Chapter 860: The Dimension Ripping Spatial Storm


In the skies, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s purple pupil stared at the evil white nightmare on the ground!

Clearly, this proud and malevolent beast already felt the threat from the powerful white nightmare. The way it was releasing its devil flame was completely in a provocative manner too.

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was one of the highest ranking organisms. Just like its towering body type, it always looked down on its opponents. Once an organism angered its dignity, the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake would fight until the death!

“How… is this possible!” Zhu Chao’s face was full of shock. He could feel that white nightmare was truly an invincible emperor too!!

From what Zhu Chao saw, Chu Fangchen having two top tier emperor ranks was already at his max. However, he just summoned another top tier emperor rank, with an aura not even weaker than his Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

All of Zhu Chao’s arrogance disappeared, and was replaced with a rolling shock in his heart!

This young man’s strength was already beyond all of Zhu Chao’s understanding of the human realm. Others could use their entire lives, including Zhu Chao, to do everything possible to finally climb to invincible emperor rank. How could this young man, in a short twenty years, reach such an extreme height in strength!?!

“You… are part of Hidden Pupil Royalty!!!” Suddenly, Zhu Chao pointed to Chu Mu and said in disbelief.

“Hidden Pupil Royalty?” Chu Mu shook his head. He had never heard the term before, and didn’t know what this royalty was.

Human realm’s royalty was usually just the throne and people related to the throne by blood. Heavenly Concubine Mu Qingyi was a direct descendant of royalty. She belonged to the Mu throne.

As for the hidden pupil royalty, not only did Chu Mu never hear of it, even the old soul pet trainers that heard Zhu Chao’s roar have never heard the name before!

“You can’t trick me!!!” Zhu Chao yelled in fury, and gave a command to his Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

The purple lightning again started knitting together and covering the skies of soul city. The far reaching thunders in the skies became nearly reachable!

The air smelled burnt and devil flames collided with electricity!

White nightmare didn’t like the feeling of being looked down upon by the enemy. Lifting up a wave of devil flames, it darted into the skies and stared straight at the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!


White nightmare extended a burning devil flame covered claw, and lightly grasped the thunder that briefly flitted past, crushing the energy and rendering it into harmless light!

The purple snakes reached tens of thousands in number and wriggled their bodies in the skies.

Suddenly, all the lightning snakes hissed and pounced towards the white nightmare!!

The massive wave of lightning energy radiated a burning light when gathered together, causing every street and structure to become blindingly white!

Thousands of snakes danced and white nightmare blinked around within it.

Suddenly, a black hole appeared amongst the skies. This black hole constantly expanded like a black cloud that covered the upper portions of the sky!

Tens of thousands of purple snakes seemed to fall into the endless abyss, disappearing into the black emptiness!

The previous moment, thunder covered the skies and it seemed like the apocalypse. The next moment, all the energy was absorbed and the skies became deathly quiet. The only thing left was the silver devil shadow standing arrogantly and smiling mischievously, staring at the confused and frightened Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

“Reversal! “Chu Mu knew white devil’s every technique!

With a command, the white devil’s hands opened up!!



Waves of black lightning dragons flew out into the skies, seeming undefeatable.

The white devils absorbed the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s lightning energy and converted it to his own. The black lightning dragons flew towards the massive Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s body!!

The Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake started shaking greatly. A simple reversal of lightning could be easily stopped by the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake with her control over lightning.

However, after adding the dark type to them, the lightning dragons were no longer pure electricity. Within the massive destructive power was also an energy that could corrode even the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s armor!!

A black mark flew past the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake’s purple body and brought along with it a huge chunk of scales that fell heavily into soul city!

“White devil, bring out a spatial storm!”

White nightmare’s silver eyes glowed with cold light. In the skies, it slowly extended a claw and ripped open the very sky itself!!


Both of its arms started tearing towards each side, and the sky started to show a crack in it, as if a curtain being pulled back to reveal what was truly behind it. Within the crack was a chaotic realm that had a coldness and darkness that didn’t belong to this world!

The white devil extended a claw and forcefully pushed its arm into the realm that didn’t even count as space and seemed to grab onto something!

“Nie!!!” Suddenly, white nightmare let out a freakish laughter.

Its palm tightened and, using its control over other type, white nightmare’s spatial claw dragged over a chaotic energy!!

Two dimensions should have been forever parallel without any chance of intersecting, yet under the white devil’s forceful tugging, it brought a spatial storm meant for the chaotic unknown into this world!

“Is…….is this still a white nightmare??”

The nightmare palace elder lifted his head, and gazed at the white devil that caused the very world to tremble, no longer able to hide the shock on his face.

From his understanding, unless it was dominator rank, it wasn’t possible to rip space open, let alone bring over the powerful spatial storm!!

Nightmare palace’s second expert Shen Qiu was even more shaken. His white nightmare was also invincible emperor rank, yet compared to this white nightmare that was able to rip the skies open and bring a spatial storm, it was nothing!!

Until today, Shen Qiu only saw half devil Bai Yu and the nightmare ancestor being able to cast such a world shaking technique!

Spatial storm came and this doomsday energy swirled through. Even the massive Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was pulled up from the ground and thrown into the skies!

The purple blood mixed with a shower of scales. The center city was drenched in this disgusting liquid!

The entire soul city’s millions of people, regardless of if they were in the inner portion or outer portion of the city, could see this apocalyptic scene!

It was such a massive sky snake, yet its mountain like body still couldn’t stop the destruction a single bit!

For those who didn’t know as much, this seemed like a holy smite, smiting organisms that walk this world yet shouldn’t!

Looking into the chaotic skies, Zhu Chao seemed to have lost his soul, the arrogance on his face nowhere to be seen!

Even though his Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake had just recently hit tenth phase, it couldn’t possibly lose this horribly!

At this moment, Zhu Chao’s expression towards Chu Mu was different. He was no longer mocking the young man for being ignorant; he was more absolutely terrified!

Terrified at how a young man this powerful could possibly exist!

“It was just a tenth phase Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake that was forcefully matured. Does such an organism deserve to be called strongest?” Chu Mu said lightly.

The ability to bring out another dimension’s energy clearly was because white devil had been in half devil state before, and gained that technique.

Yet, it was a pity that normally, the white devil couldn't truly cast all of a half devil’s powers. If Chu Mu had brought out the spatial storm, not only could it instantly kill this forcefully matured Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake, it could bring absolute destruction to the entire soul city!

Even so, the invincible emperor white devil with half devil abilities was even stronger than the nightmare conqueror!

Though Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was called invincible within emperor ranks, how could it fight against a white devil with dominator rank techniques!!


The Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake hissed angrily. The spatial storm almost destroyed. all its scales and riddled the mountain- like body with wounds!

Massive organisms often had surprising life forces, so white devil needed a while to kill this organism.


Shen Mo who just got here stared into the skies and then in disbelief at the young man.

Just not long ago, Shen Mo positioned Chu Fangchen as a high class emperor rank expert, yet he never would have expected him to be able to fight eight desolation Zhu Huang alone!!

“Father, everything is ready!” After a long while, Shen Mo finally recovered from his awe, almost forgetting to report the important news to his father!

Shen Mo’s father Shen Qiu lifted his head, and looked at the white devil of Chu Mu’s.

This white devil was so powerful it was stuck in the depths of Shen Qiu’s soul. He always thought that his white nightmare was already the strongest, however compared to this one able to rip space apart, it was much weaker.

“Father! Everything is ready!” Shen Mo said with his soul remembrance once more.

“En, en, is everything ready?” Shen Qiu finally came to his senses.

“We simply await your command.” Shen Mo said seriously.

“Let them appear now! Kill!” Shen Qiu said sternly, revealing his powerful killing intent!

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