Chapter 871: Canopy Becoming a Sea of Black Fairy Butterflies

After Chu Mu pulled out a map, he especially looked around in the library for more information.

Without Old Li, the encyclopedia, beside him, Chu Mu had to use books to understand all sorts of information.

Going back to the aromatic courtyard Chu Mu, who didn’t like to waste time, sat down in the courtyard and tried to meditate.

From morning to noon, in the two hours, no matter how calm Chu Mu was and how he meditated, he found his soul power never moved even the slightest.

“Does meditating no longer work?” Chu Mu scratched his head and muttered.

Chu Mu was already used to meditating every night. Even at higher ranks and the speed of growth became slower and slower, he never stopped this habit.

However, what gave him a headache was, once he entered high remembrance, his soul remembrances ceased to increase. 

“Looks like at this level, meditation can’t decide much anymore, they still needed opportunities and luck.” Chu Mu said.

He opened his eyes and ended the meaningless meditation.

Suddenly, a special scent flew into Chu Mu’s nose. Chu Mu turned his head around and was slightly surprised to find a fairy butterfly perching on his shoulder!

Chu Mu was a half devil. Even after retracting his aura, the sensitive fairy butterflies still had a natural fear for him, so there weren’t any of them within ten meters of him.

Strangely, however, one fairy butterfly was unafraid of Chu Mu’s evilness and actually daringly perched right on Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Chu Mu glanced at it and found that the fairy butterfly was dark with ghostly blue dots, which answered his surprise.

“So its a dark type fairy butterfly; this should be a very rare species too.” Chu Mu poked fun at the little organism that were “birds of a feather” with him and smiled.

Chu Mu and Ning Maner were connected by mind. Without much to do now, Chu Mu decided to walk around outside the city, and treat it as a building of the mind.


Ye Qingzi wanted to stay in the medicine courtyard to focus on getting new soul abilities through the spirit vessel. Ning Maner of course would rather go around the city and didn’t want to follow Chu Mu in his dull training. 

So, Chu Mu decided to go alone to train in the end.

After cleaning up his things, he told white two and white four to stay by the two girls. Chu Mu started going towards Yang Feng Ridge based off old Duan’s mark on the map.

Yang Feng Ridge was basically hell to a normal person. Even spirit emperors didn’t really dare to enter this area because there lived a group of highly ranking, nearly dominant organism of this vastless forest - Thousand Eyed Devil Tree.

The Thousand Eyed Devil Tree was monarch rank. They can even raise their strength through time.

Ten year thousand eyed devil tree was monarch rank, while hundred year was emperor rank. Thousand year thousand eyed devil tree was probably invincible emperor rank.

Yang Feng Ridge had many couple hundred year old Thousand Eyed Devil Trees. There were countless wood crystals above eight rank, and even emperor rank wood crystals weren’t hard to find here. As long as one had the power to walk around in this Yang Feng ridge for a while, one would definitely have a great harvest. The prerequisite of course is to be able to deal with all the thousand eyed devil trees.

Devil tree battle soldier had great difficulty in wanting to go from middle class emperor rank to high class emperor rank. Elder Duan also said that the Yangfeng Ridge may likely have seventh rank emperor rank wood crystals, so while devil tree battle soldier was training, these seventh rank emperor rank wood crystals have to be found.

Though Yang Feng Ridge was rather close to Xiangrong City, a wing type pseudo emperor would need at least three months of non-stop flying to get there. After all, the Yang Feng Ridge was already very far from human civilization.

To save time, not long after leaving Xiangrong City, Chu Mu revealed his real form, and flew to the highest skies and flew towards Yang Feng Ridge.

Pseudo emperors needed three months of continuous flight. However, Chu Mu, as a dominator rank, even with stopping occasionally and walking the wrong way, only needed ten days to reach Yang Feng Ridge.   

Falling into Yang Feng ridge, this sun covering forest caused Chu Mu to suck a breath in.

It was massive and boundless. Stepping into this Yang Feng Ridge and watching the massive trees as well as canopies that seemed to touch the very clouds, Chu Mu first experienced what it was like for plants to get together in such an imposing manner!

Here, there weren't that many people left. Wild fairy butterflies flew up and down the massive trees.

These fairy butterflies were clearly higher rank than the ones in xiangrong city. Some of these fairy butterflies were already the size of a large roc. Opening up their wingspan, they cast a large shadow down, beautiful yet also somewhat frightening!

Fairy butterfly no matter what rank were naturally friendly, and wouldn’t attack any other species. Chu Mu lead devil tree battle soldier through the massive forest and already saw two emperor rank fairy butterflies.

Emperor rank fairy butterflies were called Fairy Butterfly Emperors. This rank of fairy butterfly could do more than remove sickness and aid sleep. At this level, they had extremely powerful group hypnotizing techniques as well as powerful group healing pollen techniques, a perfect pick for female supporting soul pet trainers.

Ye Qingzi told Chu Mu that if he could find a young emperor rank fairy butterfly, he had to capture it.

Emperor rank young soul pets were extremely rare. Even at dominator rank, Chu Mu couldn't find any enemies no matter where he went but still couldn’t easily find a young emperor rank young soul pet unless he found their main nest and killed everything to steal the young.

“Old Duan said there were a large amount of advanced fairy butterfly deaths. Can some people be looking to find fairy butterfly emperor young pets?” Chu Mu remembered Old Duan’s briefing.


The most annoying part about Thousand Eyed Devil Trees was their thousand eyes that allowed them to precisely see every move of the enemies, much like Chu Mu’s Other Pupil.

When Devil Tree battle Soldier fought against them, almost all its techniques were scouted out by their sharp eyes. If both were middle class emperor rank, if devil tree battle soldier didn't have life force absorb to replenish its fighting strength, the devil tree battle soldier couldn’t beat a single thousand eye devil tree.

Once the devil tree battle soldier was tired, Chu Mu would let Qin and Ghost Monarch King take turns to ensure they gained the most training.

After training for a month, Chu Mu felt Qin seemed to hit the barrier of high class emperor rank.

Qin’s fighting strength was already high class emperor arnk. If it enters high class emperor rank in strength, that means Chu Mu had another soul pet that won’t lose to anything below top tier emperor rank.

Soul items were very necessary. After this training, Chu Mu should start thinking about ways to get a seventh rank wind type emperor soul item for Qin.

Devil tree battle soldier and ghost monarch king had just reached middle class emperor rank and needed more battles.

At middle class emperor rank, the good thing was at least when Chu Mu entered advanced areas, they could still find opponents to train with. With Mo Xie and white devil’s strength, they couldn’t find opportunities to battle anymore.

Chu Mu’s training never stayed in one place. Instead, he slowly moved in the direction old Duan signalled for him to go.

“Another corpse…...another emperor rank fairy butterfly…..”

Chu Mu furrowed his brows as he looked at the lifeless butterfly.

Fairy butterflies were one of the rare species in soul pet world that could resolve hostility. They never attacked other organisms, and other organisms usually never attacked them either. However, in Chu Mu’s time in Yang Feng Ridge, he found over a hundred fairy butterflies above monarch rank dying abnormally.

Yang Feng Ridge was massive. If Chu Mu met over a hundred already, there was no wonder old Duan was taking this seriously. One could see that there were tens of thousands of fairy butterflies getting massacred.

At some point, Chu Mu stepped into the region old Duan said was having troubles.

Though the massive trees still stood, the entire forest didn’t let a single ray of sun in, causing the ground to appear eerie.

The fairy butterflies lived in the canopies and not the grass. Without sun, Chu Mu found that there were no low shrubs or grass on the ground of this area, leaving only the tall trees standing ominously…….

“Devil tree, try attacking this tree canopy.” Chu Mu pointed at a near hundred meter tall tree with a dense canopy.

Devil tree battle soldier’s arm became a wooden python that slammed towards the canopy of the tree!

Devil tree battle soldier’s arm was incredibly powerful. This sweep alone was probably enough to snap hundreds of trees and the wind swept up alone could cause plants to fly everywhere!


Suddenly, the dense black canopy dissipated, the countless leaves of the canopy seeming to fly up themselves, quickly thinning out the tree tops.

Countless black shadows frantically flew away to other tree tops, sticking together like black clouds.

And after devil tree battle soldier attacked the tree top, as countless fairy butterflies flew away, only bare branches remained as sun filtered through…….

Seeing this scene, Chu Mu blanked.

“Attack all nearby treetops.” Chu Mu immediately commanded devil tree battle soldier.

Devil tree battle soldier slammed its hands around towards a large group of tree tops nearby!


Instantly, countless thin rays of sun fell around Chu Mu. In the dazzling light, these dense tree canopies all dissipated and became countless thin wings that flew elsewhere.

After these wings flew away, all the seemingly dense trees become bare branches!

Chu Mu stood in the rays of sun and stared dumbfounded at the nearby forest canopies of the near endless trees.

These trees didn’t have leaves, but had black fairy butterflies instead!

Yet, just how many black fairy butterflies were there to create such a dense canopy sea!

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