Chapter 869: Fairy Butterfly, Long Fragrant Dance

Chapter 869: Fairy Butterfly, Long Fragrant Dance

Xiang Rong City was named after its thriving wood.

TL: Play on words. Xiang Rong = thriving 

The most unique characteristic of this city was that the entire city seemed like a forest. The green jade colored style and flowery decoration. Regardless if it was the wide and straight streets, the quiet and small alleys, or even the individuals houses, a myriad of different plants could be seen growing.

This city was home to a unique soul pet called the Accompanying Fairy Butterfly. 

This Accompanying Fairy Butterfly was considered a soul pet with a special bloodline. It was an organism that 100 years ago couldn’t be considered a soul pet to have evolved into one in Xiang Rong City out of the unique spiritual environment. 

The Fairy Butterfly appeared every household and door. Its body was slim, and its wings were lithe. At a certain season of the year, it could be seen soaring inside and outside of courtyards. No matter where one went, one could always see its figure. 

During the night when sleeping, if the window was left open, the fragrance left from the Fairy Butterfly while it was dancing around would seep in. Not only would it help with sleep, but it could also heal a few ailes of the sleeper. The citizens of this city practically would never get sick, and even the older men and women were full of vitality; one would never see them cough. 

There were two types of Fairy Butterflies in Xiang Rong City. One was raised by the masters of courtyards inside their courtyards. Even without signing a soul pact, it would accompany the courtyard’s master like a child as it grew older. The other type was nurtured somewhere in the city. The latter of these Fairy Butterflies were full of the novel beauty of the city and would wander this thriving city. They would help the fresh flowers blossom, young sprouts grow and vines interweave… 

“Big brother, this place is truly beautiful. It’s as if we’ve entered a forest in a fantasy.” Ning Maner was excited tas she ran back and forth on the streets, stepping on the soft ground formed by interweaving branches. She resembled a rabbit returning home. 

Nine Maner was holding Chu Mu’s arm as they walked behind, slightly smiling as he watched this young girl who was without any worry. 

“Pu pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~”

The sound of wings lightly beating could be heard in the soft, fragrant wind. Ning Maner stood next to the pond of water and pretended she was a Fairy Butterfly. She bent her waist and her small, graceful body performed a gentle arc. 

This was a charming dancing pose. It not only attracted the praise from the surrounding people, but also attracted countless Fairy Butterflies. They surrounded Ning Maner and became her dancing partner.

There were multiple colors in the air, as if several different colored shimmering stars were circling this lithely moving girl. In an instant, Ning Maner had become the focal point of the people of this street. The young men watched this graceful and elegant young girl with intoxication while the women were attracted by this aesthetic scene. It was hard to move one’s eyes away.

“This young girl can surprisingly attract Fairy Butterflies.” 

“How beautiful.” 

The city’s Fairy Butterflies were free, elegant but also somewhat proud. They would rarely approach humans and would always live their own lives. 

This city had written laws that killing a Fairy Butterfly was equivalent to killing a person. Therefore, people wouldn’t go disturb them. 

The Fairy Butterflies and Accompanying Fairy Butterflies in this city were different. Many people hoped to obtain the attention from these unique creatures, but aside from a few genuine flower teachers, medicine teachers and soul teachers, others were rarely surrounded by Fairy Butterflies. 

Ning Maner didn’t use any powder to attract them, nor did she use some communication method. Instead, purely through her casual dancing and laughter, she was able to become a princess that seemed to be protected by these Fairy Butterflies… 

“This girl you picked up is truly special.” Ye Qingzi laughed and looked at Chu Mu. But she discovered that Chu Mu was a bit absent minded as he watched this young dancing fairy. Her hand subconsciously moved up Chu Mu’s arm, and pinched him to cause him to come back to his senses. 

Chu Mu’s body had been tempered a thousand times. This young woman’s actions could not harm him, and he continued to be a bit absent minded. 

The adjacent Ye Qingzi was upset, but she couldn’t do anything about Chu Mu.

Increasingly many Fairy Butterflies gathered around Ning Maner. These special organisms came from originally just the street but then started unknowingly gathering from the surrounding streets and eventually the entire city… 


Suddenly, someone pointed at the sky.

People abruptly discovered that the sky above the street was now covered in a multi-colored mist that was floating towards them! 

“So many… so many Fairy Butterflies!!!” 

People began to shout out in exclamation and disbelief. 

Only flower emperor teachers and the noble Empress Concubine could cause so many Fairy Butterflies to gather. Yet, a mysterious young girl with unknown origins was able to continuously attract Fairy Butterflies to her. 

“Big brother, quickly look. They all like to play with me!” Ning Maner was full of smiles and she lithely made her way over to Chu Mu as if she wanted to share some of the fun with him.

Chu Mu knew of Ning Maner’s ability. Even White Nightmares, these savage creatures, would do their utmost to protect her. Clearly, there didn’t need to be anything said about these Fairy Butterflies that were innately pure and friendly. She was a natural favorite, a favorite of myriad creatures. 

“Pu pui pu pu pu!!!!!!”

Suddenly, just as Ning Maner approached Chu Mu, all of the Fairy Butterflies seemed to have been frightened. They beat their wings and abruptly dispersed from Ning Maner’s side.. 

Ning Maner looked at them in shock. She surveyed the surroundings and discovered that these Fairy Butterflies were no longer flying over. Instead, they were flying away.

“Fairy Butterflies are the most sensitive creatures and can sense the heart of a person. They will maintain a respectful distance from those with an evil heart. Younger brother is truly outlandish. This woman with natural beauty and who resembles fairies and saintess is able to attract Fairy Butterflies. Yet, the moment she approaches you, they are immediately repelled by the evil in your heart.” at this moment, an adjacent middle aged man slowly spoke. 

This middle aged man was probably older. His hair was white and while his body looked healthy, he probably had numerous illnesses. Most particularly, this man was wearing black eyepatches. He was probably blind. 

“Big brother is truly repulsive.” blamed Ning Maner. It had taken her much effort to summon so many Fairy Butterflies. Yet, the moment they approached her, they were all scared away. 

Chu Mu stood there, and bitterly laughed while he shook his head. He hadn’t done anything. 

“Old mister, you seem to understand Fairy Butterflies very well.” as a soul pet trainer, Chu Mu naturally was very interested in all kinds of soul pets. Moreover, he was able to remember that not long ago when he spent the night on the tree with Ye Qingzi, he seemed to have seen a group of high ranking Fairy Butterflies. 

“Haha, I’ve lived here for many many years. Young man, you should be someone from Nightmare Palace, right?” wisely asked the blind man. 

Chu Mu was a bit astonished as he looked at him. He was able to guess that he was a Nightmare Palace person, meaning that this old man knew that he had a White Nightmare. 

TL: No idea why he called him ‘middle aged’ first.

“Old mister’s judgement abilities are very good.” Chu Mu didn’t deny it as he could be considered a Nightmare Palace member. 

“This city isn’t very welcoming to Nightmare Palace members. Don’t stir up trouble.” after speaking, the old blind man turned around and left, disappearing in the slowly dispersing crowd. 

A while after the old man left, Ye Qingzi softly said: “That old man is blind, yet why is he able to move so smoothly.” 

“His soul remembrance is higher than mine. He is a hidden expert, and was attracted here by Ning Maner’s uniqueness.” said Chu Mu. 

“Oh? We were able to encounter an expert just like that?” astonishedly said Ye Qingzi. 

“This city is probably home to the most hidden experts. Older soul pet trainers after completing their life’s ambitions will peacefully enjoy the rest of their life here. Even those who haven’t completed their ambition will come here in pity or to hopefully entrust it to the next generation…” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi looked profoundly at Chu Mu before giving him a cute eye roll: “Why is a young and vigorous man speaking such mature and decrepit things. It sounds so weird.” 

Chu Mu earnestly nodded his head: “That’s right, young and vigorous.” 

Ye Qingzi initially didn’t react to Chu Mu repeating “young and vigorous” again. However, when she saw his expression and how he was looking at her rather cunningly and sniggering, she immediately understood his flirtatious words. 

Ye Qingzi’s face was instantly filled with red clouds and she pinched the flesh on his arm before softly scolding: “Rascal, no wonder those Fairy Butterflies were dispersed by you. Not only is your heart evil, but your thoughts are extremely unhealthy!” 

Ye Qingzi discovered that everytime this fellow did something immoral, he would do so without batting an eyelid. People who didn’t understand would think that Chu Mu was being proper and serious, incapable of thinking of something so disgusting. 

“Haven’t you discovered that I’m only evil to you?” Chu Mu enjoyed flirting with Ye Qingzi and when he saw this girl, who was normally as calm as a demon, charmingly get angry, Chu Mu felt very accomplished. 

“Hmph, who knows…” Ye Qingzi wouldn’t play along with his games. She didn’t know where this fellow who used to be so proper had learned all of these arbitrary bad thoughts. She angrily said: “I’m going on a stroll with Maner. You aren’t allowed to come.” 

“Ok, go.” Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi wasn’t playing around. Instead, as a woman, she had things to buy that weren’t convenient for men to buy with. Naturally, they would go for a stroll themselves. 

With second white and fourth white following them, Chu Mu didn’t need to worry that something would happen to them. After all, at that rank, unless they intentionally met up with a few experts, the chances of them casually encountering an expert with intentions against them were nearly zero. 

As for them encountering trouble, there was less to worry about. Ye Qingzi herself was a high class emperor and the small troubles that she would have to deal with would be considered as huge matters that alarmed the whole city in the eyes of others. 

This city didn’t have the three great palaces. Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi wanted to refine things, so he planned on first renting a medicine teacher’s courtyard and then plan out how to increase the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength. 

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