Chapter 875: Wedding night, the most beautiful of one’s heart.

Nature day finally came.

When the skies lit up, Xiangrong City’s people all gathered together.

Daytime tradition in Xiangrong City was walking along the streets filled with flowers and fairy butterflies filled the skies. Group upon groups of young girls would dance and sing, celebrating the coming of this holiday.

At this time, the residents would follow these colored shirt butterfly girls along some important streets and signify the peace and safety for the coming year

This ceremony was something every resident must participate in. There was a sea of people, but everyone was in order and organized. From high up, it looked like a band of colorful water was slowly flowing down the street.

In the day, Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and Ning Maner didn’t participate. This was a tradition of Xiangrong City, so they just had to watch it and enjoy.

However, because that day was an extremely important day, Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and Ning Maner lost their interest in watching. Instead, all of them were waiting for night to fall.

At night, Xiangrong City’s wide music altar belonged to the countless romantic couples of Xiangrong City. They will at the same time, in the same place, and have the same person be the witness of their weddings.

This day, in the morning, Chu Mu was pulled away by a group of hired old women servants who specialized in dressing up grooms. They wanted to completely dress Chu Mu up.

Not long after Chu Mu left, an even larger group of people appeared, all helping Ye Qingzi do a makeover, aiming to make her the prettiest bride in town.

Even Chu Mu felt like it was an extremely important event, and that he should dress better, so he told the old servant women to pick out clothes for him.

Of course, the clothes had to be red. Chu Mu picked around himself and finally picked a phoenix embroidered shirt.

Chu Mu’s appearance combined Chu Tianmang and Liu Binglan. Usually, he dressed very simply and cleanly, full of spirit and masculinity.

But, after wearing the red groom clothes, his features seemed softer, revealing some of the handsome beauty that he inherited from Liu Binglan’s devastatingly beautiful face. He went from a martial man to an imposing and good looking scholar, causing even the old women to stare in awe, happily complimenting Chu Mu saying he had the appearance to charm any woman.

Chu Mu also glanced in the mirror. Used to white and black clothes, Chu Mu found that after donning the red and embroidered groom clothes, he seemed to be a different person altogether, even able to see a hint of Liu Binglan in his face now.

“First time I knew I looked a little like mom.” Chu Mu scratched his head embarrassingly.

Remembering Liu Binglan, Chu Mu felt it unfit for her not to be here at such an important day.

However, thinking about it more carefully, since it was marriage, the two of them were the most important. In the future, fi they had the opportunity, he could give Ye Qingzi another even larger marriage. Then, Liu Binglan, Chu Tianmang, and Ye Wansheng could all be there.


Night fell, revealing a whole moon in the skies. Silver glow fell like wedding drapes on the grooms present. All the grooms, wearing red with different embroideries, walked up the flower covered steps and into the plaza.

The fire type fairy butterflies slowly floated around, very obediently surrounding the plaza and nearby, or dashing through the skies, creating moving patterns in the skies with their glowing red bodies.

The entire plaza was filled with near ten thousand red fairy butterflies, all methodically flying in a special path to create a magnificent and beautiful image.

Slowly, more and more people arrived. However, they were all grooms because their brides would only appear when the right time comes.

One could see that every lover on the stage was eager and leaning forward in wait.

“No need to say, my woman is definitely the prettiest, once you see her, don’t accidentally forget what your woman looks like, hahaha!!” 

Someone started the discussion and all the anxiously waiting grooms started bragging about their brides.

Hearing everyone start to argue, Chu Mu coudlnt’ help but smile. One could see that none of them really wanted to truly win, because no matter how pretty or ugly their women seemed to others, at least in their hearts, they were the most beautiful. The reason they argued was because everyone had a prettiest person in their heart.

“Hei, friend, are you a soul pet trainer?” Suddenly, a man of similar age to Chu Mu smiled warmly and asked.

“En, and you?” Chu Mu used this discussion to dispel all his excitement and nervousness.

"Yeah, I’m called Qing Qing and my wife is Xue Yun. We met first at a hunt and at the time, we were still both spirit soldiers…… at first she found me insufferable and I hated this woman’s vulgarity, but somehow, we muddleheadedly fell in love, and then muddleheadedly decided that tonight we should get married.” The man called Qing Qing seemed very talkative.

He used two “muddle headed”, but from the smile in his mouth, one could tell that there was a bunch of unforgettable memories hidden behind these words.

“You, how about you, how did you know each other?” Qing Qing asked curiously.

“I’m called Chu Mu, my wife is called Ye Qingzi. How we met? It was pretty plain, we just trained and then our following path happened to be the same direction……” Using Qing Qing’s chatting, Chu Mu relived all his memories with Ye QIngzi.

In reality, the two didn’t have any unforgettable memories. It was more like they built up a connection from the bottom of their hearts.

Whether it was meditating, fighting, or speaking, the two always had a mutual understanding and synergy. Maybe it was this connection that caused both of them to fall in love without them knowing.

“She’s a beauty famous in our entire kingdom. Speaking of which, her being able to take fancy in a man who can’t even reach spirit master truly is my luck. Even a spirit emperor once went after her.” Qing Qing was almost squinting with his wide smile.

Chu Mu didn’t have much to say but was willing to hear Qing Qing continue about his story.

“They’re here, they’re here!!”

Suddenly, from somewhere a groom shouted excitedly.

At once all the grooms stopped their talking and gazed over to the end of the plaza street.

Ghostly blue fairy butterflies led the way, dropping bushels of sacred blue petals that floated down. Countless beautiful brides walked over slowly amongst the sacred blue tone, wearing similarly colored dresses.

Xiangrong City’s women praised blue as beauty, and brides had to wear blue because it stood for purity.

This blue was very soft and dazzling, causing one to be intoxicated.

The brides clearly wore tighter fitting clothes, allowing their curves to show better.

When the group of sacred blue fairy butterflies led a group of angel-liek brides over, the sea of beautiful legs and waists caused all the grooms to be bewitched.

“It’s too beautiful.”

“I feel my breathing stopped.”

“I won’t forget this moment for the rest of my life!”

The grooms couldn't find their brides at first, but as they all slowly walked over in a group, their hearts were shaken.

Chu Mu gazed over and looked through all the brides for Ye Qingzi’s figure.

He didn't use soul remembrance. At this moment, he only wanted to look with his eyes.

Sighs and “ooohs” constantly sounded as every bride came up the stairs to look for their loved ones. 

“Look look, the third one, whose bride is that, she’s so pretty!” Qing Qing patted Chu Mu and pointed excitedly.

“Yeah, who is it, they’re truly lucky, I’m almost jealous!” A few more open grooms started adding.

“Good temperament too.”

The sentences were more friendly blessings and good willed teasing.

Chu Mu glanced over and naturally saw this bride.

She really was pretty, with well formed eye brows and supple lips. Her manners were graceful, probably coming from a large family.

Seeing this woman stop by a simple and honest smiling man, everyone looked at the man and sighed.

“Do you see, do you see? The tenth bride……” Suddenly, Qing Qing patted Chu Mu’s shoulder again.

Every groom added to this rowdy chanting, but when one truly shockingly beautiful woman appeared, everyone was restless.

This time, all the grooms jeering together while their bride wasn't there yet discovered the tenth bride on the steps.

The beauty could make one forget to breathe. Even the jeering disappeared, replaced with countless pairs of eyes staring at the outstanding woman.

After the exclamation, almost everyone had the same question. Who’s bride was this?!

Beautiful, too beautiful to describe with words.

With Chu Mu’s first look at her, he was first utterly convinced by her looks before suddenly realizing that she was the one he was looking for, his wife!

Just like how Chu Mu changed completely after donning his new clothes, when Ye Qingzi wore the bride butterfly dress and came along with all the others, her beauty went straight to one’s soul. Chu Mu could barely believe that the beauty there was Ye Qingzi, who he spent all his time with, the woman who he was marrying tonight!

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