Chapter 870: A Rank That Cannot Be Dealt With?

Chapter 870: A Rank That Cannot Be Dealt With?

“This place is good. All you have to do is follow the main street, and you’ll reach the city center. The loft in the courtyard can see Xiang Rong Plaza’s nature platform. There are high ranking Accompanying Fairy Butterflies that live in these courtyards. These Accompanying Fairy Butterflies release an aroma with a special soul charm. People in poor health will be reinvigorated… eh? Normally these Accompanying Fairy Butterflies will fly around the courtyard. Why have they all suddenly run away. Oh, they could be going to gather pollen…” the old servant surveyed the surroundings and spoke with an awkward expression.

The awkwardness was naturally because Accompanying Fairy Butterflies which were normally obedient had suddenly kept their distance. This was very rare. 

“Yes, this place is fine. You can give this money to the courtyard master. If there’s nothing, don’t bother me normally.” Chu Mu threw a bag of money to the old servant.

The old servant didn’t expect this young man to be so straightforward. He took the money from Chu Mu and gave him a bow before leaving.

This large courtyard had various equipment for soul abilities and the location wasn’t bad as it allowed Ning Maner to go to lively places to have fun. As for the Accompanying Fairy Butterflies that suddenly disappeared, this was definitely because Chu Mu’s inner heart was evil.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder onto the interweaving vines on the courtyard walls. She ran around the area, but ostensibly didn’t find anything interesting and jumped back onto Chu Mu’s shoulder. 

“Let’s go to Hunting Association.” Chu Mu said to the Mo Xie on his shoulder. 

“Wu wu~~” Mo Xie nodded her head.

Hunting Association was like Soul Church, and was a loose organization. Most of their experts only had a position in Hunting Association in name while actually having a position in Soul Alliance. 

If Chu Mu was to join Hunting Association, he would definitely join the top ranks.

Presumably in this enormous tenth rank kingdom city, Hunting Association was able to provide a lot of valuable information to middle class emperor rank experts. 

After stepping into Hunting Association, Chu Mu discovered there were spirit emperor rank missions. However, none of them were of any interest to him. 

Chu Mu’s main goal was to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Among the information available, there were both false and true things. Chu Mu didn’t want to waste his time to find non existent emperor rank child pets. 

After walking around with nothing catching his attention, Chu Mu left and went to Xiang Rong City’s library.

Before training, he had to select a direction to move in. Chu Mu’s knowledge of Xiang Rong city was extremely limited so if he wanted a comprehensive understanding, he had to go there. 

Of course, Chu Mu had another reason in going. 

Senior Elder Shen, upon knowing that Chu Mu was going to Xiang Rong City, entrusted Chu Mu to pay respects to a senior at Xiang Rong City’s library.  

Shen Qiu said that going to the Empress Concubine for “guidance” was just a joke. How could Chu Mu just go to the Empress Concubine for guidance if he had no clue about Xiang Rong City. It was best if he went to that old senior instead for guidance. 

After asking around, Chu Mu made his way to the back courtyard of the library.

In the back courtyard was a cute young girl squatting by the flowers and carefully watering the flowers with medicine water. 

Not far away from this girl were a few gardeners. They were tidying up the flowers and vines in the back courtyard of this library. There were also a few older fellows seriously reading books on stone chairs and in small wooden pavilions.

“What rubbish. I’ve pursued it for nearly 30 years. It’s definitely not a demon butterfly species!” suddenly yelled an old man.

The man with a white beard combed into a whip sitting opposite of him wasn’t happy either. Confidently he asserted: “You haven’t seen it yourself. Why are you saying it isn’t possible? What proof do you have?!” 

“If I say it isn’t, it isn’t!” the man with a long beard spoke with his face and ears all red.

“Grandfather, Elder Duan, you’re so old already, so why are you guys arguing like children?” the girl watering the plants to the side turned around and spoke unhappily to the two old men.

The two old men seemed to really dote on this girl. They had just been very angry, but immediately became amiable and pleasant. 

“Senior Duan.” Chu Mu walked up to the white whip bearded man called Senior Duan by the young girl. He gave a slight bow out of politeness. 

“You want to ask about that again? Go away. How many times do I have to tell you, I won’t tell you anything about the Butterfly Emperor!” Elder Duan impatiently waved his hand.

Chu Mu was immediately in an awkward position. He hastily explained: “My name is Chu Fangchen, and I was told by Senior Elder Shen Qiu to come and pay my respects.” 

“It doesn’t matter who you are…” Elder Duan didn’t want to listen to Chu Mu. His tone had turned peremptory before he suddenly realized that something wasn’t right. 

“You said you were referred by Shen Qiu, that brat?” Elder Duan’s tone quickly changed, and he raised his white eyebrows. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, but was shocked in his heart. Nightmare Palace’s second ranked expert Shen Qiu had transformed into a brat according to this old man. It seemed that this Elder Duan was extremely old! 

“Tell me, what did you come find me for?” Elder Duan’s tone turned warmer, but it was possible to see that he wasn’t particularly poite towards Chu Mu. Moreover, Chu Mu heard this Elder Duan mutter: “If I had known that young people would come and find me for guidance, I wouldn’t have become an honorary guest at Nightmare Palace twenty years ago.” 

After Elder Duan said that, Chu Mu really didn’t know what to say. 

If he came here and said there was something, he would obviously be asking this old man about a suitable way to train his Devil Tree Battle Soldier. However, if he were to say that there was nothing, he really would be doing as Shen Qiu intended and just paying his respects.

However, Chu Mu never expected that Elder Duan wasn’t really giving Shen Qiu any face, nor did he really like others coming to pay respects to him. Most troublesome was that Chu Mu originally thought that the name “Chu Fangchen” was very famous now. However, the people here didn’t seem to have heard of it before. Only the girl who had now begun to pick the flowers would occasionally examin Chu Mu, but she didn’t have any other expression… 

Chu Mu didn’t know, however, that because Soul Alliance didn’t want his reputation to sweep the nation, they didn’t publicize the matter about Soul City. Obviously, they wouldn’t spread the news that a peerless genius, Chu Fangchen, had appeared in the three great palaces. 

Moreover, within the three great palaces, Chu Mu enjoyed staying low key and only let the higher ups know of him. Although a few people would receive news of him, there was no way everyone in Wanxiang Realm would know of him in such a short period of time. Especially since Xiang Rong CIty was called a hidden city. In terms of news spreading, it was clearly inferior to other places. 

“Elder Duan, someone else is sending a greeting on behalf of another senior. Why are you still like this.” that girl turned around and spoke to the old man. 

“Girl, you don’t know about this. Shen Qiu, that brat, is really troublesome… whatever. I’ll do it because of Ying Ying…” Elder Duan helplessly moved his gaze to Chu Mu and calmly said: “Speak. If there’s something I can help you with, I will try my best.” 

“This is my first time in Xiang Rong City, and I am not too familiar with this place. I’m searching for a suitable place to train.” Chu Mu didn’t really care about this old man’s attitude so he spoke frankly. 

Elder Duan immediately creased his eyebrows and said: “You’ve come to me for such a small matter. I’m not some treasure of Xiang Rong City. Just go to Hunter Association and ask people there.” 

“Eh, I went already. There was nothing that I wanted there. My rank is a bit higher.” said Chu Mu.

“Higher rank? Pseudo emperor or low class emperor?” when Elder Duan heard Chu Mu say that, his attitude became more proper. 

If it was above the emperor rank, finding him was probably right. If it was under the emperor rank, he couldn’t be bothered to waste words with a brat that had yet to reach the spirit emperor rank. 

“Middle class emperor. I am hoping for my wood type soul pet to break into the high class emperor rank.” truthfully said Chu Mu.

“Oh! Kid, you’re incredible!” the grandfather of the girl let out a shocked cry first, and immediately began to carefully examine him.

Elder Duan’s eyes flashed with an expression of astonishment, and his impatient attitude completely vanished! 

Breaking through from the middle class emperor rank to the high class emperor rank was something difficult. Elder Duan truly never expected that Shen Qiu would send him a young man with such shocking strength this time. 

The girl next to him stopped her movements and gracefully walked up next to the two old men. Her spirit and limpid eyes examined Chu Mu. 

“At this rank, it’s best if you don’t go to Hunting Association, that shoddy place, for a suitable training ground. You coming to find me was correct. However, breaking through from the middle class emperor rank to the high class emperor rank won’t just be done because you said it.” said Elder Duan with a serious tone.

After hesitating a moment, Elder Duan glanced at the long bearded grandfather of the girl and said: “Li Yan. In your opinion, where is a suitable place for this brat?” 

The old man called Li Yan didn’t immediately respond. He first asked Chu Mu: “How are your training abilities? Can you deal with forbidden regions?” 

“Yes, I often enter them.” said Chu Mu.

“Big words. You even often enter them. But if the person you’re speaking to were to reveal his identity, it would shock you to death. It’s good that a young man is an outstanding talent, but by no means must you be arrogant.” Elder Duan saw that Chu Mu was full of confidence and promptly spoke debasingly. 

Forbidden regions, regardless of the outer, middle or inner region, were all called forbidden regions. Elder Duan understood very well that many young fellows believed that just because they had the strength of a spirit emperor and could easily enter the outer region or the outskirts of the middle region, they would say they could enter a forbidden region. However, they didn’t know that the area they had stepped into was just the beach of an ocean. This was too shallowed to be considered part of the true forbidden region.  

“Whatever, don’t rely on your age to bully others. You’re at what age, and you still don’t know what you’re doing. What qualifications do you have to speak of others like that?” Li Yan turned it around and debased Elder Duan. 

Chu Mu silently laughed when he saw the two old men bickering. This was a rare pair of clowns. 

However, he could see that these two old men truly had qualifications! 

“Go to Yang Feng Ridge. A group of Thousand Eyed Devil Trees live there. It should be a very fitting place for a middle class emperor rank wood type soul pet to train. If your luck is good, you’ll be able to obtain a few thousand year wood crystals. Perhaps your soul pet will even reach the high class emperor.” said Li Yan. 

“How is it that easy? Do you think that thousand year wood crystals are everywhere on the mountain? But with that being said, this place really is suitable for you to train at your rank. In a bit, I’ll fetch a map for you from the library. You’ll be able to take it away. Don’t go the wrong way, otherwise you’ll be unable to return.” said Elder Duan. 

“Yang Feng Ridge. Thank you two seniors for your guidance.” courteously said Chu Mu.

“After all you’re full of youth. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to run around more. Fifty meters south of Yang Feng Ridge is Jade Forest. Many high ranking Fairy Butterflies have died there. Help me head over there. If you see anything strange, be a bit careful. That probably isn’t a rank you can deal with. Just search around.” said Elder Duan. 

“A rank he couldn’t deal with? Was there any rank in the human domain that he couldn’t deal with?” thought Chu Mu.

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