Chapter 857: Moonlight, The Sharpest Weapon!

Shen Qiu’s expression became heavy. In the three palaces, only he was able to deal with Zhu Chao.

However, Shen Qiu had to deal with Yang Que right now, because Yang Que would very likely stand on soul alliance’s side 

Shen Qiu couldn’t make a move right now, so he could only use soul remembrance to signal to Chu Mu not to go directly against Zhu Chao!

Zhu Chao finished his incantation, and a blue and violent pool beast slowly appeared within the wild totem!!

This Heavenly Water Pool Beast was like a ten meter tall giant bear. On its arms, blue scythes protruded, criss crossing to the its back!

Heavenly Water Pool Beast: Beast World - Beast Type - Pool Beast Species - Heavenly Water Pool Beast Subspecies - Middle class emperor rank

Heavenly Water Pool Beast was the highest ranking organism of its massive species. All the higher ranking soul pet trainers had soul pets around middle class emperor rank species rank, which they then strengthened to higher ranks.

One could say that middle class emperor rank was already the maximum a human could capture...

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