Chapter 864: Monument Tear, The Appearance of Time

The evil silver devil flames burned silently, and filled the place with a feeling of death.

Zhu Chao’s sunken eyes were about to pop out of his sockets. The fear in his soul caused him to lose the ability to summon another soul pet!

A real dominator rank and near dominator was still a large difference. Zhu Chao knew this clearly. Even if he summoned all his soul pets, he won’t be able to stop this half devil dominator rank!

“Chu Mu…...Chu  Mu, you…...You’re the person that soul alliance wanted to kill, the person able to go half devil voluntarily, the king of Tianxia realm!!!!” Zhu Chao suddenly remembered the name!

No matter Tianxia Realm or Wanxiang realm, no one didn't know Chu Mu’s name!

That was truly an abnormality that scared all of soul pet trainer realm!

Seeing the silver half devil, to Zhu Chao’s shock, was even more unbelievable because he knew clearly that if the half devil Chu Mu was still alive, then the world would have another god-like presence much like soul alliance master!

Chu Mu extended a hand and slowly grabbed Zhu Chao’s skull, lifting him into the skies.

“There was a few questions I wanted to ask you. You reply as truthfully as possible, and you could die less painfully.” Chu Mu smiled evilly and his voice started multiplying as if it echoed through countless spaces.”

Zhu Chao was like a defenseless old man, pale and weak, not having any ability to resist.

“Just why did alliance master wanted to seal the mouth of others” Chu Mu asked.

Zhu Chao’s pupil shrunk and quickly dimmed down.

“I …...can’t answer that.” Zhu Chao couldn’t reply quickly because that soul pledge shrouded over him like a ghost, causing Zhu Chao to live in darkness for the rest of his life.

“You can reply in a way you are able to.” Chu Mu knew that even soul pledges had loopholes, so he was sure to be able to learn something from Zhu Chao at least.

“I can’t reply, I can’t reply!” Zhu Chao shook his head in fear. Nearly twenty years had passed since he dared to live under the sun because of this fear. This fear had already become the sturdiest mental barrier. He’d rather Chu Mu kill him right now than to say anything because he knew that man was far scarier than the half devil in front of him!

Chu Mu’s palm slowly started burning with silver devil flames. These devil flames passed through Zhu Chao’s body and went to his soul.

Zhu Chao’s soul was curled up in a ball and shaking. Through the seeping of soul devil flames, Chu Mu could feel that this fellow’s soul had a terror that had slowly grown under the past twenty years, becoming a shadow that engulfed his soul whenever certain things were mentioned.

“You truly are a pathetic person. What’s the meaning of continuing to live like this?” Chu Mu glanced through Zhu Chao’s soul and smiled.

Chu Mu knew that he couldn't possibly get information from a person who lived in fear of it for nearly twenty years.

If so, there was no point for Zhu Chao to continue living.

Chu Mu turned around and looked at Ye Qingzi who hadn’t recovered in a while and asked, “He is your real enemy……”

“Kill…...kill him.” Ye Qingzi said in a low voice.    

Though Zhu Chao revealed nothing, Ye Qingzi knew that the real Zhu Chao, after having betrayed her teacher Ying Rong, couldn’t get anything he wanted, and instead lived in utter terror.

This terror only came from one person, who was the soul alliance master, the strongest person in the world!

It was hard to imagine that because of a fear of him, Zhu Chao lived in darkness for nearly twenty years!

Chu Mu nodded, and the devil flames in Zhu Chao soul started burning up.

Chu Mu didn’t intentionally torture Zhu Chao because Zhu Chao already lived in a state where his soul was full of suffering. In fact, when the real pain started burning the soul drenched in fear, Zhu Chao’s bony face didn’t even show much pain.

“Don’t dare defy that man…...don’t even dare…..”

Devil flames spurted out of Zhu Chao’s throat, and slowly cut off his words.

Ye Qingzi stood behind Chu Mu and silently watched her greatest enemy burnt away by devil flames. For some reason, Ye Qingzi didn’t feel the relief of her grudge being ended, instead she could only think back to the last words of Zhu Chao that were still echoing through her mind.

Just how powerful was the soul alliance master, able to cause such utter fear in a man already at the peak of soul pet trainers.

Zhu Chao was only a helper. The real person who killed Ying Rong was the powerful and almost legendary soul alliance master. If she truly wanted to get vengeance, this mountain would cause her to be pressured immensely.

Chu Mu’s thoughts were very similar to Ye Qingzi’s. Seeing Zhu Chao’s dazed appearance, he could only imagine that Zhu Chao’s fear in the person was extremely terrifying!

Devil flames slowly left Chu Mu’s body as Chu Mu split off his soul from white nightmare’s soul…...

Slowly walking before Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu saw her use her beautiful eyes to watch him and smiled, “What’s up?”

“You can already become half devil and human at will? Without the worry of a high temperature soul?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Chu Mu didn’t want to tell Ye Qingzi about what Ning Maner told him, so he shook his head, “It was fixed by monument tear.”

In reality, the monument tear only woke up Chu Mu’s soul. As for half devil’s high temperature problem, it no longer would be an issue.

Because Chu Mu was now a half devil.

“En? Qingzi, your face…..” Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi and noticed that her blackened skin at the edge of her mask had at some point turned white as jade, so delicate one didn’t dare touch it!

Ye Qingzi quickly fumbled to tidy her mask back up. Before she was recovered, there was no way Ye Qingzi could let Chu Mu see even a bit of her skin.

“What I mean is, I think your face is recovered, I saw normal skin there.” Chu Mu said earnestly.

“You…...don’t lie to me.” Ye QIngzi shook her head.

She knew that if she wanted to get rid of the poison, not only did she have to make a rare medicine, she also needed a long time of healing. It couldn’t possibly disappear on its own.

“I didn’t lie, you can try taking off your mask and walk by the water.” chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi paused and thought about it. She reasoned that Chu Mu indeed had no motivation to lie to her, since seeing her ugly face didn’t help him at all.

“You turn around.” Ye Qingzi pushed Chu Mu aside and ran to the creek beside.

“It’s not like you’re taking off clothes, why would I turn around?” Chu Mu didn’t turn around and remained staring at Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi herself was really hurried. Seeing that Chu Mu was adamant in staying there, she ran upstream a little further and hid behind a tree.

The creek water was clear to the bottom, and the reflection itself was somewhat transparent.

However, the tree’s shadow gave Ye Qingzi created a passable mirror in the water that lightly reflected Ye Qingzi’s appearance.

“I… I dreaming?” After a while, Ye Qingzi let ou ta shout!

This day, too many things have happened. If not for the throbbing of her heart still there, Ye Qingzi could barely believe anything she was witnessing.

In the water, a pale yet intricate face was reflected back into Ye QIngzi’s eyes.   

Ye Qingzi hadn’t used a mirror in a while, to the point where the face looking back at her seemed almost unfamiliar…….

Was this soft yet glowing skin really hers? Even before, her skin didn’t seem this delicate.

Ye Qingzi lightly touched her face. After the poison invaded it, her face became incredibly coarse, yet the smoothness she felt right now meant that all she saw in the water was real.

The running creek water, green and dense trees, a girl sitting by the water- all this painted an elegant scene…...

A few falling leaves fell lightly by her. With a light breeze, her hair caressed her beautiful face.

“It’s the monument tear, it remembers how you looked when you first shed that tear…..” Chu Mu’s voice sounded by Ye Qingzi’s ear.

Monument tear was the purest tear crystal. Chu Mu couldn’t explain it, but Chu Mu knew it could cause everything to go back to the initial touching moment…...

Ye Qingzi’s heart strings were pulled. She slowly stood up and turned around to watch Chu Mu, who had taken off his mask as well.

At this moment, the man’s gentle smile and fiery emotions in his eyes eroded all resistance in Ye Qingzi.

Seeing him open his arms, Ye Qingzi finally fell into his warm embrace without any worry, even going on her toes to print her lips upon Chu Mu’s.

Feeling the heat from the lips, Chu Mu seemed to forget that he was holding her, passionately kissing back.

There was no other noise in their world other than Ye Qingzi’s soft gasps.

This long kiss was not like the fiery desire and burning passion between him and Mu Qingyi within the ice mirror world. Instead, they were both slowly feeling each other out.

Chu Mu went from Ye Qingzi’s soft mouth corner, slowly to her upper lip and lightly enjoyed it, like tasting fine wine, then moved to her lower lip……..

After, Chu Mu’s lips conquered Ye Qingzi’s, and his impatient tongue found its way into her mouth, like a nervous boy holding a girl’s hand for the first time, lightly attempting before gaining the courage to go deeper.

When their tongues started intermingling, both of them clearly were getting into the heat of things. Chu Mu’s firm and built body started pressing against Ye Qingzi’s soft skin even harder…...

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