Chapter 858: Highest Species Rank, Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

Bathing in the silver moonlight, Mo Xie’s strength quickly rose!

The cold moon flashed and Mo Xie instantly disappeared, meeting the afterimage head on!!

Red flames, cold moon blade, the two powers interlaced, and their claws slashed past each other under the plaza’s monument!


Two sounds of blades colliding were almost stacked together. The claws slashed by the high monument, splitting it into two pieces instantly that slid off and fell down!

Rocks flew everywhere. In the muddied air, Mo Xie’s tails turned and hid her body within nine cloud-like flame tails.

The afterimage demon was incredibly fast as well. After their claws clashed, its body paused in place for a brief second before quickly launching a second attack on Mo Xie!

Thankfully, Mo Xie already guessed its intent, and immediately casted nine tail confusion to dodge this second hit!

“Still holding out?” Zhu Chao’s mouth corner lifted. He could see that the seven sin fox was already really wounded, and couldn’t continue fighting with his afterimage demon for long.

In a few more minutes, his afterimage demon will be able to cut this seven sin fox’s head off!

Then, he could kill Chu Mu swiftly, and give no one a chance to help him!

“You’re getting excited too early!” Chu Mu said calmly.

“I, Zhu Chao, am always the predator.”

Zhu Chao had absolute confidence in his afterimage demon. And in battle strategy, he was flawless, not giving Chu Mu or Mo Xie any chance to breathe!

However, after a string of assaults, Zhu Chao found that the opposing seven sin fox didn’t seem to lose all its energy as he thought would happen. Instead, it was getting stronger by the second, slowly turning around its disadvantage under the afterimage demon’s frenzied assault!


Moon blade, red flames, demon light, and nine tails. Mo Xie slowly moved from passive defense and evading to active counterattacks. With an angry roar, the afterimage demon was tightly locked on by two of Mo Xie’s tails, followed by a bone-crunching!!

Though the afterimage demon quickly escaped from Mo Xie’s tail lock, two of its ribs were still broken by Mo Xie’s powerful tails!

The hurt afterimage demon didn’t dare to come near Mo Xie anymore especially after it had a taste of the offensive and defensive powerful nine tails. Running away a few kilometers, the afterimage demon finally stopped and stared at the suddenly more powerful Mo Xie!

“How did this seven sin fox’s strength suddenly increase?”

“Just now it couldn’t fight back at all, looking like it was about to fall, why was it suddenly so strong now!”

The touching spirit emperors finally noticed the change seven sin fox underwent especially after moonlight!

“Moon Essence!!” Zhu Chao’s face went black, as he spat out the two words!

Moon essence was an extremely lowly species technique, only appearing on very low ranking soul pets.

Yet, this seven sin fox corrupted inferno monarch’s moon essence raised its strength by a full rank. In fact, under the moonlight, its wounds were even healing up and its stamina was recovering!

“Where did this Chu Fangchen find such a rare soul pet!!” At this time, even Zhu Chao was jealous of this young man.

After the seven sin fox was atoned for, its strength was already ridiculous. Adding on the mutated nine tails and moon essence, this seven sin fox corrupted inferno monarch was truly at the peak of its kind!

“Laughable predator.” A dark smile flit across Chu Mu’s face. The attentive Chu Mu had found the afterimage demon’s weakness!!

The red flames flew into the skies, instantly causing the entire skyline of soul city to become blood red!!

In the skies, the red flames suddenly fell down like blood drops, falling onto the afterimage demon!

The afterimage demon could fight Mo Xie head on, and even get an absolute advantage. However, the afterimage demon didn’t dare to resist the red flames because Mo Xie’s flames weren’t weaker than any normal top tier emperor rank fire type organism!

As the flames fell, no matter how fast the afterimage demon dodged, it couldn’t avoid the almost complete coverage of the flames!

Seeing his afterimage demon run around frantically within the flames, ZHu Chao’s face was steely.

An absolute advantage in strength didn’t win him the fight, instead he was on the verge of losing again!

“Powerful, this seven sin fox is too powerful!!!” Old soul teacher De let out a shout!

“Even Zhu Chao’s proud afterimage demon was suppressed. This is unbelievable, truly unbelievable!!” The other elders were shocked but also full of joy!

It has been too many years since three palace has seen such a shocking young man on their side!

Able to compete with two main soul pets of the head of eight desolations at such a young age, if he could reach their age as elders, who would be his match still? He was truly a world changing genius!!!


“Good, very good, very good!!” Suddenly, Zhu Chao let out a roar of laughter!!

The laughter was mad and arrogant.

“Able to make me summon it, you truly are one of the only few.” Zhu Chao no longer watched the fight between Mo Xie and afterimage demon. He knew that his demon could no longer suppress the seven sin fox who was constantly healing.

However, this didn’t matter.

Zhu Chao was certain that these two top tier emperor rank soul pets was the limit of Chu Fangchen.

Maybe one more top tier emperor rank could beat this young man. However, to ensure he could kill him no matter what, even if Zhu Chao revealed his true strength, he didn't care anymore.

This young man had to die no matter what, because at the same time as he shocked Zhu Chao, he made Zhu Chao feel truly threatened!!

“Chu Fangchen, don’t fight with Zhu Chao anymore. He’s going to reveal his true strength, and you won’t be his match!” At this moment, the great elder Shen Qiu said worriedly to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at Nightmare Palace great senior elder Shen Qiu who was helping him limit Yang Que, but he didn’t leave.

If Chu Mu said he was going to bring the spirit vessel back for Ye Qingzi, he would do it!!!


“Let me show you what truly is the most powerful being in emperor rank!” Zhu Chao’s eyes were like daggers!   

An incantation sounded in Zhu Chao’s mouth. Within the bloody totem, purple snaking thunders danced around viciously!


A dazzling beam of lightning fell straight from the skies and landed in the center of the totem, causing countless arcs of electricity to fly around the plaza, spreading like a plague!

Within the electrical light, one could see that the electric arcs spread through the entire center city. Gazing over, the entire city seemed to instantly become a nest of electricity, causing one to no longer be able to look at it!!!

Ye Qingzi had to cover her pained eyes from the light. When she felt the thunder light slowly fade away, she suddenly noticed that the lightning that flew from the sky and onto Zhu Chao’s totem remained in this world!

Lightning was always brief and disappeared. Its magnificent appearance hid powerful destruction. Everyone knew that unless time or space stopped, lightning couldn’t stay around!

Yet, what Ye QIngzi saw was a shocking piece of lightning. This lightning snaked into the skies and cut it in half. Even looking up, one couldn’t see the top of it!!

“Snake…...snake…….Empress snake……”

A nearby spirit emperor let out a shaky cry!

At the same time, when the light started becoming clearer in Ye QIngzi’s vision, she saw a hair raising scene!

This scene caused ye QIngzi’s scalp to tingle and sent shivers into her body, almost making her fall over!

Because it wasn’t a beam of lightning that remained in this world. It was an empress snake that was stood upright, seemingly able to touch the skies with its body!!!!

Chu Mu was right beside Ye QIngzi. He was also raising his head as he looked the the snake so massive one could only compare it to a true thunderbolt!

Maybe this wasn’t the strongest organism Chu Mu had ever seen, but it was truly the largest and most shocking one!!!

“Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!!!!” Nightmare palace senior elder Shen Qiu suddenly yelled out the soul pet’s name!!

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was the strongest emperor snake of the eastern forbidden realm. Legend has it that it is the world’s hardest soul pet to get a contract with.

Yet, at the same time, once it was tenth phase, it had one of the highest species ranks out of all organisms!

Facing such an organism, even elder Shen Qiu couldn’t be certain they could win against it because it was truly too strong. Even four top tier emperor ranks may not be able to defeat an Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake that had just reached tenth phase!

Ye Qingzi was utterly shocked by the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake.

The enemy was too strong! So strong Ye Qingzi felt infinitesimal in front of it!!

“This is the most powerful organism!!” Zhu Chao stood under the towering Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake and looked coldly over all people present, including even the two great experts yang Que and Shen Qiu!

As long as the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was present, even the two experts were insignificant!!

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