Chapter 861: I Can Also Wear a Mask Part 1

After Shen Qiu’s order, a unified group of people suddenly appeared in the alleys and streets of Soul City’s city center!

These people quickly gathered together, forming an enormous army, before rapidly moving towards the destroyed plaza!

“What is that!!” Lu Yun’s expression instantly paled, as he looked in on fear at the gathering figures!!

The other two Thirty Two Scar experts looked around them, and shockingly discovered that at some point they had been surrounded by three different colored devil flames!!

Cyan colored devil flames, blue colored devil flames, and white colored devil flames. They resembled an ocean wave that was engulfing the center plaza!!

“Army, it’s Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Army!!!” 

"Where did the army come from! Nightmare Palace could not still have an army!!!” Yang Que was incomparably shocked as he watched the Nightmare Army flood in.

As the city lord, Yang Que knew very clearly what the strength of Nightmare Palace’s army that was stationed in Soul City was. However, the enormous Nightmare Army charging at them right now from all directions hadn’t been detected by him!!

How on earth did such a force enter his Soul City!

“Senior Zhu Chao… we’re… we’re surrounded!” Tang Shang was trembling as he spoke.

Soul Alliance strength was lead by Zhu Chao. After all of Soul Alliance’s members discovered Nightmare Palace’s army crushing their way over, their faces were filled with fear!

Even Zhu Chao’s face contorted!

It was no wonder the three great palaces had not moved at all just now. Shen Qiu had also swallowed his anger. Indeed, the three great palaces had earlier plotted to attack Soul Alliance after the soul ability competition! 

In Soul City, Zhu Chao’s strength was sufficient to deal with Shen Qiu and he even had a peak emperor rank Zhu Haoting as a subordinate. Moreover, City Lord Yang Que was biased towards them. Therefore, Zhu Chao hadn’t been afraid of the three great palaces making any rash actions.

However, Zhu Chao never expected that he would be pinned down by a young man and forced to use one of his trump cards. Even more embarrassing and angering was that Nightmare Palace’s large army had entered Soul City without him realizing!!

“Senior Zhu Chao. Hurry and give the order, otherwise we’ll be unable to escape!”

Chu Mu, alone, had killed one high class emperor rank elder and fifteen high class emperors. Therefore, in terms of high class emperors, the three great palaces had the absolute advantage. 

Zhu Chao himself had also exhausted three peak emperors, and didn’t fully have confidence in suppressing that extremely powerful White Nightmare. 

Zhu Chao had been careless. Too careless!

If Yang Que wanted to hold onto his Soul City Lord position, he had to muster the strength and protect his city. He could not help Soul Alliance. 

Therefore, without Yang Que holding down Shen Qiu and a group of elders from the three great palaces, Zhu Chao’s subordinates could not contend with the three great palaces. 

The momentum had shifted! Zhu Chao had originally thought that after the soul ability competition, the three great palaces would no longer be able to stay in Soul City. Yet, the complete reverse happened. and it ended up with him being unable to stand here! 


Senior Elder Shen Qiu concentrated his soul remembrance voice, and let out a majestic and imposing order to kill!

A great battle was on the verge of breaking out. The restless spirit emperors from the three great palaces all summoned their soul pets once Senior Elder Shen Qiu gave his order.

Immediately, the entire plaza was occupied by savage and violent soul pets from the three great palaces! 

The Soul Alliance members had evidently been frozen by the enormous legion, and the three palace alliance that had suddenly issued war. Their summoning speeds were clearly much slower. 

However, being slower meant that countless heads would roll on the head with fresh blood spurting. There were human heads and soul pet heads!

Zhu Chao’s face was flushed red as he surveyed the number of people falling in this chaotic battlefield filled with wanton energy!

“Retreat, everyone retreat!!” Zhu Chao used soul remembrance to yell!

Zhu Chao had all of Soul Alliance’s members gather next to him, as he began to break out of the siege towards the east. 

“Long long long long!!!!!!!!!”

The force of an army and the force of emperors. These were both truly destructive forces. The enormous plaza had been instantly reduced to rubble and the flames of war had spread through the center of the city, continuously destroying!!

The fight that had erupted in the city had been the most miserable.

However, neither side could stop and care about the city. The central faction of Yang Que could not add oil to the fire in the situation.THey could only quickly leave the fight between the two great forces and set up layers of protection, defending the center of the city, using plant world soul pets.

Many of the constructs there were sturdily built, and if they were adequately protected, the entire city would not be wiped out. 

The fight was chaotic. The three different colored devil flames burning in the very center of the city were continuously spreading out. The streets were trampled and destroyed due to the collision of soul pet energy and various different attributes of strength soared in the air, also covering the sky in chaos!

Loud rumbling sounds were pervasive and amidst the surging smoke, a white clothed Chu Mu silently stood on the demolished honor platform.

Chu Mu no longer had to participate in this fight. With Shen Mo and Shen Qiu heading this enormous Nightmare Palace army and leading the three great palace alliance as they swept through Soul City, all of Soul Alliance’s forces were lifted from their roots. From today, Soul City would become a vital base for them!!

What Chu Mu had to do was have the White Nightmare take back the Soul Vessel from Zhu Chao. Then, he could allow White 2, White 4, and White Nightmare have a taste of the enemy’s blood!

Chu Mu had known about the three great palace’s plan a month ago. 

The infiltration of Nightmare Palace’s large army had occurred not long after Nightmare Palace’s Crown Prince, Shen Mo, had entered Soul City. Indeed, it had been Shen MO that had quietly snuck a portion of the force into the center of Soul City in wait of today in order to unleash a huge slaughter!

Nightmare Palace was cruel and ruthless when they did things. They wouldn’t care about the consequences of launching a huge battle. 

As Zhu Chao fled with a group of Soul Alliance experts, the city center chaotic battle gradually moved away to the outer city, and then outside the city.

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