Chapter 874: Black Fairy Butterfly Empire

All four of Xiang Rong City’s seasons were like spring. Thus, it was hailed as humanity’s most beautiful city.

The reason why this city was able to flourish was because of a woman. She was called the flower emperor teacher’s mother of flowers. 

Although the current city lord of Xiang Rong City was the Empress Concubine who had special breeding and controlling abilities over flowers, everyone in this city knew that the true master of this city was the flower emperor teacher. She was the only woman among the Four Heroes.

FIve days later, the flower emperor teacher and the Empress Concubine would arrive at this city together and imbue fresh energy into the city.

In reality, Xiang Rong City was already able to form a perfect ecosystem. Even without a powerful flower type to spread energy, it would be able to sustain itself for several tens of years.

However, unknowingly, this nature blessing had become a holiday and a tradition. Each year at this time, people would subconsciously adorn colorful clothing and gather on the streets, the flower altar and the plaza. Together, with all of the Fairy Butterflies, they would pray and be grateful.

Additionally, every three years, the lord of this city would use her voice, imbued with magical powers, through powerful flower type soul pets, to sprinkle life pollen onto the city.

This life pollen also represented the time in which the Fairy Butterfly would search for mates and reproduce. The month after the blessing, there would be countless small Fairy Butterfly born that would fill the entire city.

In previous years, young men and women would take advantage of this time. It was a romantic period of time which also seriously carried on the Fairy Butterfly bloodline. They would promise each other love and determine it for a life’s time. 

This tradition was extremely prevalent now. The dignified and upstanding flower emperor teacher really wished to wish good fortune to all of the couples, so even if it was a bit premature for some of the men and women, they would still enter the marriage hall because of this atmosphere.  


In the recent few days, forget even concocting spirit items, Ye Qingzi found it hard to sleep.

Her mentioning to Chu Mu the nature’s blessing and countless sweethearts getting married as a result wasn’t some hidden intention to get married. Instead, it was a normal envy and hope that girls would have towards marriage. 

She never expected Chu Mu to suddenly ask her to marry him.

Being lovers was completely different from husband and wife. After Soul City, Ye Qingzi no longer wanted to be separated from Chu Mu. However, she knew that Chu Mu still had many things to do, and there would inevitably be times when she was separated from him in the future. 

If they separated and their feelings for each other cooled or they changed as people, their status as lovers would naturally disappear. 

However, husband and wife meant a lifetime. No matter how far away one of them went, no matter how long they were separated, they would always be husband and wife.

Ye Qingzi never thought that she would become a wife. She thought that she would forever maintain this type of a relationship with Chu Mu.

Everything had come too suddenly. It was so sudden that in the past few days, Ye Qingzi couldn’t even bear to look at Chu Mu. 

It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing to; instead, she was completely flustered. It was the same as any woman facing a major turning point of lifelong importance. She was flustered, embarrassed, but even more so, she felt that she was going to faint because of the sudden happiness that had hit her so quick. 

“I still have five days. What should I do? What should I do?” Ye Qingzi felt her boiling face and looked at herself in the mirror. 

Five days seemed to be too short. She had no idea how to prepare. 

However, when she thought of beautiful music in the air, the countless gorgeous Fairy Butterfly Dancing, the plaza littered with bright red flower petals and the fact she was going to become Chu Mu’s wife to accompany him for a lifetime, she felt that five days was too long!

Sitting in front of the mirror and looking at her blushing cheeks, Ye Qingzi’s mind was in a complete disarray. 

Ye Qingzi would occasionally bite her lips and feel her cheek. There were times when she didn’t dare look at her embarrassed state. She nibbled on her lips and said a few things about how Chu Mu was so annoying ,while grumbling about why he was like this every time. He clearly looked like he didn’t care about anything, looked very proper and was a bit slow about certain things. However, when it mattered, he could make the thoughts of others whirl and make them teary at the eye.  

“Maner, what is he doing?” Ye Qingzi hadn’t dared find Chu Mu in the past few days and could only inquire about him through Ning Maner.

“At the library. Big brother seemed to have said that silent cultivation was of no use so going to the library to understand a few things was best.” Ning Maner inquisitively stared at Ye Qingzi’s face. 

Ye Qingzi suddenly began complaining again. Why was this fellow so unperturbed! 

“Big Sister Ye, your face is so red! But this makes Big Sister Ye look good. No wonder those men on the street will occasionally look your way.” pouted Ning Maner. 

Ye Qingzi pinched Ning Maner’s cheek and said: “In a few years, your looks will definitely be able to cause the downfall of a city. You’re a small bewitching fairy. In the future you’ll definitely cause harm to many, many men. Haven’t you seen when those Fairy Butterfly surround you as you dance, your big brother who always looks so cold and callous will look at you dumbstruck?” 

“Really?” Ning Maner excitedly wore a smile. 

However, after thinking carefully, Ning Maner felt that something wasn’t right. She muttered: “If big brother thinks I’m pretty, why is he always so mean to me… you can’t do this, you can’t do that… I hate it.” 

Ye Qingzi heard Ning Maner’s complaining and couldn’t help but laugh. She explained: “For him, he’s seen many beautiful women, so he’s much more unperturbed than normal people. Moreover, he’s very good at acting a certain way. While he looks like he doesn’t care about beautiful and pretty things, in his heart he’s really bad.” 

“Oh, so it’s like that. That’s what I said. Even those kings will yield to me while that bad big brother is so mean.” laughed Ning Maner. 

Ye Qingzi giggled. 

For a while the two women laughed and began to expose Chu Mu. 


Reclining at the top of a tree, Chu Mu sniffed his nose. There seemed to be a lot of pollen, because he felt like sneezing. 

“Mo Xie, don’t bother me.” Chu Mu pinched Mo Xie’s ears so that she would put her fluffy tail to the side.  

“Wu wu~~” Mo Xie was standing on Chu Mu’s shoulders. Her head was tucked down and she was looking with Chu Mu at the soul pet patterns in the Great Pet Encyclopedia. She then turned and innocently blinked her eyes at Chu Mu.

Although Mo Xie would frequently mischievously place her fluffy tail on Chu Mu’s face, she actually hadn’t been up to mischief this time. 

“So a long time ago, the Fairy Butterflies didn’t live here.” Chu Mu flipped the page. 

Chu Mu was very interested in soul pets. Since it was one of the rare moments that cultivation was of no use to him, he naturally would place more time on training his soul pets and understanding soul pets. 

  “Dong… dong…” 

Crisp sounds rang out. 

Chu Mu subconsciously swept his eyes around, and discovered that an old man was walking with a cane his way. 

Next to this old man was Old Duan whose beard was bound and who was rude and unreasonable.  

“Brat, I’ve come here to apologize.” Old Duan walked over with a stubborn expression. Although he said he was apologizing, he didn’t look like it. 

Chu Mu ignored this old fellow, and focused on the old man with a cane. 

Besides the cane, this old man’s eyes were also covered by a black cloth. It was the same blind man that he saw when he arrived at Xiang Rong City. 

“So it was with you.” the blind old man faintly smiled and extended his hand. 

At this moment, the Black Fairy Butterfly that was perched on Chu Mu’s book lightly flapped its wings and flew over to the back of the blind old man’s hand. 

“It’s strength also greatly rose?” muttered the blind old man.

This Black Fairy Butterfly had followed Chu Mu for a while, and had become the only Fairy Butterfly in Chu Mu’s courtyard. As it was alone, Chu Mu didn’t know whether it had been pushed aside by other Fairy Butterfly or whether it didn’t enjoy interacting with them. Indeed, it had continuously stayed around Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu, with his wicked heart and dense aura of darkness, was an inexhaustible source for this dark type Fairy Butterfly. 

Moreover, Ning Maner’s spirit aura was also able to nurture creatures. Thus, in a short period of time, this Black Butterfly had managed to evolve. Perhaps if it was given a bit longer, it strength would be even stronger. 

“Do you need me for something?” asked Chu Mu.

“You said that you saw a forest of Black Butterflies at Yang Feng Ridge?” asked the blind old man.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“They were all this type of Black Fairy Butterfly?” the blind old man pointed to the Black Fairy Butterfly on the back of his hand as he asked. 

“I couldn’t tell. Their appearance looked practically identical, but I felt a slight difference. Yaes, those Black Fairy Butterfly were more willing to attack.” said Chu Mu.

“They attacked you?” asked the blind man. 

“I disturbed them first, but afterwards they became over ten thousand Fairy Butterfiesy that…” Chu Mu gave an approximate recount of his experience. 

After listening to Chu Mu’s explanation, the blind man nodded his head and sunk into deep thought. 

“Senior Chen, in my opinion…” Old Duan began speaking, but his tone was rather respectful. 

Chu Mu was shocked by this. Old Duan, this unbridled and stubborn old fellow, also surprisingly had moments when he was respectful to others. It seemed that this blind man’s identity wasn’t simple. Xiang Rong City was indeed a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. 

“Those should be foreign Fairy Butterfly that originated from the Fairy Butterfly’s native land. But why have they all transformed into a black color and are all living in Yang Feng Ridge…” muttered the blink man.

“All turned black? But if this brat is telling the truth, then the number of Fairy Butterflies have reached nearly ten million. That’s practically an empire!” 

“Whether it’s an empire or not isn’t important. It seems that this time, it’s truly about to appear!” the blind man’s tone was a bit aged and complicated! 

When he finished speaking, Old Duan’s expression was full of shock.

Chu Mu stood to the side and was a bit mystified, as he looked at the two old men with strange expressions. He was silently guessing what the “it” the two hidden experts were referring to. 

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