Chapter 867: What do you mean they were close?

In the faraway western sea realm, it was boundless.

Purple fog covered the blue sea, creating a beautiful gradient of colors.

The fog was like a dragon or phoenix, constantly changing shape with the sea wind.

However, this fog couldn’t be blown apart or blown thinner, always pervading the faintly discernible ground.

On the calm sea surface, a completely black and handsome creature stood, its pupils shining with joy as it stared at the fog in the distance.

It’s here!

Spending so long, running around the infinite eternal ocean, he finally found it here.

This was the kingdom of demons, the sacred grounds of all demons, and the final resting grounds for the strongest demons. Their destination was this - Demonic Burial Mound!

Standing at the sea realm, Ye could already feel the powerful demon aura hitting him. This sacred ground has existed for countless years, an unknown amount, yet it was like a mark that was deeply imprinted in every rogue demon’s soul, knowing that one was destined to look for it from birth…...

At this moment, Ye’s dark eyes constantly blinked.

King- to Little Night was a phrase that he never thought about nor attempted to think about.

However, ever since that human left prison island and stepped on the journey to become stronger, the word King became deeply imprinted into it. It was so deep that whenever the human used his black eyes to look upwards and persevere, Night felt its blood boiling too.

The blood in its body and its restless soul meant for it to leave prison island, and it was destined to one day look for the place that was marked as “home” 

That was the true home of rogue demons, the real ending for them.

“Next time I see you, you need to become the kings of your hearts!”

Night and Chu Mu were connected by heart. When they initially split, Night ran crazily. At the same time it was running, Night heard the words that caused it to tear up as it ran.

Now, Night finally found the Demonic Burial Mound. When it turned around and gazed back at the endless sea, its eyes slowly moistened again because it truly took another step towards being the true king in its heart.

Night faced forward again, and gazed at the purple fog enshrouded land. Stepping on sea water, it walked towards this long awaited sacred land.

Night still hadn’t relaxed just because it reached the Demonic Burial Mound, because it knew clearly that regardless of any demon home or the utmost Demonic Burial Mound, before it entered, it had to get the recognition of demons at the territory.

Before it came here, Night met countless old demons that could only laid weakly in their lairs, needing young demons to keep them alive. Their eyes were lost, yet when the Demonic Burial Mound was mentioned, the regret in their eyes was easily seen.

Countless powerful demons stepped onto this sacred land, but were then expelled by the protectors of the place. Countless more demons, trying to find a place in this demon land, died in cruel combat and were buried at the cliff of this sacred land.

This was the true home of all rogue demons, but it was also the burial ground of them!

In this place, powerful demons were everywhere. Night, who was already high class emperor rank, knew clearly that it may not even have the chance to enter the island because the old demons that told it where to go were also middle and high class emperor ranks!


Two months later, the soul city that saw a bloodbath finally returned to peace.

This city was gifted. It had been destroyed many times in history, yet it would always get rebuilt by countless people, and still stood as the most authoritative city for soul teachers.

This war mainly destroyed all the eastward streets in the plaza, so it was a hefty loss. However, due to the massive and sturdy foundation of soul city, it wasn’t completely unsalvageable.

City Master was still Yang Que.

However, this city wasn’t just led by Yang Que.


“Brother, are you really leaving?” Outside soul palace, Ye QIngzi looked at Ye Wansheng, who was packed and ready to leave, saying worriedly.

Ye Wansheng walked by Ye Qingzi and rubbed her hair, saying dotingly, “Don’t want me to go still? Just go with your man, brother has his own path to walk.”

As he said, Ye Wansheng added in a small voice, “Walking alongside your man hurts my pride as well.”

With Ye Wansheng’s “Your man” every other sentence, Ye Qingzi’s face turned red.

The brother and sister pair were truly with each other their entire lives, and were never apart for long. This split was Ye Wansheng decision. After all, they finally finished their teacher’s last will, so they could now live their own lives.

“Let’s leave and meet in Wanxiang City.” Ye Wansheng didn’t stick around for longer, waving his hand, and easily riding away on his Star Wilderness Devil Colt.

Ye Qingzi saw her brother leave, and felt somewhat bad. However, she quickly noticed Ye Wansehng meeting up with a woman just as he turned the corner and left together…...

“That asshole, he’s just leaving to travel with Shen Yue, not to train alone.” Ye Qingzi bit her lip, losing the meager amounts of sadness she felt before.

“Shen Mo, are you really just selling your sister over to him?” Chu Mu stood aside and found it funny, glancing at Shen Mo.

“They like each other, so its not really selling. I’m not blind, how could I not see that the girl says she hates the guy but secretly liked him already. She’s just doing it because she’s a little ashamed of the guy’s flashy personality.” Shen Mo smiled. Just as he finished, he added another sentence, “However, if that kid treats my sister poorly, I’ll rip him apart.”

Hearing this, Chu Mu laughed and shook his head, “Why are all brothers the same.”

Shen Mo paused, looked at Ye Qingzi, and then quickly understood Chu Mu’s grumbling and laughed, “He still needs the power to do so though, since young master Chu is basically invincible now.”

Invincible? Chu Mu didn’t think so. At least, without going half devil, he couldn't even beat a single soul pet of Mu Qingyi.

Speaking of which, Chu Mu truly had to thank Mu Qingyi. If she didn't give him the retracting soul technique to him in the ice mirror world, when Zhu Chao came to kill him, he truly would have had trouble. After all, White Nightmare wasn’t there yet.

Without White Nightmare, Chu Mu would only have the defense of a dominator rank but wouldn’t have any dominator rank techniques. Though he would be fine, he probably couldn't save Ye Qingzi.

“What are you doing next?” Shen Mo looked at the hotly loving couples, and raised an eyebrow.

“Our destination is Wanxiang City. We’ll train along the way, but we don’t have a destined direction.” Chu Mu looked at ye Qingzi and said.

“Do you know Emperor Concubine?” Shen Mo said.   

“I’ve heard.” Chu Mu nodded.

The two concubines were Heavenly Concubine and Emperor Concubine. Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi was someone Chu Mu knew. The wild kiss they shared in the ice mirror world still came into his mind once in a while, but it was just a mere thought and nothing more.

As for Emperor Concubine, Chu Mu didn’t know much. He only knew she seemed to be a goddess of wanxiang realm, someone who earned the hearts of everyone in wanxiang realm. Even Mu Qingyi was lackluster compared to her.

“This woman will perform a Nature’s Praise in Xiangrong City. Didn’t you want to raise your wood type soul pets’ strengths? You can go towards Xiangrong city.” Shen Mo said.

“Raising the wood type soul pet’s strength, what does that have to do with the Nature’s Praise? Chu Mu said questioningly.

“She’s the city master of Xiangrong City yet she rarely goes back, and also Xiangrong City is the heaven of all plant world soul pets. I heard Teng Lang say you are close with Heavenly Concubine, so she probably could help give a recommendation for you. If you could get any tips from emperor concubine, it would be great for your wood type soul pets. Our Nightmare Palace elder Han’s Thousand Eyed Devil Tree reached top tier emperor rank because of her.” Shen Mo said as he showed signs of admiration.

Chu Mu’s face instantly blackened. Teng Lang indeed had a big mouth. Chu Mu was secretly also wondering why a nightmare palace young master was this close to soul palace third young master. Weren't they sworn enemies a few years back?

However, Chu Mu quickly found another problem and asked, “What, is Emperor Concubine also neutral?”

Both of these authoritative females of soul alliance seemed to be neutral, even helping nightmare palace elders break through in strength.

“En. She doesn’t like conflict and sometimes even helps us three palace out. I met her once and truly understood what it meant for a person to be above mortals…..” Speaking of that, Shen Mo showed some signs of infatuation, presumably admiring this emperor concubine as well.

With Shen Mo’s words, Chu Mu suddenly remembered Chu lang saying every man’s second dream was to conquer the two female goddesses.

Soul alliance two concubines were probably both incredibly beautiful or else how could so many men be attracted to them.

Too bad both of them were equally impossible to reach.

Since Shen Mo suggested he could go towards Xiangrong City, Chu Mu could train his devil tree battle soldier. Chu Mu talked with Ye Qingzi and discussed with her to make the next destination Xiangrong City.

“Chu Mu, let me ask you a question.” Ye QIngzi hugged Chu Mu’s arm and lifted her face up slightly, her luscious lips lifting up into a smile that almost invited one to sample them further.

“En, ask.” Chu Mu didn’t care, instead lowering his head to try to kiss Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi calmly avoided him and smiled gently, “What did he mean by you’re close with Heavenly Concubine?”

Chu Mu reacted swiftly and replied without breaking a sweat, “We just recognize each other.”

“Oh.” Ye Qingzi nodded and didn’t continue.

Chu Mu finally didn’t dare to continue to kiss Ye Qingzi in public, feeling a little guilty. Secretly, he was sweating and wondering why women had such sharp instincts. How could she tell something was off just with a casual mention from Shen Mo?

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