Chapter 855: This Place is Your Execution Stage! Part 2

“What are you planning on doing?!!” Yang Que was incomparably dark, as he stood there and glared at the adjacent Shen Qiu.

“I only want to tell you that if you dare take another step towards Soul Alliance, your Yang Family will disappear from this world!” harrumphed Great Senior Elder Shen Qiu.

Yang Que himself didn’t dare enter Soul Alliance, but was willing to transfer the city lord position to Yang Qian. But this was equivalent to turning Soul City over to Soul Alliance.

Since this was the case, Shen Qiue didn’t need to be polite towards the Yang Family!!

“You’re threatening me!” Yang Que’s eyes were spitting out flames. His status was so high and mighty, yet this was the second time he had been threatened today!!

“I only want to tell you need to understand your position right now!!” Nightmare Palace’s members never talked with reason and indeed, Shen Qiu didn’t have any other reasons. He had originally wanted slaughter to occur!!

Since Chu Fangchen had already begun the slaughter, as the Great Senior Elder, Shen Qiu didn’t have any reason to just watch from the sidelines.

What he was doing right now was giving this young man, whose courage even he admired, a chance to slaughter those Soul Alliance lackeys!!

It wasn’t only Shen Qiu. All of the spirit emperor rank members in the three great palaces understood Great Senior Elder Shen Qiu’s intentions. 

They looked as if they were just sitting in their seats and not making a move. However, in truth, they had already locked their soul remembrances onto opponents!

“City Lord Yang, the moment your granddaughter takes your position, our three great palaces will have no standing here. Thus, our three great palaces really wouldn’t mind showering this city in blood. Don’t you feel that right now is the perfect ignition for that?” calmly said Shen Qiu.

Yang Que’s face was unsightly, as he turned around and swept his eyes over the three great palace’s members.

Indeed, everyone from three great palaces was prepared to fight!!

Presumably, Shen Qiu only had to give the order, and a war between spirit emperors would break out in Soul City. If that happened, Yang Que couldn’t imagine what Soul City would be reduced to. 

But what Yang Que actually cared about was merely the slap Chu Mu delivered to Yang Qian that left her half dead.

However, if he wanted to act for his granddaughter and go himself or send others to deal with Chu Mu, he would be faced with the three great palaces destroying the city!

“Shen Qiu! You may be able to stop me, but I want to see which one of you will be able to stop Zhu Chao!!! You are forcing Zhu Chao to annihilate you!!!” angrily said Yang Que!

“City Lord doesn’t need to worry about that. How about we just peacefully sit here and watch.” said Shen Qiu.

Yang Que’s face turned darker!

His granddaughter had been badly beaten, and the soul ability competition had turned into a bloodbath. There was a chance that this could catalyze into Soul City being bathed in blood. Only a ghost would be able to remain calm!


“Big brother is truly mad this time.” Ning Maner sat in the center of the seats and quietly spoke.

Princess Wan Ning was absent minded, and only when Ning Maner spoke did she slightly return to her senses.

Chu Mu’s actions had delivered a huge blow to her spirit!

It was very hard to believe that he dared to stand against Soul Church and Soul Alliance alone!

A fearless man slaughtering others!

Was there anyone more reckless in this world than him?!!


After a wave of slaughter, the battlefield returned to silence!

A peak emperor rank Seven Sins Fox and a peak emperor rank White Nightmare. These two soul pets were standing beside this man and were killing machines!

The middle class emperors were so easily killed and the high class emperors also didn’t have the strength to resist. For a while, the Soul Church experts and Zhu Chao’s subordinates didn’t dare step forward!

Zhu Chao, who himself hadn’t taken action, had an extremely unsightly expression.

He never expected that this young man’s strength would reach this level. If it wasn’t because he had his subordinates take action, he would have greatly suffered if it had been he himself who had taken action!

Two peak emperors were not easy to deal with. He also understood that behind him stood a group of members from the three great palaces that were like tigers watching him closely. Therefore, unless he had to, he wouldn’t take action so easily.

He swept his eyes over the surrounding three elders from Soul Alliance with high class emperors, his four aides with high class emperors and three Thirty Two Scar experts.

“The ten of you, deal with him together!” coldly ordered Zhu Chao.

The ten of them didn’t dare disobey Zhu Chao’s words. They simultaneously chanted an incantation. Each person summoned one high class emperor.

Subsequently, the three Soul Church elders each summoned another high class emperor.   

Instantly, the honor platform had 13 high class emperors. 

The roars of the high class emperors shook the heaven and earth even causing the buildings in the center of the city to shake!


Thirteen high class emperors. This was an enormous formation just to deal with one young man!

No matter the outcome of this fight, it would stun the entire Wanxiang Realm!!


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