Chapter 866: As if Separated for a Lifetime, Unfamiliarity After 20 Years

“Big brother, did you help Maner kill that big enemy of mine…”

Ning Maner wore a smile as she opened the door to the room. She had the fragrance of a woman, and her beautiful eyes were limpid as she searched for Chu Mu. 

However, when she saw Chu Mu holding on to a woman with an incomparably envious body while he slept, Ning Maner’s expression became one of shock and curiosity. 

She tilted her head and looked at the adjacent Princess Wan Ning. She asked in a soft voice: “Why is brother holding a woman while he sleeps? And he’s sleeping so comfortably too.” 

After Princess Wan Ning saw this scene, she pretty much understood what was happening. She pulled Ning Maner out of the room and quietly closed the door.

“Big sister, what’s the matter?” Ning Maner clearly didn’t understand much about love, and she looked inquisitively at Princess Wan Ning whose expression had slightly changed. 

A warm smile rose on Princess Wan Ning’s face as she said: “Nothing, I just was thinking too much.”

Ning Maner nodded her head as if she understood.

“Don’t disturb them.” Princess Wan Ning pulled Ning Waner away from the courtyard. In her mind surfaced the peaceful faces of that man and woman. Her heart seemed a bit disappointed, mixed with a tinge of jealousy and well wishes for them.



Outside Wanxiang City.

A vast snow white sea of forest stretched east. The autumn leaves swayed in the wind making the white sea seem like it was rippling. It was beautiful and bewitching.

Above the white sea of trees, a man stood alone atop the trees. His body moved along with the trees as they undulated.

“Yuan Sui.” the man looked down through the dense forest, staring at a man leisure making his way over.

“Bai Yu.” the man on the ground raised his head and stared at the other man who used to be so glorious that others didn’t dare directly look at him.

Twenty years ago, this man had swept through the world and had defeated all of the incomparably arrogant experts in Wanxiang Realm. That included himself.

His appearance hadn’t changed, but his hair had turned white and his eyes seemed to have been aged through two life times. They couldn’t be seen through.

“This person is…” the man on the ground called Yuan Sui glanced at the young woman lying peacefully next to him.

This woman’s face was covered, but the wind would lift it up, revealing her beauty, capable of causing cities to fall, and preventing others from looking away. She lay quietly on the ground full of fallen white flower petals. She was so beautiful that it didn’t seem natural.

“How is she?” asked Bai Yu, insipidly. 

“Very similar, very similar. Is she the daughter of the two of you?” Yuan Sui stared at the woman, who was as beautiful as a fairy, and absent mindedly asked a question. 

“Yes.” Bai Yu nodded his head. 

Yuan Sui was silent. He could tell that no matter how breathtaking or moving this woman was, there was no longer any signs of life in her. She was just a beautiful corpse. 

“Who was it that awoke me from the glacier nearly twenty years later? Who was it that caused her to sacrifice her young life for me? I, Bai Yu, don’t want to investigate. I only want you to tell me how to traverse through the eastern forbidden region.” Bai Yu’s tone was calm. 

Yuan Sui was silent. A while later he said: “You only want to save her?” 

“If I wanted to kill people, I wouldn’t come see you, the current Hero Chief!” Bai Yu’s gaze was profound, carrying an imposing feeling. It made others feel as though Wanxiang City was tiny.  

Yuan Sui’s staunch face carried traces of bitterness. 

It was had nearly been twenty years. This man in front of him had been frozen in ice for nearly twenty years. But now how great of a chance did he have of defeating him? 

“I can tell you, but it’s best if you don’t return because that person…” Hero Chief Yuan Sui sighed. 

“I will decide that, not him.” after speaking, Bai Yu looked down. 

Yuan Sui looked at this Nightmare Emperor that previously stood at the very summit of Nightmare Palace...

Time had flown by. This man whose ambitions had been deep and passion like an ocean had now become a heart broken and aged father. As for himself… 

“Regardless if the next time we meet we clash blades, you will still be my most respected older brother.” slowly said Yuan Sui. 

Bai Yu glanced at this familiar yet unfamiliar man. Just yesterday, he was but a stubborn young man whose goal was defeating him. After a long sleep, today he had become the chief of the Four Heroes. It really was like he had awakened from a sleep. His own daughter that had seemed like a porcelain doll was now a great beauty. She was like her mother with heartbreaking beauty capable of causing cities to fall. Everything had changed; it was now so unfamiliar, as if it was a lifetime apart… 

“I’m leaving.” calmly said Bai Yu.

“Ok, this place can no longer hold you.” Yuan Sui turned around and waved his hand. He disappeared in the snowy white colored forest. 

Yuan Sui walked slowly, alone in this bewitching forest. 

Bai Yu’s arrival had been expected yet unexpected. It was expected because Yuan Sui didn’t believe that Bai Yu would easily let off the person that summoned him. What was unexpected was that in Bai Yu’s eyes, the only thing he truly loved and the only thing he cared for was to revive his daughter.     

Yuan Sui understood that that girl not only carried Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s guilty conscience from a father to a daughter, but even more so she was the spirit entrusted to her by the woman who had died many years ago… 

Perhaps only Yuan Sui himself knew why Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu had challenged the Nightmare Ancestor. 

“How is he?” a spirited voice that sounded like nature rang out in Yuan Sui’s ear. However, no matter how moving and heart wrenching this voice was, there was no other emotion. 

“He only wants to save his daughter.” Yuan Sui looked up at the woman wearing a golden mask in front of him. 

“Did he lie?” asked the golden masked woman. 

Yuan Sui shook his head. Those eyes wouldn’t deceive, especially when they were looking at her. 

“We have one less hidden danger now.” indifferently said the golden masked woman.

After speaking, she turned around. Her luxurious and charming long robe proudly dragged along the ground. As she took graceful steps, she seemed like a woman taking supple steps and that she was gracefully dancing. 

“Did you know? Zhu Chao is dead.” the masked woman didn’t turn around. Her purple rose-like hair casually swayed by her soft hips. 

“Oh? Who killed him?” Hero Chief Yuan Sui raised his eyebrows. 

“I remember that Soul City shouldn’t have had someone capable of killing him.” said the golden masked woman. 

“Since Bai Yu was here, he didn’t kill Zhu Chao.” said Yuan Sui.

During this chaotic period, it wasn’t strange if someone died. However, Yuan Sui understood Zhu Chao’s strength. Besides Li Hong, it would be extremely difficult for anyone else in the three great palaces to take his life.

I’ve heard that most recently a young expert has appeared in the three great palaces.” 

“Yes, Chu Fangchen. However, we don’t need to be afraid for now.” 

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