Chapter 861: I Can Also Wear a Mask Part 2

Ye Wansheng stared in shock as the center of the city was reduced to rubble, and the destruction spread to outside the city. It was a while before he came back to his senses.

“Chu… Chu Mu, next time if you have a plan, tell me first!!” Ye Wansheng had been flabbergasted. 

Indeed, this was the first time he had seen such a shocking chaotic soul pet trainer fight where all spirit emperors had participated!!

“I only knew that Nightmare Palace had a trump card, and that they were planning on attacking Soul Alliance today. I didn’t know that Nightmare Palace’s Shen Qiu and Shen Mo had this kind of method in store.” responded Chu Mu. 

“I’m going to kill the bastard subordinates of Zhu Chao!” Ye Wansheng swept his eyes over Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. Promptly, he turned around and flew away to the chaotic fight spreading eastwards. 

“Young Master Chu, hurry and come back with me to Soul Palace. City Lord Yang Que definitely knows now that the tides of the battle have changed. Perhaps he may do something extreme and attack you.” Princess Wan Ning walked up to Chu Mu with two elders. 

“I won’t have any problems. You guys take back Maner. Be careful on the way.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

Although everything had been decided, City Lord Yang Que was a wildcard. Chu Mu himself wasn’t worried about him, but there was a high chance Yang Que could take advantage of the fight between the three great palaces and Soul Alliance and uproot some of the three great palace’s members. Therefore, they had no choice but to be wary of him.

“Then… then Young Master Chu needs to be extra careful.” Princess Wan Ning didn’t stay any longer in the chaotic fight. She brought Ning Maner with her as the two elders as well as a few Holy Guards from Soul Palace quickly returned to Soul Palace.


The plaza was already destroyed. Fire was everywhere and the air was pervaded with a burning and bloody stench.

During the day, this center plaza was filled with seas of people.

After night fell, the plaza no longer remained and the balance between the two factions had been broken. Most of the things buried in the rubble of the plaza were the corpses of humans and soul pets.

A long robe was wrapped around Ye Qingzi’s skinny figure as it fluttered in the wind. Ye Qingzi stood there in the bloody battlefield, making her seem poignant and with melancholy. 

A mask was covering her face. However, because she felt flustered while wearing it, her hair was in a bit of disarray. 

She stood in place and stared at the back of the familiar yet unfamiliar man. 

For some reason, everything was so far away from her, and everything was so quiet. Yet, she still didn’t take a step towards him. 

Chu Mu’s back was faced to Ye Qingzi, as he stared at the enormous thunder snake in the distance. 

Suddenly, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. He slowly opened his palm and grabbed the air! 

Space began to ripple and immediately after, an ancient tool slowly appeared in his palm. 

Finally, Chu Mu turned around and walked towards Ye Qingzi. 

"One month ago, Ye Wansheng told me about the Soul Vessel. I didn’t want to disturb your success in the competition so I waited until now to see you…” 

Chu Mu walked up to Ye Qingzi and placed the Soul Vessel into her hand. 

Through the mask, Chu Mu stared at her eyes. Those cold eyes gradually filled with a sliver of warmth:

“Qingzi… I’m sorry. I made you wait so long for me.” 

Ye Qingzi hadn’t finished crying yet today. Even with a mask on, it was impossible to hide it. 

When she touched the Soul Vessel, she also touched Chu Mu’s warm hand… 

In this moment, her heart began to stir. 

It wasn’t because the Soul Vessel had returned to her hands, but instead because she had felt true warmth in his hands. 

He had gotten mad because of her, and had turned the honor platform into an executioner’s stage because of her. He had fought against Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao because of her… for the sole purpose of helping her take back the Soul Vessel. 

He would always appear when she was most helpless, and help heal her bruised and injured heart. 

She really wanted to throw herself into this man’s arms and allow herself to completely blend into his body’s heat. 

However, when she remembered her terrifying face under her mask, she no longer had the courage to do so. 

This time, the recoil on her body had been much more severe than previously. Her face had been completely destroyed… 

“Qingzi, what’s the matter.” Chu Mu extended his hand. It had nearly been four years since they had last seen each other, and Chu Mu didn’t want to have a mask in between them. 

Thus, he attempted to take off her mask.

“No!” suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s body quivered, and she frantically blocked his hand. 

If Chu Mu were to see her like this, she would have rather allowed Zhu Chao to kill her.  

Ye Qingzi still remembered the looks of horror and fear from everyone when she took off her mask earlier. If she appeared like that in front of the person she liked, her mind would instantly crumble. 

“Chu… Chu Mu, don’t come close to me right now, ok?” begged Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu really wanted to hold Ye Qingzi close. However, when he saw her intense reaction, he understood that she was worried about her face. She didn’t want to reveal her distorted face in front of him… 

“Qingzi, don’t worry. It won’t be long before you return to normal.” consoled Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu and hesitated a while. She struggled to tell him: “Chu Mu… if I can’t recover, will I have to wear this cold cold mask forever?” 

Unable to recover? 

Chu Mu was stunned!

For a moment, Chu Mu was unable to respond. He could only stare blankly at Ye Qingzi.

“Chu Mu…” Ye Qingzi looked at the speechless Chu Mu, and her heart felt like it had been fiercely pricked. 

Ye Wansheng’s joking voice suddenly rang through her head again: “If you forever keep this ghostly appearance, who would want you…” 

In this instant, she felt that she had been struck by lightning. She didn’t dare continue the memory and despondently began to chant an incantation… 


Chu Mu stood there and blankly watched Ye Qingzi ride her Purple Robe Dream Beast out of the city, disappearing from his sight. 

The rumbling sounds from outside the eastern part of the city could be heart, but the only thing in his head right now were the final “What if I can’t recover” words from Ye Qingzi. Thus, the white clothed Chu Mu stood on the demolished city in solitude, searching his heart for an honest answer… 


As Ye Qingzi sped off, Chu Mu had been unable to respond. Thus, she didn’t dare turn back and face him.

The further Ye Qingzi left, the more her head was filled with her own terrifying appearance. 

The city was slowly left behind and the speeding Purple Robe Dream Beast grew tired like its master. It eventually stopped in a faraway creek in between mountains.

Ye Qingzi jumped off of the Purple Robe Dream Beast. She took off her mask and slowly walked up to the flowing creek.

The creek water was clear and was able to reflect her face. It caused Ye Qingzi to want to rip the reflection apart!

“No matter what, I must recover! I must!!!” Ye Qingzi couldn’t let go of Chu Mu.

She wanted to find a method to recover her looks. It didn’t matter how long or how hard, but she had to recover. She couldn’t keep wearing this loathsome mask!! 


Suddenly, the Purple Robe Dream Beast let out a noise.

Ye Qingzi’s body lightly trembled, and she frantically put back on her mask.

It was Chu Mu. Even without turning around, she knew that Chu Mu had followed her over.

“Qingzi, you know that I won’t lie to you.” Chu Mu’s voice came from behind her.

Ye Qingzi didn’t turn around. Only, her heart was violently beating as she stared at her own masked reflection. 

“A long time ago, there was a face that was as beautiful as a fairy’s. However, the person behind this face caused enormous damage to my heart. It was something I am unable to forget even now. Therefore, having devastating beauty, to me, brings me some ineffable fear…” Chu Mu slowly walked up to Ye Qingzi from behind. 

“Qingzi, I really do like you. However, I can’t say that I truly don’t care about the way you look…” honestly said Chu Mu. 

Hearing this, Ye Qingzi’s delicate figure lightly trembled. She didn’t want to hear the rest. 

However, in the next instant, Ye Qingzi was stunned.

What appeared in the reflection was another mask!

Ye Qingzi abruptly turned around and stared in shock at Chu Mu, who was also wearing a mask.

"If you don’t recover, then wear the mask. I will also wear the mask too…” 

After speaking, Chu Mu suddenly hugged Ye Qingzi. He didn’t give her a chance to struggle as he tightly held her, making it hard for her to break free. 

Chu Mu lowered his head and placed his ice cold mask against her’s. On the ice cold material, he gave her a deep kiss. 

Ye Qingzi couldn’t feel Chu Mu’s lips… 

However, his words had thoroughly thawed her heart,  thawing it into several tears that spilled out of the window of her heart. They ceaselessly rolled down her poisoned face, rolling one drop at a time from her mask… 

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