Chapter 856: Phantom, Seven Life Red Flame Demon Fox

An executioner’s table!

13 High class emperor ranks’ blood spilled on what should have been a platform of honor for the soul ability competition!

Mo Xie’s killing methods completely matched Chu Mu’s anger. Every high class emperor rank that was killed had their head laying on the bloodied steps.

The nine tails pierced three high class emperor rank corpses. Mo Xie shook her tail and threw these corpses at the feet of their masters!

Tang Shang, Liang Yu, and soul church elder Qing all stood there, their eyes full of shock as they stared at their soul pet’s headless corpses!!

Thirteen high class emperor ranks was a force even two top tier emperor ranks couldn’t easily handle.

However, everyone clearly underestimated the young man in front of them again!!

Both the seven sin fox and the white nightmare were a rank stronger than normal top tier emperor ranks. This meant that the emperor in front of them was an expert able to fight against four...

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