Chapter 862: Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am Zhu Chao

Outside soul city

The massive mountain-like snake completely collapsed.

Facing the many attackers of nightmare palace including Shen Qiu, Zhu Chao’s Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake finally fell down. All sorts of colors of fire burned on its body, extending many kilometers. 

Zhu Chao looked pale faced at the soul pet army that all were above emperor rank, their faces extremely ugly.

“Relax, Zhu Chao, your life is still valuable. I, Shen Qiu, will at most make you five souls wounded.” Shen Qiu rode his blood winged ice tiger.

Zhu Chao’s subordinates were almost all destroyed by the three palaces. The rest were all remainders. With a full army of nightmares, even soul alliance’s spirit emperors couldn’t last long.

Zhu Chao glanced at all the wounded soul pets. The remaining few spirit emperors could only escape partially.

Maybe his disciples could escape, but Zhu Chao himself will definitely be heavily watched. Him escaping would be impossible.

“Hahaha, Shen Qiu, you truly think I, Zhu Chao, will stay and let you beat me?” Suddenly, Zhu Chao laughed.

“Oh, so you have another trump card.” Shen Qiu said slowly.

Zhu Chao has already lost three soul pets to Chu Mu, so Shen Qiu had no problem dealing with him.

If Zhu Chao wanted to use medicines to forcefully bring up the soul pets’ strengths, Shen Qiu still had a large group of high class emperor rank experts. If they left Zhu Chao’s disciples away and turned around to fight Zhu Chao, they could take him down.

“Shen Qiu, your methods are quite advanced. However, you know why my strength always goes up and down?” Zhu Chao said to Shen Qiu, slowly becoming calmer.

This fight caught Zhu Chao completely unaware.

However, was it really that easy to kill Zhu Chao?

Shen Qiu didn’t speak, only watching Zhu Chao.

In reality, even Shen Qiu felt it was strange because Zhu Chao was much easier to deal with than he expected.

Shen Qiu meticulously planned this assault, meaning he was certain he would take soul city down and destroy soul alliance. However, many of the problems that Shen Qiu considered didn’t appear, making Shen Qiu feel that everything was going too smoothly.

“Shen Qiu, you truly are being too careless. Have you never thought about the differences between when I’m powerful and when I’m average?” Zhu Chao said.

Hearing this, Shen Qiu suddenly furrowed his brows.

After a moment, SHen Qiu’s face suddenly became very grave, and he said in a low voice, “You’re two people!”

“Hahahaha, you finally understand! It doesn’t matter if I tell you now, but he’s the real Zhu Chao!!” Zhu Chao laughed wildly!

“Then…….then who are you?” Shen Qiu couldn’t help but feel a slight shiver!

Thinking back to Zhu Chao’s different strength and different species soul pets, Shen Qiu felt an apprehension like never before!

“Me? I’m just a puppet he used to avoid getting his mouth sealed. However, alliance master didn’t put Zhu Chao on the list so I managed to live too, and from then on I was always Zhu Chao……” Zhu Chao smiled sinisterly!

“You’re his brother Zhu Yi!” Shen Qiu finally remembered!

Shen Qiu still remembered that twenty years ago, Zhu chao’s brother Zhu Yi was avidly chasing soul palace’s noble woman Liu Binglan and was rumored to have been killed by Chu Tianmang outside of Wanxiang City.

Before, with what Zhu Chao told Chu Mu, he mentioned that Chu Tianmang had once gone against him. Shen Qiu originally thought Zhu chao was referring to the event where his brother was killed by Chu Tianmang. He never expected that Zhu Chao was just Zhu Yi himself, and the real Zhu Chao had disappeared from everyone’s eyes twenty years ago by using his brother as a puppet.

This realization caused Zhu Zizhan who was standing aside Zhu Chao to be stunned.

Zhu Zizhan suddenly thought of a person. This person often appeared in the city master fort and Zhu Chao’s house. He was like a ghost that always existed, and even Zhu Chao had to be respectful when he appeared.

Zhu Zizhan could never understand who this mysterious old mister Ruan was, nor could he understand why his godfather Zhu Chao had to be so respectful. He never would have expected that this vampire-like old man beside medicine desolation Zhu Chao was actually the real Zhu Chao!!

“Don’t you want to know what the real Zhu Chao is doing?” Zhu Chao stared at Shen Qiu and the pale faced elders.

Zhu Yi indeed lost horribly, but three palace couldn’t be too well off either!

Shen Qiu turned around and gazed at the palace from far away.

If there really were two Zhu chaos, then the real Zhu Chao must definitely have entered three palaces and started a slaughter with all the remaining members, possibly affecting relatives!

Hurting the enemy just as much as himself. Shen Qiu clenched his jaw. He was already organizing everything extremely carefully, yet he never would have expected Zhu Chao to be this crafty, using his brother as a decoy for the last twenty years. No wonder his strength often fluctuated, and this battle went so smoothly!

“Elder, he’s definitely lying!”

“Elder, what should we do?”

The nearby three palace elders all showed signs of panic.

Though many of the three palace members’ family were settled in rather peaceful cities, there were always people like Wanning, Shen Mo, Qian Qing, and Princess Xiang Nan, who were talented young generation members helping their respective factions. If the real Zhu Chao were combined with Yang Que’s strength, the defending forces in three palace couldn’t possibly defeat them.

And, Shen Qiu knew very well that the person in front of him was Zhu Yi and was clearly weaker than himself, but the real Zhu Chao could most likely match the last hero Mo Ling in strength!!

“Don’t worry, Zhu Chao has to kill a person first before he goes to defeat your palaces. As to who that person is, I think you all already know!” Zhu Yi laughed viciously.

“Chu Fangchen!!!”

Shen Qiu again was shaken!

Chu Fangchen fought against three of Zhu Yi’s soul pets and didn't have much fighting strength left, so Shen Qiu didn’t let Chu Fangchen come in the ranks of the battle.

This meant that if the real Zhu Chao was going to kill Chu Fangchen, no one could stop him.

After witnessing Chu Mu’s real strength today, Shen Qiu knew clearly that this young man may very likely surpass Li Hong some day!

So, they had to ensure his safety no matter what. If Chu Fangchen were ended by Zhu Chao now, it would be an immeasurable loss to the three palaces!!

Even if all three palaces were rendered to rubble in three palaces, that young man couldn’t be harmed!!

“Four great elders go back with me! The rest, continue to kill!!” Finally, Shen Qiu gave a command!

Shen Qiu knew very clearly that if he wasn’t there, Zhu Yi may escape successfully.

However, Zhu Yi was nothing compared to the life of a true prodigy.

“Senior elder, this might just be a random word from Zhu Chao!” The great elder quickly said.

“Go back!” Shen Qiu’s chest was heaving with anger, yet he’d rather believe him than not because the young man was just too too important for the three palaces!!

“Hahaha, now you know what fear is. Even if you go back, you’ll only get there in time to collect the corpses of Chu Fangchen and the defenders of your factions!” Zhu Yi saw the strongest five poeple leave and laughed loudly.

Shen Mo, leader of the nightmare army, was full of anger as he said coldly to Zhu Chao, “Don’t even try to escape from me!”

“Shen Mo, once your father leaves, I can take your life and then leave easily!!” Zhu Chao laughed coldly.

Without Shen Qiu, without the three elders, who could stop him?

“You truly thought I, Shen Mo, was just high class emperor rank?” Shen Mo humphed.

As nightmare palace young prince, he was put at the same level as soul palace young prince not just because of his status.


The green maple forest outside of the city slightly wavered with the breeze. The mess within the city couldn’t affect the peace, quiet, and the gentle yet touching moment between two tightly hugging people.

“Qingzi, remember western kingdom’s Heaven Boundary Monument?” Chu Mu whispered into Ye Qingzi’s ear.

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded.

“If you didn’t tell me to collect that tear well and preserve it, I may still be walking around like a corpse, lost within southern forbidden realm…….” Chu Mu said.

“Monument tear? It was the monument tear that woke up your soul?” Ye Qingzi said astonished.

Chu Mu nodded and described the process in which he found the second heaven boundary monument and used the genuine tear to wash his devilized soul.

“The energy within a monument tear had always been mysterious, but I didn’t expect it could actually awaken souls……” Ye Qingzi’s heart was full of gratitude, gratitude for the mysterious powers of the monument tear as well as her timely reminder for Chu Mu to keep his tear well.

“I still have your tear crystal here. Here, give me your hand.” Chu Mu took out the tear made between Ye Qingzi and him..

Ye QIngzi extended her hand with her hand facing upwards, slightly unconvinced.

Chu Mu put the tear crystal in her palm and gripped her hand tightly, using the heat at their palms to slowly melt this tear of sincerity.

The crystal became a crystalline fluid that slowly seeped into Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s palms, sending a warm yet wet feeling that extended throughout their entire bodies and even to their souls.

At this moment, Chu Mu felt that he touched Ye Qingzi’s heart.

Ye Qingzi also felt Chu Mu’s heart, yet she was pained to find that Chu Mu’s heart was one full of suffering and wear, a heart that had to endure too many pains and experiences, yet still determined and extremely fervent…...

“Such a heart warming scene, I almost didn’t want to interrupt you.”

Suddenly, a cold and piercing voice crashed into the two people’s quiet world!

Chu Mu was immersed in the special moment where Ye QIngzi and his heart was connected, so he immediately furrowed his brow when it was interrupted by this voice.

Chu Mu turned around and saw that under a tree shadow, an extremely skinny and bony man slowly walked out.

“Chu Fangchen, Ye Qingzi, those are your names, right?” The grey robed old man let out a crow-like voice, his gaunt face stretched into a fake smile, “Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am Zhu Chao!!”

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