Chapter 865: Who Killed Him? How About You Go Down and Ask?

“Chu Mu… don’t…” the aroused Ye Qingzi coquettishly placed her cheek on Chu Mu’s shoulder. She embarrassedly felt Chu Mu do naughty things. 

The red blush on Ye Qingzi’s face was alluring and cute. However, she was still conservative at the end of the day and even if she was more aroused, she would not continue in this kind of a serene forest. That would be too embarrassing. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. His hand that he was originally unable to restrain retracted from the inside of Ye Qingzi’s clothes and moved so that it was now holding onto Ye Qingzi’s soft waist. 

Back at the Great Chu Family’s banquet, Chu Mu had been bewildered as to how those people had made love to each other in the forest. Now, he finally understood. When the emotions were hard to repress, as long as it was a place that rarely saw people and wouldn’t be disturbed, who cared about whether the environment was too fresh and clean. 

Right now, Chu Mu didn’t care about the environment at all. Indeed, he was used to sleeping and living outdoors. However, Ye Qingzi was a good girl. Her face was flushed red right now, and she buried it in Chu Mu’s embrace. She didn’t really want to look at Chu Mu in the eyes and furtively rearranged her clothes. 

Of course, the main problem was that Shen Qiu seemed to be coming with a group of people. Ignoring the fact of how this fellow managed to find him, Chu Mu was grumbling that he had come at a very inconvenient time! 

Having a period to be affectionate with Qingzi was already so hard to come by. First, he was disturbed by that old thing Zhu Chao and now Shen Qiu was coming. If they were in the ice mirror world, this problem would not have occurred. 


“Chu Fangchen, you… you’re alright?” Shen Qiu stared with wide eyes at the man and women pressed close together and unwilling to part. 

“Why do you always seem to be disappointed…” Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Shen Qiu’s words were too laughable!  

“Did you not encounter Zhu Chao?” a Nightmare Palace great elder urgently asked. 

“Aren’t you still chasing Zhu Chao?” responded Chu Mu with a serious face. 

To his side, Ye Qingzi threw a furtive glance at the pile of scorched grass to the side, and quickly understood Chu Mu’s intentions. 

It seemed that Chu Mu wouldn’t admit that he killed the true Zhu Chao. 

As for how the true Zhu Chao died, these old fellows from the three great palaces could only guess themselves. After all, there was no evidence. 

 “We were tricked!” another great elder angrily said! 

“This Zhu Chao is too crafty!” a few great elders were extremely annoyed.

Seeing Chu Fangchen safe and sound, Shen Qiu was much more relieved. However, he was full of suspicion right now because according to his conjecture, there really were two Zhu Chaos. Otherwise, the Zhu Chao that was being pursued would not have not summoned another more powerful soul pet when he reached the end of the road. 

After pondering this for a while, Shen Qiu was ultimately unable to reach an answer and could only leave it.

“You two youngsters are truly something. You completely ignored what kind of a situation it is right now and ran off here to fool around. Come back with us to the palaces!” lectured Shen Qiu without a shred of politeness. 

The red blush that Ye Qingzi managed to get rid of with great difficulty came back. She clearly was a bit flustered. 

Chu Mu let out an embarrassed laugh. Shen Qiu’s eyes were too venomous, and he could even see through this. He had only shared a long kiss with Ye Qingzi and then felt up a bit of Ye Qingzi’s soft body. He didn’t do anything else, eh. 

Shen Qiu and the four elders were worried about Chu Mu’s safety and escorted him back to Soul Palace. 

Upon returning to Soul Palace, Shen Qiu discovered that the three great palaces were unharmed and that Yang Que was obediently staying in place. He hadn’t made any rash actions. 

Thus, even Shen Qiu now believed that he had been tricked. 

With safety as a priority, Shen Qiu left the four great elders in the palaces while he flew east to ensure that Zhu Yi and the others were completely eradicated. 

Before leaving, Shen Qiu threw a strange look at Chu Mu. He hesitated whether to ask that young man about the patch of grass burned by devil flames in the forest. 

However, after thinking it over, even if Chu Fangchen still had a trump card and truly killed Zhu Chao, looking at how this young man wasn’t giving away anything with his expressions, he probably wouldn’t tell him. 


A hundred meters outside the city.

Numerous high class emperors had surrounded Zhu Yi and his soul pets. 

Most of Zhu Yi’s subordinates had run away. Those fellows who feared death would not loyally protect their master in this sort of a situation. 

Right now, Zhu Yi’s expression was twisted and malevolent. His eyes seemed like they were going to pop out of their sockets as he glared at Shen Mo! 

Nightmare Palace’s Shen Mo. Zhu Yi had underestimated this fellow’s strength. He never expected that Nightmare Palace’s Crown Prince had broken through the high class emperor rank and reached the peak emperor rank! 

Indeed, it was Shen Mo’s vine type peak emperor that had greatly inhibited Zhu Yi’s soul pets. It precluded him from being able to break free of this predicament. 

Soul Alliance had always been haughty and proud. They believed that their strength was capable of commanding everything. However, they never expected that in the past 20 years, the three great palaces hadn’t remained quiet.  Instead, countless new experts had sprung out of them and they had deeply hidden their strengths! 

Shen Mo was one of these deeply hidden experts!

This time in uprooting Soul Alliance from Soul City, Shen Mo’s contributions hadn’t been any less than Chu Fangchen because the ambition to uproot Soul Alliance from Soul City hadn’t come from Shen Qiu, but rather from this unassuming Nightmare Palace Crown Prince!

When Zhu Yi and Yang Que knew that Nightmare Palace’s Crown Prince was entering Soul City, they never expected that he hadn’t come purely for travels, but instead to bring an enormous Nightmare Palace army into the city without warning. When had he and how had he managed to sneak such a force into the city? Nobody knew. 

Zhu Yi was angry because of this defeat. He hadn’t lost to Nightmare Palace’s second ranked expert, Shen Qiu, nor to some senior elder from the three great palaces, but rather to two young men who he had never paid attention to before - Chu Fangchen and Shen Mo! 

“Senior Elder Shen has arrived. He has come back!” from afar suddenly rang out the excited cries of Nightmare Palace members. 

The elders who had Zhu Yi in a deadlock but were unable to take him down immediately let out pleased expressions.   

Shen Mo turned around and saw his father ride a Blood Winged Ice Tiger over with his incomparably tyrannical White Nightmares behind. His face revealed a smile. 

Since his father had returned so quickly, this meant that nothing had happened to the three great palaces and Chu Fangchen.

“Zhu Yi, you still haven’t left yet? Could you have been waiting for me, your senior, to come back and break your bones?” Shen Qiu’s mood was very good. Although he couldn’t be certain that Zhu Chao had been disposed of by Chu Fangchen, that brat, at least the situation in Soul City was completely in his grasp now. 

“Hmph, in order to kill me, you gave up on the palaces!” seeing Shen Qiu come, Zhu Yi gave up all hope.

“Your older brother, Zhu Chao, has already taken a step ahead of you. He’s watching you from the path to hell.” coolly said Shen Qiu. 

“He’s dead? That’s impossible! Absolutely impossible!! Nobody here can kill him!!!” roared Zhu Yi!

“You can use soul remembrance to look at Soul City and see if our palaces are unharmed.” said Shen Qiu.

Zhu Yi didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe that his older brother, Zhu Chao would die like that. 

He used his soul remembrance and peered into Soul City from a hundred kilometers away, looking into the three magnificent palaces in Soul City… 

The roofs three great palaces were still ostentatious and the palaces were mighty and imposing. There was no sign of destruction. 

“Who… who killed him…” Zhu Yi was dazed and had completely lost all hope. 

“Even I don’t know.” Shen Qiu had at some point ridden his Blood Winged Ice Tiger in front of Zhu Yi. Suddenly, his eyes flickered with a ruthless intent and in a mocking tone he said: 

“How about you go down and ask your brother?” 

Zhu Yi wasn’t able to react as Shen Qiu’s two White Nightmares created a flame that covered the sky. It shrouded everything from the tip of the heavens and down. By the time Zhu Yi reacted, he had already died in the white devil flames. 

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Zhu Yi couldn’t even let out a cry as his body was wrapped in devil flames. Under Shen Qiu’s cold gaze, he burned to ashes. Not even his soul remained. 

Watching Zhu Yi slowly disappear in the devil flames, Shen Mo glanced at his father and used soul remembrance to ask: “Chu Fangchen and our three great palaces are really unharmed?” 

“Yes.” nodded Shen Qiu.

"So there was no second Zhu Chao?”

“There was. If it was a trap, Zhu Yi could not have had such a look of disbelief before death.” seriously said Shen Qiu.

“Could it be…” Shen Mo showed an expression of shock.

“It was probably some absolute expert who killed him, but I’m not sure who it is.” said Shen Qiu in a low voice. 


In a courtyard where a flowery aroma was everywhere and birds happily sang. 

Falling leaves were drifting in the air and lightly landing on the pond, transforming into soft leaf boats that left ripples on the water...

After Shen Qiu had left, Chu Mu returned to his distinct courtyard. 

After opening the door, what entered Chu Mu’s eyes was a palpitating beautiful woman. She was already lying on his bed, peacefully asleep. Her alluring lips were even curved in a warm smile. 

When Chu Mu walked up to Ye Qingzi, she woke up. Her rosy allure couldn’t help but make people want to touch her face that was blossomed in a bewitchingly warm smile. 

“You must be tired. Have a good sleep.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi extended her slim arm and like a cute and helpless bird, burrowed herself into Chu Mu’s embrace. It was as if this man’s body heat could heal the coldness in her heart. For a while, she didn’t want to leave his embrace. 

Her emotions had been in a rollercoaster today. Ye QIngzi indeed was very tired. After cuddling in Chu Mu’s embrace, she lay against his chest and quietly fell into a sleep. 

Chu Mu originally had his own intentions, but upon seeing her in such a pitiful state, he couldn’t bear to disturb her. What Chu Mu felt towards Ye Qingzi was moreso pure love and affection than anything else.

In truth, Chu Mu himself was very tired as well. His heart was no longer like the heart of the young man who had desperately clutched onto survival on Nightmare Island. Too many memories affected his heart now, would emotionally move him and would make his eyes fill with warm tears… 

He had finally reunited with Ye Qingzi, and when he saw her beautiful smile as if she had been freed of a huge burden, the gap in Chu Mu’s heart was finally filled. 

He had been wandering for too long and been alone for too long. When he held the person he loved in his arms, his bruised and battered heart was instantly healed. 

Unknowingly, Chu Mu also fell into a deep sleep. 

It had been so many years since Chu Mu had last laid down his tensed mental state. Even in those two hours he would catch a sleep before the sun rose, he would always be wary of his surroundings. 

However, today, Chu Mu didn’t want anything to disturb him. He only wanted to hold on tightly to Ye Qingzi and to truly allow his heart to peacefully rest… 



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