Chapter 859: Cannot Stand Those That Are Stronger

An enormous sharp Medusa-esque face hung high up in the air, resembling a cruel and violent female empress that sat in her treasured thrones in the heavens while facing a group of laughable and insignificant enemies.

The Empress Heaven Thunder Snake’s difference between the human species was manifested, and when the humans in the city looked into its eyes, they were like a cluster of ants, even weaker than ants themselves!!

The heavenly snake’s shadow loomed over the plaza. Yang Que looked up in shock at this arrogant creature. He could see that this creature summoned by Zhu Chao equally shocked the three great palace’s spirit emperors. 

Indeed, Yang Que didn’t know that Zhu Chao was actually hiding an ultra magnate level creature like this!!

The eastern side was a terrifying forbidden region and in that place, the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was the absolute ruler of that empire. 

Countless human experts wanted to enter the eastern forbidden region to explore the world outside the forbidden region. However, in the countless years of human civilization, there were few that had been able to actually enter. Most of the brave supreme experts had been killed by the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake in the eastern forbidden region!

This was the strongest species in the world and until now, nobody had ever possessed one!!!

Yang Que even found it hard to believe that Zhu Chao was able to subdue a soul pet like this. Indeed, in the Demon Snake Empire at the border of humanity, the young Empress Heavenly Thunder Snakes were protected by the adult ones at the deepest parts of the enormous Demon Snake Empire. Thus, it would be extremely difficult for peak emperor rank humans to enter the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake territory, let alone obtaining a young pet under the protection of numerous adult Empress Heavenly Thunder Snakes. Even the Four Hero experts would have difficulty in doing so!

“You probably have difficulty in imagining how large this world is. Us humans are merely a cowardly and insulated race.” 

“For example, in a region, countless people believe that the Region Lord is the strongest person and the supreme ruler; in a kingdom, they believe that the Kingdom Lord is the strongest person and has authority that cannot be defied. In a realm, they believe that the King is the strongest person, and his existence resembles a god’s…”

“What’s laughable is that in the eyes of a few creatures, us humans merely understand how to control a few small low ranking species. Indeed, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons, Crown Phoenix Kings, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snakes, Purple Ocean Resentment Devils, and World Unifying Fierce Wind Demons… these creatures and the empire in which their species is situated only need to think about doing so and destroying our human civilization would merely be as difficult as a blowing out air…” 

Zhu Chao’s words were definitely not to enlighten others about the enormity of empires, but rather to show off himself!

In this world, it was only him that possessed the highest ranking species, the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake. This meant that he already stood on top of everyone in humanity!!

Zhu Chao’s arrogance caused Chu Mu to think of another woman who similarly believed in species superiority. 

Perhaps in her eyes, the people that worshipped him were merely a bunch of blind fools because he had already transcended normal people!

“Chu Fangchen, today there is no one that can save you!” belittled Zhu Chao.

After speaking, the shocking heavenly snake began moving. The lightning from its eyes ripped apart the sky and began chaotically dancing around it!

The intersecting lightning made it seem as if the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake had summoned a group of wild snakes that now occupied the skies of Soul City. It only had to give one order and the lightning that obeyed it would destroy all of its enemies!


The lightning snakes danced about, striking from the sky. They bombarded the area around Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, destroyed the ground under them to smithereens!! 


“This time big brother will be exposed. It would be fine if First White was here.” Ning Maner muttered.

Ning Maner wasn’t worried that any danger would come to Chu Mu. However, in front of an enemy like this, Chu Mu could only transform into a half devil to deal with him.

However, Princess Wan Ning’s face was pale as she said to Shen Qiu, “Senior Elder Shen, quickly go and help Chu Fangchen!” 

Shen Qiu’s face was ashen right now. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help Chu Mu, but instead Chu Mu’s actions today had definitely incited a war between Soul Alliance and the three great palaces. Originally, they were at even terms of strength, but now he had to ensure that Yang Que remained impartial, which meant that he couldn’t help.

“Chu Fangchen, you need to think of a way to stall Zhu Chao. You must hold on for a bit!” Shen Qiu used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at Senior Elder Shen Qiu and calmly nodded: “Senior Elder Shen doesn’t need to worry about me.” 

Shen Qiu didn’t know what other hidden cards Chu Mu still had, but he could see that Chu Mu was extremely calm. He silently said: “Shen Mo, you need to hurry up. Otherwise our three great palaces will completely lose this time!” 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie stood in front of Chu Mu, and angrily roared at the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

“Mo Xie.” Chu Mu shook his head, indicating that the injured Mo Xie should not fight against the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake. 

The Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was equivalent to a paragon emperor. Even if Mo Xie possessed the moonlight effect, she was still not its opponent. 

“Go back, you’ve already worked very hard.” Chu Mu didn’t want Mo Xie to keep fighting. He chanted an incantation to recall Mo Xie back to her soul pet space. 

Zhu Chao saw that Chu Mu was recalling his soul pet and a smile arose, “You want to surrender yourself now that you’re in a bind? But I haven’t played enough yet!” 

“I have a soul pet that is extremely mischievous and untamable.” Chu Mu glanced at Zhu Chao as his calm voice was filled with power, “You want to play? It will accompany your Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake until it plays enough!” 

Mischievous, cruel, and unable to stand those stronger than it! 

Even if it was facing a dominator rank, this mischievous fellow didn’t know how to be afraid. It was a Nightmare that Chu Mu himself used to live in the shadow of before!!!


A nightmare cry sharply rang out in people’s ears, reaching the depths of everyone’s souls. It caused them to tremble, and think of the most terrifying creature they had seen in their lives before!

Zhu Chao’s heart trembled and he stared closely at this young man. He discovered at some point a silver white devil flame had begun burning on this young man’s body!

This silver white devil flame emitted an aura that was even stronger than the White Nightmares from before. The torrential devil flame demonic aura covered the area and even the wildly dancing lightning began to dim!!

Devil flames were now covering his body. Chu Mu apathetically took a step back, and a silver white demon flame outline, like a flaming silhouette, seemed to split from Chu Mu’s body!

An evil and mischievous fake smiling face. A silver white demonic body. This was an extremely powerful White Nightmare!! 

“This… this… could this be Chu Mu’s main pet - the White Nightmare?!!” emotions couldn’t stop surging through Ye Wansheng’s heart, and when Chu Mu summoned this White Nightmare, the emotions seemed like they were going to spill out of his chest!

White Nightmare!

Chu Mu was summoning the White Nightmare that had caused him to nearly lose his soul and transform for an entire year!

It was the anger and ruthlessness in Chu Mu’s heart that had awakened the devil that had slumbered under the exterior of Chu Mu’s human side!

Indeed, it would be this ruthless Nightmare that would quell his anger!!!

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