Chapter 854: I’ll Engage in a Mass Slaughter Today Part 2

Suddenly, a crisp slap fiercely smacked Yang Qian’s arrogant face!!!

Yang Qian hadn’t finished speaking when she knocked back by a slap on the left side of her face!!

She flew through the air in a bloody arc before landing at the bottom of the steps!!

This slap was loud, while the entire ten thousand person plaza was silent!!

It was a good ten seconds as the tens of thousands of people didn’t speak a word!!!

This proud woman from the heavens in the eyes of others, that was about to become the city lord, was unexpectedly hit so hard that blood began to flow. Half her face was paralyzed as she lay on the ground. Her miserable appearance was completely different from the Yang Qian people normally saw!!

“What… what guts!!!” suddenly, a heaven shaking roar rang out!!

This voice could only be created by a high remembrance spirit emperor. It made everyone’s ears ring!

The one who angrily roared was naturally Yang Qian’s grandfather, Yang Que!

This Soul City City Lord had originally only stood on the sidelines, slightly in favor of one side. However, he never expected that this brat would be so gusty and hit his granddaughter. If he had added even a bit more strength, her brain would have been smashed apart by him!!

“Me leaving her life intact is because you haven’t stood on the side of Soul Alliance!” Chu Mu’s gaze was like a knife, as his moving colorful eyes stared at Yang Que!!

Chu Mu’s words stunned Yang Que!

Having lived for so long, nobody had ever dared talk to him like this!

After Chu Mu finished speaking, he ignored Yang Que and walked straight up to the three Soul Church senior elders and three elders!

These six Soul Church higher ups were in the process of removing Ye Qingzi’s soul abilities according to the order. However, they didn’t dare continue any longer. They had all lived to be over a hundred, and had never seen someone’s eyes so terrifying!

“You six, fuck off!” Chu Mu coldly swep this eyes over.

All of the senior elders and elders from Soul Church were figures with high influence and prestige. No matter where they went, they would receive respect. This was the first time in their lives that they had been told to fuck off by a young man. Moreover, it was in an arena filled with tens of thousands of people. Thus, for a moment, their face went red.

Among them, Elder Shang angrily said: “Brat, did you know that even if you’re a crown prince level figure, you must still be respectful to us?!! You just injured the City Lord’s granddaughter and have offended the City Lord. And now you want to anger our Soul Church?!!” 

“The younger generation of your three great palaces are so arrogant, and act so brazenly as you wish!!” Senior Elder Peng angrily berated the members from the three great palaces.

The three great palace’s elders stared at each other. Although they knew Chu Fangchen was from the younger generation, his strength surpassed theirs, rivaling a senior elder’s. Perhaps in the future he would also become a leading figure in their three great palaces. Chu Mu’s series of actions had caused all of the higher ups in the three great palaces to be stunned. However, nobody dared say Chu Mu was presumptuous, because they simply didn’t have the qualifications to do so!

“I already gave you a chance to live.” Chu Mu’s coldly stared at them!

The moment his voice faded, behind Elder Shang, a strange white ball of devil flames suddenly burned!

Within the devil flames, a flaming face with the robust figure like Chu Mu demonically appeared!

Soul Church’s senior elders and elders were slightly weaker than the three great palace’s elders and senior elders. Elder Shang only had the strength of a high class emperor and only Senior Elder Ge had peak emperor strength.

However, even Senior Elder Ge didn’t detect the appearance of this White Nightmare!!

“Jie jie~~~~~~~~~~”

The terrifying laughter of the White Nightmare suddenly rang out from behind Elder Shang who felt his heart go cold. Immediately after, his body felt like it was missing something!!

“A heart!!! It’s a heart!!!”

Suddenly, someone yelled out!!

In the next instant, everyone let out a breath of cold air because a White Nightmare had unknowingly appeared, and taken away the enforcing Elder Shang’s heart!


The White Nightmare mercilessly clenched its right hand and Elder Shang’s beating heart bloodily exploded. Instantly, the blood splattered over the other Soul Church senior elders and elders!

The five remaining enforcers felt a wave of fear. They no longer dared question the strength of this young man. They frightened summoned their soul pets and retreated to the seats around them!

“Chu… Chu Fangchen!! You are extremely daring!!! You even dare kill a Soul Church elder!!!” Zhu Chao was already so angry his body was trembling!!

This Elder Shang had been specifically ordered by Zhu Chao to destroy Ye Qingzi’s mind. Yet, Chu Mu had killed him, clearly aimed at him!!

“Take him down! Take him down!! What are you just standing there for! Take him down! Everyone go together!!!” Zhu Chao flew into a rage as he yelled at his subordinates.

Chu Mu’s conduct had already angered many people. As Zhu Chao angrily yelled, Soul Church’s experts, Zhu Chao’s subordinates and Yang Que’s subordinates began to surround the honor platform from underneath!

Seeing tens of high class emperor and middle class emperor people surround him, Chu Mu unexpectedly treated them like air.

Nobody dared to attack Chu Mu, because they understood that behind this young man stood the enormous three great palaces faction!

As Chu Mu was watched closely by so many people. He slowly walked up to Ye Qingzi who was paralyzed on the ground.

“Chu… Chu Mu… Chu Mu…” Ye Qingzi’s eyes never left him.

However, how would she believe this...

How would she believe that a person, whose soul should have perished, suddenly appeared here!!

Sadness and happiness were mixed as tears flowed like a spring.

Ye Qingzi could no longer tell if this was a dream or reality. The tears rolled off her face one drop at a time, landing on her clothes!

Chu Mu’s face was expressionless. In this moment, even if he hadn’t transformed into a half devil, his appearance was remarkably similar to the kingly state of the silver devil. He was not to be angered!!!

For the Soul Vessel, Ye Qingzi had sacrificed so much. In the past month, Chu Mu had imagined, countless times, the moment he and Ye Qingzi would see each other again. Oh how beautiful and sweet that would be.

However, what he saw wasn’t a Ye Qingzi that had a weight lifted off her shoulders. Nor was it a beautiful and illuminating Ye Qingzi. Instead, it was a Ye Qingzi that made others heartbroken!

This feeling of heartbreak caused his devil’s innate slaughtering instincts that he already had a difficult time suppressing to appear...

Today, whoever harmed her or whoever wanted to harm her would die!!

Going on a mass slaughter wasn’t a bad idea!!

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