Chapter 854: I’ll Engage in a Mass Slaughter Today Part 1

“What guts! I want to see what ability you have!” Zhu Chao coldly looked back, before sweeping his gaze over his two aides.

His two aides were the Thirty Two Scars Tang Shang and Liang Yu. These two stared in fear at Zhu Haoting’s corpse lying on the floor.

“What are you afraid of! He didn’t kill that person! You’re even afraid of a younger generation. What use are you!!” Zhu Chao stared at Tang Shang and Liang Yu cowering like this and immediately spoke in great anger.

Only after his outburst did Tang Shang and Liang Yu chant incantations, respectively summoning a high class emperor rank demon and high class emperor rank Heavenly Vine Demon!

“Take him down!” ordered Zhu Chao.

The demon flew forward, pouncing at Chu Mu. Not even twenty meters away, it was abnormally difficult for soul pet trainers to dodge!

A mental wave was sent out as well. In front of the demon only half a meter away, Chu Mu stood still like a stone, but his eyes were gradually covered in a merciless cold!

This was when Chu Mu was truly mad!!

“Mo Xie, kill the two of them!” Chu Mu indifferently ordered.

In his eyes, the speed of the demon attacking him was exceptionally slow. He didn’t want to waste time on them so he ordered Mo Xie as he indifferently turned around, and began walking up the stands to the honor platform!

“Shua!!! Shua!!!!!!!”

Two captivating red claw blades swept across, carrying a demonic blood light. They respectively streaked across the demon’s neck and the Heavenly Vine Demon’s body!!! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!”

A scorching hot red flame abruptly sprang up in the arena. The high class emperor demon didn’t even have the ability to resist as it was cut into two pieces by Mo Xie’s claws. After, its body burned to ashes!

The Heavenly Vine Demon hadn’t even used a single technique when it was engulfed by this terrifying red flame. Immediately after, it let out an ugly cry!!

This change happened too fast!

Even Zhu Chao wasn’t able to react as he watched the Thirty Two Scar’s Tang Shang and Liang Yu’s soul pets get killed!!!

“What on earth happened!!”

"I… I didn’t see anything!”

“I only saw a silver body flash past.”

The spirit emperors in the stands were stunned because even they hadn’t clearly saw what creature had attacked.

No matter who managed to see, these were Scar experts’ high class emperors. Yet, they weren’t even able to withstand a single attack before being killed. What terrifying strength was this?!

“This Seven Sins Fox is very strong!!!” the elders from the three great palaces had faces full of shock.

Although they knew that Chu Fangchen’s strength was not inferior to them, they never expected that he, purely relying on his own one man strength, would be able to stun Zhu Chao, as well as the spirit emperor camp of Zhu Chao!!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A red flaming silver elegant body danced in the air. After the pitiful state Mo Xie killed her enemies, she lithely returned to her spot behind Chu Mu, before slowly and arrogantly taking steps forward.

As she stepped forward, the red flames on her body grew even more exuberant, and her body grew along side it as she transformed into a mighty Seven Sins Fox!! 

Mo Xie’s long tails, burning with flames, dragged along the ground. Ostensibly, killing two high class emperors were insignificant to her. Her aura was very similar to Chu Mu as she transformed all her anger into the terrifying and still cold light in her eyes.

The smell of bloodshed followed!!

Staring at the true form of this Seven Sins Fox, people finally believed that this young man’s “great slaughter” words were not just for show, because he possessed a Seven Sins Fox with peak emperor strength!!

However, nobody would expect that a young man would have a peak emperor soul pet!!

“What… what are you going to do!!”

Yang Qian saw that Chu Mu was walking up the stairs with a face full of shock.

This woman didn’t seem to realize what sort of state she was in. Because she believed this was Soul City, nobody would dare do anything to her.

Therefore, although she was afraid of Chu Mu, she stood there and arrogantly said to Chu Mu: “Could it be you want to stand up for this disgusting woman? She is Ying Rong’s disciple. You dare…” 

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