Chapter 868: A Lithe Appearance, Mysterious Wing Type Organism

Chapter 868: A Lithe Appearance, Mysterious Wing Type Organism

Chu Mu didn’t stay in soul city for too long. After Ye Wansheng and Shen Yue left, Chu Mu also brought Ye Qingzi and Ning Maner towards Xiangrong City.

Xiangrong city is near Wanxiang City. If they didn’t stay for too long in Xiangrong City, it wouldn’t take long for them to reach Wanxiang from there.

Chu Mu had somehow gained a sticky little girl which got Ye Qingzi curious as to where he met her.

Chu Mu replied that he picked her up off the road.

This wasn’t even wrong. Ning Maner indeed was picked up along the way, yet she was as sticky as a piece of gum now.

The wild little fellow was the type that everyone liked, quickly getting close with Ye Qingzi. Whenever Chu Mu gave the wild little girl a menacing stare, Ning Maner would always hide behind Ye Qingzi and complain, making Ye Qingzi return the stare back at Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi really liked Ning Maner, especially because of her talent that could grow soul items. To Ye Qingzi, this meant she had an infinite moving soul item ingredient generator, which was incredible for her soul abilities.

Ye Qingzi’s current maximum was around middle class emperor rank. After the spirit ability competition, Ye Qingzi already tried to make high class emperor rank soul items. At this time, she needed a vast amount of resources to practice with.

When soul teachers practiced, it burned through money incredibly fast. Ye Qingzi didn't have any powerful background, so all her practice ingredients she had to gather herself, which took up a long time.

With Ning Maner, Ye Qingzi could just buy seeds of some soul items and she could have endless practice materials. It won’t be long before she successfully makes a top tier emperor rank soul item.

Chu Mu’s devil tree, Qin, and ghost monarch king were all still middle class emperor rank, and they definitely couldn’t all complete their strengthening themselves, so a high class emperor rank soul item was extremely necessary. Presumably after Xiangrong City, with another complete training, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets could reach high class emperor rank.

If anyone else knew how Chu Mu was progressing in emperor rank as easily as he was in monarch rank, probably even the senior elders would be jealous.



Little Mo Xie laid on chu Mu’s shoulder, yawning cutely and had eyes full of boredom.

Chu Mu turned his head around to look at little Mo Xie and laughed, “There aren't many opportunities for you in the human realm anymore.”

As he spoke, Chu Mu pulled little Mo Xie off his shoulder, and slowly helped her tidy up the fur that was messed up by Ning Maner.

Little Mo Xie flicked her nine tails around satisfyingly and half-closed her eyes, letting out a low purr.

“I wonder how Night, Zhan Ye, and little hidden dragon are doing.” Chu Mu seemed to speak to Mo Xie, but also seemed to be talking to himself.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~~” Little Mo Xie lifted his head, her bright eyes gazing into the distance as she seemed to remember Night who always tried to act cold and cool, Zhan Ye who never spoke more than a sentence, and little hidden dragon who would always grab onto her tails and swing around when it was young…...

“Chu Mu, Xiangrong city is a tenth rank kingdom capital that belongs to soul alliance. It has no three palace factions.” Ye QIngzi pulled out her map and walked by Chu Mu.

Before Chu Mu could even look over, little Mo Xie tilted her head and stared at where Ye Qingzi pointed, looking as if she understood everything.

“Are there any bewildering worlds around?” Chu Mu asked. This was what Chu Mu was more worried about. Without bewildering worlds, his soul pets won’t be able to get any training and this city will lose all attraction to him.

“South of it is the famous Xiangrong Forest Sea. The Xiangrong Forest Sea extends straight to the south forbidden realm. It’s extremely broad and even a few years won’t be enough to explore it fully.” Ye Qingzi spoke and saw little Mo Xie’s eyes light up. Smiling, she rubbed her furry ears and continued, “Don’t even think about it, even deep in the forbidden realm we won’t be able to find many enemies for you to train against.”

There weren’t that many top tier emperor ranks, so the fight-loving Mo Xie was napping all day, utterly bored from everything.

The higher the rank, the less fighting chances one got. Maybe this was why emperor ranks found it so hard to raise their strength. After all, once they were at that rank, it was hard to meet opponents everywhere they went. Without battle, the raising of strength became much harder. Adding on the scarcity of resources…….

With Ye Qingzi’s words, Mo Xie had to shrink her head back and put her eyes on White NIghtmare Emperor instead, looking to fight it to get some challenge.

White Nightmare Emperor smiled and pointed at the sky, signaling that it was going to be dark soon so it didn’t want to fight.

Once night time came and moonlight fell, little fox would become abnormally powerful, so white nightmare emperor clearly wouldn’t ask for trouble himself.

White nightmare emperor didn’t want to fight so Mo Xie, so it started looking at fourth white nightmare .a

White four stared into the sky and acted like it didn’t see little Mo Xie at all.

When little Mo Xie played with white four, usually she only used a single type. Even so, white four still was bullied by Mo Xie.

“Brother, white one should be back by now, he’s left for so long.” Ning Maner asked.

“En. should be.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu was meeting stronger and stronger enemies now, and many times he couldn’t protect ye QIngzi and Ning Maner well with only one soul pet. Nightmare dominator was the best bodyguard. After all, they liked being around the wild little girl anyways. With some materials, Ye Qingzi could also make some soul items that slightly strengthened white four to white ten, they could improve their strength too.

Wild soul pet strength’s raising can’t be as swift as humans signing soul pacts with soul pets. After all, humans have a full civilization built on understanding soul pets, while wild soul pets don’t have that knowledge to build upon.


As Chu Mu and the other three get closer to Xiangrong City, the nearby forests became denser. In fact, after going past the mountain, the scene coming into view was another cyan and autumn colored forest sea, seeing no end.

Going into the night, the two girls pitched a tent. Liking cleanliness, they couldn’t always sleep on the branches.

On the hundred year old branches, Chu Mu laid against it and closed his eyes to enter meditation.

After reaching high remembrance soul emperor, Chu Mu found it incredibly difficult to reach the eighth remembrance. In fact, after this long, his soul remembrance still felt as if it just broke through, seeing no improvement.

“Looks like meditation no longer works.” chu Mu laughed bitterly and slowly closed his eyes, gazing at the stars that dotted the night like sand.

After a while, Chu Mu heard the light footsteps under him.

Without turning around Chu Mu knew it was Ye QIngzi who had just finished putting Ning Maner to sleep.

“What’s up, looking so troubled?” ye QIngzi lightly leaped onto the branch and sat down beside Chu Mu, lightly swinging her attractive legs.

The first time he saw Ye QIngzi, Chu Mu was attracted by Ye Qingzi’s elegant long legs.

The branch was very thick and provided enough space for the both of them. Chu Mu laid against the trunk and let Ye Qingzi lay in his arms. His arm naturally fell on ye Qingzi’s alluring legs and started rubbing them slightly.

Ye Qingzi feigned anger and pressed down on Chu Mu’s arm, blushing slightly as she said, “Don’t be dirty.”

How could Chu Mu listen? At other times, Ning Maner would always be in the way. Everytime Chu Mu smelled the special scent Ye QIngzi had after making soul items, he was always a little eager for more.


Suddenly, a wave of black shadows whooshed through the starlit skies with a fluttering of wings.

The dark shadow was extremely dense, like a black cloud that blotted out the sky. They flew past from Chu Mu and Ye QIngzi’s vision, looking like they were scared or receiving orders…...

Chu Mu was rubbing Ye Qingzi’s leg, but feeling the powerful auras, he slightly creased his brows.

“That group of organisms didn’t seem simple.” Ye Qingzi looked at the slowly distant organsims and said.

“En, they flew towards Xiangrong City. It’s very rare to see such high level wing type organisms get into groups in the human realm.” Chu Mu nodded.

“We are a little off the track. This should be near the deep end of a bewildering world.” ye Qingzi said.

The world was huge and had everything. Chu Mu would often run into these advanced organisms in the past fly over, leaving behind them a shock as well as a sliver of hope of standing at the same height as them.

In the past, it was always envy. Now, Chu Mu was more rueful because he was already standing above all these organisms he used to look up to.

However, for some reason, all these organisms that seemed like they were running or receiving orders reminded Chu Mu of the high class emperor rank heavenly devil insect that was red-eyed and controlled…...

“Chu Mu? What are you thinking about?” Ye QIngzi said a few sentences to Chu Mu but noticed him spacing out.

Chu Mu came back to his senses and saw Ye  Qingzi curiously looking up, breathing her question out.

Chu Mu naturally thought it was nothing to worry about. Seeing Ye Qingzi already coming so close, he pulled his arm in and made ye Qingzi lose her balance, allowing him to enjoy the soft and wet little mouth of hers.

Ye Qingzi at first struggled a little, wriggling her hips, but she quickly got into the mood and hugged Chu Mu’s neck with her arm.

“Let’s make another tent?” Chu Mu said to ye QIngzi in his embrace softly.

Ye Qingzi’s face went red and nodded shyly, “En.”

Couples in deep love often missed their surroundings.

Just as Chu Mu was kissing Ye Qingzi and grabbing her legs, Chu Mu failed to notice that, not long after the huge group of advanced wing type soul pets flew by, another wing type organism flitted across, alone- outstanding, and gorgeous.

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