Chapter 856: Phantom, Seven Life Red Flame Demon Fox

An executioner’s table!

13 High class emperor ranks’ blood spilled on what should have been a platform of honor for the soul ability competition!

Mo Xie’s killing methods completely matched Chu Mu’s anger. Every high class emperor rank that was killed had their head laying on the bloodied steps.

The nine tails pierced three high class emperor rank corpses. Mo Xie shook her tail and threw these corpses at the feet of their masters!

Tang Shang, Liang Yu, and soul church elder Qing all stood there, their eyes full of shock as they stared at their soul pet’s headless corpses!!

Thirteen high class emperor ranks was a force even two top tier emperor ranks couldn’t easily handle.

However, everyone clearly underestimated the young man in front of them again!!

Both the seven sin fox and the white nightmare were a rank stronger than normal top tier emperor ranks. This meant that the emperor in front of them was an expert able to fight against four top tier emperor ranks!!!

Chu Mu’s anger wasn’t possibly quelled by a few high class emperor ranks’ lives. Chu Mu wouldn’t show mercy to any of Zhu Chao’s subordinates!!


Mo Xie stood proudly on this bloody executioner’s table, her two silver eyes gazing at the red flames she was controlling!!

The blazing red flames burned aside Mo Xie, creating seven sprouts. These seven red flames seemed to have a life of their own. After completing their creation, the seven red flames slowly drew out the silhouettes of demon foxes!!

At this level, Mo Xie’s phantom technique no longer were simple shadows. She could now combine her demon power with the red flames to create seven extremely powerful red flame demon foxes!!

Seven Life Red Flame Demon Fox!!!

Mo Xie let out a long call and immediately, out of the seven flames, seven pairs of burning pupils flashed malignantly!


The seven red flame demon foxes were completed and stood terrifyingly by Mo Xie. They looked completely identical, in a fire elemental state!!

“These…….these red flame demon foxes all have high class emperor rank strength!!!!”

Seeing these seven red flame demon foxes on the stage, the ten subordinates of Zhu Chao all stepped back a few steps!

These red flame demon foxes were all high class emperor rank!!


Red flame demon fox’s two pupils were cruel and vicious. With a command from Mo Xie, the seven red flame demon foxes jumped towards seven high class emperor ranks!!

The burning flames on the plaza caused the entire center of the city to be lit up with red!!

Facing the thirteen high class emperor ranks’ attacks, Chu Mu didn’t even tell the white nightmare to participate. Mo Xie herself was enough to knock them into complete disarray. Especially after the seven red flame demon foxes appeared, the ten high class emperor ranks couldn’t possibly block it!


Another skull fell down. Red flame demon fox killed an enemy and brought their skull to Chu Mu’s feet before becoming a ball of flames that slowly dimmed away.

Seven red flame demon foxes meant they will take seven lives before they disappeared!!

Finally, thirteen high class emperor rank soul pets were all decapitated, with their heads piled frightening by the white clothed young man’s feet!

In the entire battle, everyone was busy watching the soul pets battle. However, only when the battle ended did people find that there were 13 heads by the man’s feet, not missing a single one.

This platform of honor was truly a guillotine for the soul pet trainers’ soul pets now!!

Paying such a heavy price caused the ten soul pet trainers to all go pale.

They didn’t dare to summon any more soul pets now. Even if they had other high class emperor ranks, they didn’t dare to summon them because they knew it would just become another skull at the feet of the man!!

“Boss…...Boss Zhu, we aren’t his match. You… should fight!!” Liang Yu’s face was extremely distressed.

“Yes, or else we’ll all be killed by him!!” Soul church’s three elders who were close with Zhu Chao were also extremely haggard.

Soul church had different alliances. Elder Shang and the other three were all loyal to ZHu Chao.

The three of them originally thought that with this many experts, they could easily defeat the opponent. However, with all of their soul pets dying one after another, this caused them to realize that the young man’s strength was no longer something they could handle!

Zhu Chao’s face became even gloomier. Chu Mu’s seven sin fox was much stronger than he imagined. Though the thirteen high class emperor ranks weren’t all killed by the seven sin fox, it already showed that the seven sin fox was much stronger than normal top tier emperor ranks.

Another thing was, Zhu Chao didn’t ignore the white nightmare at all.

Clearly, this white nightmare was also a top tier emperor rank. White nightmares had many types and was hard to counter, so it definitely wasn’t any weaker than the seven sin fox!

Zhu Chao couldn't believe that there was such a powerful young man in this world!!

“You guys should back off!” Zhu Chao already knew Chu Mu’s strength well. They already wasted a lot of the seven sin fox’s stamina, so there was no reason to let more of them die.

Finally, Zhu Chao attacked!!

The eight desolation Zhu Chao was always just under Ju Que, the head of the eight desolations.

Ju Que was greatly wounded in the fight in tianxia city, and wasn’t as powerful as before, so Zhu Chao was the head of the desolations now.

“Chu Fangchen, you think that after today, you still have a spot in all of wanxiang realm?” Zhu Chao wasn’t in a hurry to summon his soul pet.

After Zhu Chao took off his polite facade, he gave off a cold feeling. When all of his subordinates’ soul pets were killed one after another, he didn’t make any motion, as if all these high class emperor rank aides were meaningless to him!

Maybe the only thing that made him feel pain was Zhu Haoting’s death.

Zhu Haoting was extremely loyal to Zhu Chao and was top tier emperor rank. With such a trusted aide, he could simplify many things for Zhu Chao. Now that Zhu Haoting was a cold corpse…..

“Boss Zhu, you have to take revenge for us!!” Tang Shang said while his face twitched!!

To the thirty two scar Tang Shang, Liang Yu, and Lu Yun, today was a day of shame they will never forget. If they don’t dismember this young man, how would they stand in soul alliance in the future?

“I want him utterly dismembered!!” Lu Yun, who lost a high class emperor rank, was completely different from her previous womanly manners.

Zhu Chao slowly walked forward slowly along the bloodied steps. He stopped at the pool of blood and calmly gazed at Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu……” Seeing Zhu Chao decide to fight himself, Ye Qingzi was full of worry!!

She didn’t want to see Chu Mu make so many enemies for her, nor did she wish Chu Mu to fight Zhu Chao because Zhu Chao was truly too powerful!!

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring the spirit vessel back to you!” Chu Mu eyed the vessel in Zhu Chao’s hand and said firmly.

The spirit vessel was Ye Qingzi’s last wish. She strived very hard for it, and the vessel should have belonged to her anyways.

And even if Ye Qingzi didn’t win first place in the soul ability competition, Chu Mu would still go forth and take it to give to her anyways!!

“Do you not see your own predicament? Shen Qiu has to watch Yang Que so he can’t help you. All of these elders that want to help you are but annoying flies to me…..” Xhu Chao said slowly, “I admire your strength, but unfortunately you shouldn't have tried to go against I, Zhu Chao. Anyone who has done that hasn’t had a happy ending. Ying Rong, Liu Xinji, and even the man named Chu from before…..”

“Person named Chu? You mean Chu Tianmang?” Chu Mu furrowed his brows and asked icily.

“Oh, so you know him too. Then you must know that the three hidden elders died that year simply because they defied the soul alliance master and wanted to protect their beloved disciple Chu Tianmang…..”

“In reality, Ying Rong should listen more to Chu Tianmang’s suggestions and not trust in me, or else he would have had a different ending. He was truly talented, but he just didn't know his place!” Zhu Chao said calmly but with some mocking.

Suddenly, Zhu Chao gazed at Chu Mu and said with the same mocking tone, “Just like you right now, you truly think having two top tier emperor ranks, being able to kill some elders, you can truly challenge authority?”

“Laughable! You’re like a frog at the bottom of a well. You have no clue how large the difference is between high class emperor ranks and top tier emperor ranks, the difference from some top tiers with other top tiers!!”

Zhu Chao’s last words were very loud, almost like an explosion!!

His yellow robes started fluttering as he chanted an incantation. He released his aura, and caused all the nearby experts to take a step back!!

Ninth remembrance soul emperor!!!!!

Zhu Chao’s aura was so powerful that it caused soul pets to pack off in fear. The powerful totem under his feet was filled with the most powerful wild aura!!

“Hou huo!!!!!!!!!!!”

The roar came from the underworlds, bringing with it an almost solid killing intent that swept through the battlefield. All hundreds of spirit emperors in the high seats were pale with the power!!

“It’s…’s Zhu Chao’s nearly invincible Heavenly Water Pool Beast!!!!!!!!!”

Shen Qiu’s face changed. He didn't expect Zhu Chao would summon a most powerful emperor as his first soul pet!!!

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