Chapter 876: Only In the Heavens, Flower Goddess

Finally, Ye Qingzi leisurely walked over.

Underneath her graceful neck that resembled a swan, her collar was slightly undone, revealing pale white skin. A simple yet elegant flower necklace shimmered with a particular fiery luster. It caused Ye Qingzi’s white face to seem even more beautiful. 

Her clothing was exceptionally tight to her skin. Ye Qingzi’s figure was the kind that even if she was wearing loose clothing, it was still hard to hide her sexual enchantment. After wearing the tight holy blue wedding dress, each part of her figure was outlined in a moving way. She had jade, willowy shoulders, large breasts, a thin waist, a round butt, and slender legs. Each part of her that could make men dry in the mouth and tongue exuded a sexy, demonic enticement. 

Ye Qingzi, by this point, had already arrived in front of Chu Mu. Her eyes were looking down, and she was slightly afraid to look up at Chu Mu. Any unknown amount of time passed before a shocked cry rang out as everyone looked with jealousy at Chu Mu.

This time, the grooms didn’t even have any intentions of heckling. Ye Qingzi had stunned the crowd with her beauty. Whoever married her would definitely receive jealousy and envy. 

Next to Chu Mu, Qing Qing was also flabbergasted. It was a while before he came back to his senses.

Thinking of how he had just boasted his wife’s beauty in front of Chu Mu, then seeing this absolute unparalleled beauty in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Indeed, objectively speaking, this bride was undisputedly the most beautiful one present. 

“What are you still in shock for! Go and kiss her!” Qing Qing was extremely jealous, but when he saw Chu Mu stand then like a wooden man, staring at his wife in bewilderment, he couldn’t help but think it was funny and push Chu Mu forward. 

Qing Qing pushed Chu Mu only a step away from Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi could feel the stares from the people around her and also Chu Mu’s befuddled gaze. She slightly lowered her head as her face was flushed red.

“Qingzi…” Chu Mu wanted to transform the heart stirring beauty of the woman in front of him into words, but he discovered that he wasn’t able to use any words to describe this emotion. Moreover, he even felt that using words was incapable of describing the present heart throbbing Ye Qingzi had caused him.

“Kiss her! Kiss her!!!!!”

Wave after wave of louder heckling rang out in his ears. The grooms were howling like wolves and in this type of atmosphere, the jealousy in people’s hearts transformed into admiration and blessings.

Although Ye Qingzi was already in an intimate relationship with him, Chu Mu seemed to have returned back to the very first beginning of when he fell in love with Ye Qingzi; that was when he was nervous and at a loss of what to do.

Ye Qingzi sneakily looked up, and discovered that Chu Mu was still staring at her like an idiot. She somewhat anxiously stamped her foot lightly.

Chu Mu saw her hint and only then woke up from his dream. He took another step forward and lovingly grabbed her waist and planted a kiss on her beautiful red lips. 

Another hubbub broke out from the crowd of wolves. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi filtered away these noises and kissed as if nobody else was present, forgetting themselves in the process. It was as if they were going to kiss until the end of time. 

“Haha, the two of you should stop. Wait until you walk across Xiang Rong Altar. When the Empress Concubine or Flower Empress Master personally bless you with a few drips of water, that’s when Xiang Rong City will officially recognize you as husband and wife.” Qing Qing reminded Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had nearly forgotten that stage of the process and revealed embarrassed expressions. However, they mostly felt sweet and happy in their hearts. 

“You’re almost about to marry me. It’s too late to regret it. After today, even if you want to run, you won’t be able to. You’ll completely become my woman.” Chu Mu poked Ye Qingzi’s spotless forehead, teasing her. 

Ye Qingzi unrestrainedly pinched the previously serious and now up to mischief Chu Mu as she coquettishly said: “You need to think this through carefully yourself. In the future, you won’t be able to womanize around anymore.”

“Eh… I’ve never womanized.” Chu Mu was bewildered. When had he ever womanized around? 

Ye Qingzi truthfully understood Chu Mu really well. Chu Mu wasn’t like her brother who had a frequent problem of womanizing. If she had to be afraid, she needed to be afraid of many women throwing themselves at him in the future. Indeed, Chu Mu was no longer that same young man who traveled through small regions and kingdoms. Instead, he was a true expert who had stepped onto the pinnacle of humanity. He was no longer alone. Instead, he had a few friends who would stand by him and women who he never had been mindful of but whom had always been mindful of him. 

“Don’t worry. You’re the only one in my heart.” Chu Mu knew what Ye Qingzi was thinking of and used his hand to caress her face. 

“Ya.” Ye Qingzi firmly nodded her head. She didn’t know why these seemingly normal words made her feel like crying. 


“Pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~~”

The holy blue Fairy Butterflies and fiery red Fairy Butterflies began to criss cross in the air above the wedding plaza. The surrounding young women wearing elegant clothing were holding their hands in front of their chests and singing beautiful songs.

Their voices lingered in people’s ears and made people’s hearts feel as if they had grown wings that could fly away at any moment. 

In this instant, no matter if it was newcomers in the plaza, or the sea of people outside the plaza, all of them were staring at Xiang Rong Altar.

The flower girls wearing flower petal clothing appeared on either side of the steps underneath Xiang Rong Altar. Countless holy blue flowers had blossomed on branches along Xiang Rong Altar. They interweaved with each other and wrapped around the altar. It was as if a hand from the gods was holding a blue paint brush, painting the altar as much as it wanted. Each brush stroke was casual yet meticulous. It formed a shocking painting of nature!

All the fairy butterflies gathered around the altar, as if to summon, protect the coming of their emperor.

“Every flower girl is at least spirit emperor or near spirit emperor flower type soul pet trainer, and there’s a total of a hundred!” Qing Qing said aside him.

On the majestic yet refined altar, a hundred flower girls stood elegantly, standing within blooming sacred blue petals, as if angels being born in nature, ever so pure.

As countless flower branches extended upwards, finally all the strokes gathered together and merged at the top of the altar, becoming a massive sacred flower bud!

This flower bud maintained its status of nearly blooming. It’s extreme beauty caused everyone to strain their heads upwards and feel that whatever was inside must be the purest thing in the world.

All the fairy butterflies gathered around the sacred flower, curling up.

Suddenly, from within the flower, a beam of light went up into the sky and lit up the dark night.

The beam was straight, letting out a dreamy blue that shined and covered the entire Xiangrong City like a blue water screen.

The water-like glow came down onto all the flower girls, who now sat down gracefully and put their hands over their chests.

This was like a command. Everyone in the plaza, whether they could see the altar or not, bent down and put their hands over their chest.

Looking across, it looked like all of Xiangrong City was saluting. The solemn respect at this moment was like an irresistible faith. Even those who didn’t belong in the city dared not stand out.

Nearly ten million people saluting at once, how shocking of a scene was that. Just what kind of person could receive such love and respect?

The brides and grooms all saluted as well. Following the traditions of the town, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi wouldn't’ stand out. After all, it was this special city that was about to witness their marriage.

After everyone saluted, the sacred blue flower opened up petal by petal.

It was like a beautiful virgin lightly undressing, yet it was sacred and graceful.

As the flower bloomed, it became a dress that gave birth to a blue haired angel!

This was the purest woman on earth, untainted by the mortal realm. Her appearance had no flaws, so intricate it could steal one’s heart instantly.

No matter how beautiful one normally was, people usually treated it with at most exclamations and love. However, when this woman came out of the sacred bleu flower, it was truly like a goddess from a painting. The quality and appearance should only have appeared in the sky. All the most beautiful brides tonight lost, not even being comparable.

The entire night sky’s stars lost their glow, becoming mere backdrop for the radiance of her eyes. Elegance and holiness came in every move of hers innately, while her noble and immortal nature caused countless people who had other thoughts to lose their disrespect.

Many people who haven’t ever seen her may have felt disdain about a woman who dared to call herself a goddess.

Yet, when they took a few glances while saluting, no one doubted anymore. Only a goddess could have all the perfections of women in one, convincing anyone to forget to breathe, to do anything, just to get her liking or even just a glance.

The plaza was the closest to Xiangrong City’s flower goddess. All the brides and grooms seemed to have lost their souls when they set their eyes on her.

Chu Mu held Ye Qingzi’s hand and remained in salute.

Ye Qingzi already lost her mind. She couldn't believe there was possibly a girl like this on this world, able to make one completely forget to think, able to shame all people who thought they were beautiful. Ye Qingzi didn’t even dare to compare herself to the goddess…...

After a while, Ye Qingzi finally came back to her senses.

She looked at Chu mu subconsciously. Probably every woman who ever sees this flower goddess would feel inferior. Even the calm ye Qingzi wasn’t an exception this time.

This feeling of inferior caused her to look back at her groom with unease, like any other normal girl.

Ye Qingzi originally thought the mentally resolute Chu Mu could quickly recover from the shocking beauty. However, what caused Ye Qingzi to be slightly sad was Chu Mu was standing stock still, as if he lost his very soul.

“Chu Mu……” ye Qingzi couldn't’ blame Chu mu, just wanting to remind him slightly.

Yet, Ye Qingzi suddenly noticed her hand start to hurt.

Her hand was tightly squeezed by Chu Mu. She could feel Chu Mu squeezing so hard he was shaking slightly!

“Chu Mu!” Ye QIngzi noticed something wrong with Chu Mu

However, upon closer examination, she suddenly found that Chu Mu wasn’t lost because of the female goddess’s beauty!!

Chu Mu’s black eyes weren’t completely dull with infatuation, they were a terrifying glow after being mixed with hatred and rage!!!

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