Chapter 863: I am Half Devil Chu Mu!

Chu Mu pulled Ye Qingzi over behind him, and glanced beside the person that called himself Zhu Chao, where there was a nearly invisible organism!

The grass slightly sank down and showed signs of a claw. When Chu Mu gazed at this area, he clearly felt like he was being watched!

“Chu Mu, your white devil…..” Ye Qingzi grabbed Chu Mu’s hand nervously.

Ye Qingzi remembered that Chu Mu’s white devil hadn’t come back yet after stealing the spirit vessel from Zhu Chao. Chu Mu had no power left to fight this seemingly extremely dangerous old man.

Chu Mu signaled for Ye Qingzi to not worry. His eyes slowly moved to the sharp chinned Zhu Chao and asked, “You’re two people?”

“He’s my brother Zhu Yi……” the old man said with an easy smile.

Zhu Chao’s snake-like eyes gazed at ye Qingzi and said in a cold voice, “Looks like you already found what Ying Rong left for you. That soul ability is very dangerous; you must prepare to face the same consequences as Ying Rong.”

Zhu Chao’s words caused Ye Qingzi to feel even more uneasy.

Chu Mu’s eyes didn’t move as he gazed at Zhu Chao. This old fellow seemed to always have lived in the dark. His body full of cold and darkness seemed like an old vampire that hadn’t had blood for a while.

This ugly appearance was complete opposite from the previous Zhu Chao. At least the other Zhu Chao had some semblance of dignity of authority when he tried.

“If he’s your brother, why are you, the real Zhu Chao, like an old devil living in the crevasses of the earth?” Chu Mu asked calmly.

“That’s something from a while ago……” Zhu Chao said.

“You’ve been to the other end of Dark Sky Ocean World?” Chu Mu continued to ask.

Zhu Chao’s pupils suddenly dilated and his emotionless face turned to surprise and anger, “How would you know!!”

“You committed quite some crimes on the other side!” With Zhu Chao’s reaction, Chu Mu was sure that the enemy of Ning Maner’s was the real Zhu Chao!

“You… truly are part of Hidden Pupil Royalty!” Zhu Chao looked at Chu Mu and was incredibly unsettled.

Chu Mu didn’t know anything about hidden pupil royalty. Maybe this royalty had a lot to do with Ning Maner. However, learning that Zhu Chao reached the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World. This caused Chu Mu to be very surprised as well.

To pass straight through forbidden realm was impossible unless you reach dominator rank. Could Zhu Chao really step into dominator rank?

However, Chu Mu quickly denied this possibility.

If Zhu Chao reached dominator rank, when the three palaces attacked, he would definitely have intervened and turned the situation around, not letting so many of his subordinates die. This means that Zhu Chao definitely used some special method to reach the other end of Dark Sky Sea World.

“Since this is the case, I can’t leave you alive!!” Zhu Chao’s gaze turned frigid.

Chu Mu wanted to get information about the sealed mouth event from the real Zhu Chao, but clearly he didn’t want to say anything. His two pupils that looked possessed by dark ghosts showed icy killing intent!

“Kill them!” Zhu Chao said to the completely invisible creature beside him.

A pair of eyes suddenly appeared, its killing intent able to freeze over the entire green maple forest.

Being watched by the pupils, Ye Qingzi felt like her entire body was going stiff, unable to move even a finger, as if she was already a corpse!

Chu Mu stood in place and slowly chanted a soul technique.

“Can you still move? Very rare. If I guess correctly, you’re currently reading out the soul technique to summon your soul pet back, the type that can recall from far away, something only the Mu family knows.

“You want to summon your white nightmare to fight? It’s useless. You at most have the time to retract it. Even if you summon it, it won’t be a match for my demon!”

The moment Zhu Chao spoke, the demon that restricted their minds appeared!


This demon’s speed was hard to imagine. The previous moment it disappeared and the very next moment it appeared in front of Chu Mu!

This demon didn’t have claws, yet two massive bone spikes extended from its arms. When it moved, these two terrifying weapons easily broke through space and sliced twoards Chu Mu’s head!!

This attack seemed calm and nondestructive, but countless top tier emperor ranks have died under this attack without expecting it, instantly being killed by this single attack!!

Ye Qingzi was completely mentally restricted, unable to even read an incantation. When she saw the poisonous blade quietly swipe over, her pupils dilated and her vision went purely black, leaving only the cold glint that would soon take her life!

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both saw the same hallucination, and their pupils lost their color.

However, Chu Mu’s pupil didn’t enlargen. When the strange technique affected him, his pupils slowly turned an evil silver!!


In the darkness, when the reaping scythe passed through, Zhu Chao didn’t even need another glance to know that the next moment, the two people’s skulls will fall, their faces locked in disbelief and confusion…...

He turned around subconsciously, because other than having to kill Chu Fangchen, there were many others he had to kill himself. These two lives were just the beginning.

However, when the confusing darkness disappeared, Zhu Chao’s leaving motion suddenly went stiff.

He slowly turned around, and saw a scene that would shock him for the rest of his life! He stared wide eyed at the young man whose head should have fallen off!!

“If you didn’t appear, your brother indeed would have protected your life.” Chu Mu slowly said.

Holding the poisonous demon blade with one hand, white devil flames suddenly sprouted from his arm and went along the blade into the demon’s body!


The silver devil flames grew stronger and stronger, almost completely engulfing Zhu Chao’s demon!


Zhu Chao’s prized demon let out painful cries as its nimble body frenziedly struggled, trying to pull its arm blade out of Chu Mu’s hands!

As the devil flames burned, its already skinny demon body was pressured by some spatial force!!


Suddenly, the arm blade demon’s body exploded!!

Broken bones, blood, organs, and fluids splattered towards Zhu Chao, plastering his feet!!

Seeing the gory scene, Zhu Chao went stiff as his face twisted into a grimace!!

This corpse, this was the corpse of his arm blade demon!!!

Zhu Chao’s arm blade demon could break through even the thick armor of Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake, while its speed could utterly confuse the snake. This was an emperor way stronger than the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake, where even Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant would have issues killing it!

Yet, this demon’s remains were just splattered in front of him!!

A soul chill caused Zhu Chao to start shaking. Zhu Chao lifted his head stiffly and gazed at the young man covered in silver devil flames, his eyes going from initial confusion to the deepest terror!!

Devil man!! Silver devil man!!!

It was supposed to be a young man he could do whatever with, yet why was he now a silver devil man with an aura even Zhu Chao was shaken at!

Zhu Chao passed through Dark Sky Sea World and saw true dominator rank organisms from afar. He even rode his Arm Blade Demon and escaped from a dominator rank organism before!

That unforgettable experience caused Zhu Chao to know the true gap between dominator rank and emperor rank!!

“Dominator rank!!! How is this possible!!! This is impossible!!!!” Zhu Chao was near mental collapse at this sight!

Silver face, evil body, silver devil flames that struck fear into all souls!

“Who…...who are you, who!! Why…..why do you have dominator rank power!!!!” Zhu Chao pointed at Chu Mu and went crazy.

This past few decades, to avoid dominator rank experts from sealing his mouth, he lived in the darkness and never dared to show himself.

To escape this life, he spent all his time figuring out a way to reach the other side of the Dark Sky Sea World and reach dominator rank there, yet he failed…..

If he never got into dominator rank, he would forever live in darkness!

He yearned for that rank all his life, like a prisoner locked in darkness craving for a power that allowed him to shatter all shackles.

Yet, why was the dominator rank strength that he spent all his life pursuing appearing on the body of a young man!!!!


Chu Mu slowly stepped forth and walked up to this man who lived in fear and darkness.

His silver face opened up into an evil yet mocking smile as he said lightly, “Allow me to reintroduce myself, I’m half devil Chu Mu!!”

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