Mu’s face showed a trace of bitterness. He looked at that woman and said: “Do you remember me telling you about my first soul pact’s soul pet?”

Ye Qingzi was stunned.

She had always known that at the depths of his heart, there was a very deep scar on his honor. This scar was very long and deep. Ye Qingzi only knew that this scar was related to his first soul which he lost over ten years ago.

After the Battle of the Realm, Ye Qingzi came to understand that Chu Mu’s first soul pet was a human-form creature. Her appearance was exactly the same as a human woman.

Originally, Ye Qingzi believed that it could just look like a human and not a special plant type soul pet of humans. She never actually gave deep consideration as to what it looked like.

But when Chu Mu pointed at the altar, and at the absolutely stunning woman who was revered and infatuated by others, Ye Qingzi felt great shock in her heart!

The soul pet that had occupied Chu Mu’s first soul was this woman who was detached from the mortal world. Ye Qingzi had even originally believed this woman to be a fairy. How could she imagine her to be a soul pet! 

“ she a human or…” Ye Qingzi was stunned. She stared with disbelief at the aloof and remote woman who was so beautiful she could cause people to stop thinking.

“Half human, half pet.” said Chu Mu.

“Then…” Ye Qingzi didn’t know what to say. She completely believed in Chu Mu’s words, but she found it very hard to connect the soul pet that defected Chu Mu with the goddess-like woman who was revered by millions of people and the whole of Wanxiang Realm. 

Yet, the reality was, regardless if she was Chu Mu’s defected soul pet or not, Ye Qingzi cared more about the fact that this should have been their wedding… 

“Qingzi, I’m sorry. I should forget about this matter for the time being. Let’s continue.” Chu Mu understood Ye Qingzi’s thoughts. She wanted to become his wife and Chu Mu didn’t want to make it hard for her. Nor did he wish for this rotten hearted woman to ruin the perfect moment between him and Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi stood there quietly. After hesitating a moment, she ultimately shook her head. 

Seeing Ye Qingzi shake her head, Chu Mu instantly became anxious, and was even more vexed at his thoughtless actions. 

Chu Mu liked Ye Qingzi. In his heart there was only her. He was in even more of a hurry than her to get married to her. 

“Qingzi, it’s my fault…” Chu Mu didn’t stop apologizing.

Ye Qingzi continued to shake her head and say: “How could our wedding be witnessed and blessed by such a sinister person. I would rather wait another while.”  

Ye Qingzi could see that Chu Mu truly wished to marry her. This was very sincere. Unfortunately, the heavens were not cooperating. Since this was the case, she didn’t mind delaying for a bit. Moreover, she didn’t want Chu Mu to forcibly suppress the anger in his heart to officially finalize their marriage. 

“Qingzi…” Chu Mu’s heart went warm at Ye Qingzi’s understanding. After all, this scar ran too deep. It was something Chu Mu still didn’t forget so many years later. This anger and hatred wasn’t something that could merely be suppressed just by saying so. 

But this wasn’t even the most important reason. Indeed, their marriage would be consecrated by that woman sprinkling dewdrops on them. This would make Chu Mu feel as if his and Ye Qingzi’s most pure and beautiful love for each other was tainted by dirty water! 

“Let’s go and do something. Since she enjoys dressing up as a goddess, use your devil face to punish her!” said Ye Qingzi wish a smile.

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu had waited for this day for a long time. 

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “Beside her is the flower emperor teacher. She is ranked third of the Four Heroes. The strength of the flower girls is not weak either. Most of them are near the spirit emperor rank.” 

“Then what do you plan on doing?” asked Ye Qingzi. 

“No rush. Since I know her identity now, I definitely won’t let her off. When Zhan Ye, the Little Hidden Dragon, and Night return, that will be the time she falls from the clouds and her true nature is exposed!!” Chu Mu stood there with a charmingly demonic smile! 

That day was already very close.

Although he couldn’t wait for it to happen and wished to just rush up right now and make her suffer from the burning of devil flames, he knew that with only one soul pet, he shouldn’t make a move now. Nor could he expose his identity too early.

He had to wait for his four main pets to gather. When that time came, Chu Mu would be able to fiercely trample on her! 


On the altar, that woman acting as all warm and elegant didn’t notice that among the new groom and brides, there was a man staring at her with a sneer… 


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